MobileTrans 1-Click Phone to Phone Transfer Review

We are sure that each one of us encounters the need to transfer our data like contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps etc from one phone to another. And we agree that there are lots of options available for users like us, to perform such tasks. And we have one of the option available with which you can try and hope you will give it a try.

In this post, we are going to share some information about mobile-to-mobile transfer software, that is, MobileTrans. According to its developer, this software is a 1-click Phone-to-Phone to transfer. That means, it much easier to this software unlike few of its competitors. If you’ve been using Apple’s devices, it becomes easy for iPhone to iPhone transfer,  and Android to iPhone transfer.

Wondershare MobileTrans works with almost every mobile designed by various manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, HTC etc. and there is also limitation on the basis of operating systems as well, like window, android, and iOS, The most important thing is that, there is no prerequisite in which both your phones, between which you want to share data, has to be of same Operating System, This means you can share you data, let’s say, from your Android to Android phone or Android phone to your Apple phone without any issue.

As per the developers, this software is 100% safe to use. This ensures that your personal data doesn’t get stored on their own server, or any other cloud storage. Any third party will not be able to have access to your personal data. And, while transferring data, there will be no data loss as well. That means, any file will be not be overwritten unless you opt to do so. There is much more you can do with this software than just transferring your data from one phone to another. It also enables you to create back up of your phone data on any third device as well. It helps you backup almost everything including contacts, messages, videos, images, call logs, apps etc to your computer.

This support the backup for Android, iOS, Sysmbian and also most of featured phones available today. Further, you can also restore back up of your phone, from any cloud storage services like Google Drive, iCloud etc. And the most amazing thing is that, you will not be restricted while restoring data due to different file types, and can back up or retrieve data created by varied file managers, like, iTunes, MobileGo etc. Here, you can also choose to opt for a full back up of your phone or some selective part of data, according to your requirement.

Last but not the least, you can also remove data stored on your old phone, completely for the sake of your personal information. It always wise to erase data from your old phone completely so that no other person can use your personal data against you. That I can say is one of the most useful feature of this software.

MobileTrans is highly intuitive and simple tool you can use to transfer your data from one phone to another in three simple steps.

  • Download MobileTrans on your computer to initiate the transfer.
  • Connect both your phones to your computer
  • Click on “Phone to Phone Transfer”

Now, we will help you with what this actually looks like and how does this work. I find it simple, yet effective and it covers everything we would need to do from backup/restore, erase data, transferring. To begin with, firstly, you need to download this software on your computer. You can download it from here.

Lets start with phone to phone data transfer, the main feature of this software.

Phone to Phone Transfer

Step 1-> Connect both your phones to your computer. You can confirm if the devices as connected properly, by seeing connected sign on your computer, and the, both of those devices will be visible on your computer screen.

Step 2-> Secondly, you can select the files you can to transfer from source device to destination device. After that, you will need to click on ‘Flip’ option to commence the process, or you can select ‘Start Transfer’ after selecting files. While transferring, you can also select an option available, ‘Clear Data before Copy’ to remove the data being copied from the source phone.

Backup your Phone

Step 1-> After connecting your device, you can initiate the process to back up your phone. Here, you can select few of your files to transfer it to your computer, or you can also create a full back up of your phone.

Step 2-> For initiating back up process, you need to click on ‘Start Transfer’, that’s it. Once done, it will you a path where you back up has been stored, you can change the path if you want, and can refer the stored copy as well for confirmation.

Restore your phone

MobileTrans allows you to back up your phone data from various sources, iCloud, iTunes, MobileTrans, BlackBerry, OneDrive, and Kies. Lets take an example, if you want to restore your phone data from Google OneDrive, then,

Step 1-> You need to connect your iOS to your Android device(in case, we are transferring data between android and iOS). After that, please click on “Restore from Backups”, and choose ‘OneDrive’ from the list of options provided.  Sign-in to your OneDrive account.

Step 2-> Once logged in, you can select the files you want to transfer on your phone, then click on, “Select Transfer”.  All your chosen file will be saved on your phone after that.

Erase Data from your Old Phone

Securing our personal data is very important, and once we are not using our phone anymore, its best to wipe out our data from that phone and make it non-recoverable. That’s possible with advanced Data-Erase-Algorithm that makes its impossible to recover your personal data from that phone. You can remove your data from old phone after you get all the required backed up.


You can use its trial version to give it a try. We are sure that you will find this useful enough, you can then get it for personal at a price of $39.95 for lifetime, $29.95 for one year. You can use it for 1-5 devices in a single purchase and with only 1 PC. For business use, you can get it at a charge of $499.00. With every purchase of this software, you will get free lifetime upgrade. Be up-to-date always!

We find this software very useful, efficient, and and easy to use. its highly intuitive and user-friendly. Anyone can use this according to their requirement without any need for a tutorial.  Its 100% secure and comes with a 30 days money back guarantee.

We are sure that you find this information and give this useful software a try. We can say that this worth every penny you use to get this software. Please be sure to share your valuable comments so that we can improvise it further for you.

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