Statement Necklaces That Go Well With A Saree

Gone are the days when you paired your desi outfit with a plethora of jewelry. People nowadays like to keep things simple. They are finished with only one statement piece. So, what exactly is a statement piece? When it comes to jewelry, it is that one item that stands out and gets all of the attention. It is the first thing people notice when they approach you. A statement item, by definition, is huge and eye-catching. Here are various ways to wear huge pieces of jewelry as statement pieces if you have them.

A saree is the most gorgeous and exquisite drape, according to any Indian woman. Choosing the proper jewelry, accessories, and sari may give you a refined traditional style.

When it comes to how to decorate a saree, some party wear earrings, statement necklaces, and other embellishments will do the trick.

This time, we’ll show you how necklaces may dress up your saree.

Statement neck pieces come in a variety of styles. You can wear a big choker that adheres to your neck like a collar. It will look stunning and will activate the usual game. A choker is unquestionably a statement item because it requires nothing else to be worn with it.

You might also choose a lengthy necklace that falls well below your chest. Traditional jewelry includes a wide, long necklace that can be used with pattu sarees. If you are wearing an Indo-western outfit, a modern style long chain that complements the look is appropriate.

Shorter necklaces are more refined and appropriate for polished ensembles. If you have deep neck blouses, you may create a statement with huge short neckpieces.

Necklace with polka dots and rubies

This is the type of statement necklace you should choose if you like the “bold and gorgeous” style in your jewelry designs. A long necklace composed completely of Polki stones with large rubies in the center – when you wear something like that, you don’t need anything else to turn heads! Depending on the occasion, either matching statement earrings or a pair of modest studs.

Set of Kundan Pearl Necklaces

When discussing statement necklaces, how could we not include a magnificent piece by Sabyasachi? This magnificent Kundan necklace with green jewels artfully set is a great masterpiece. When you stroll around in this majestic piece of adornment, you will feel like the queen and will own every space. Make your own statement to add a regal touch to your BFF’s royal theme wedding!

When you go into a wedding wearing this beautiful polki encrusted necklace with semi-precious stones, all eyes will be drawn to you. You can try big pendant designs in gold for such occasion.

Necklace with a single string of diamonds and emeralds

Sometimes a small gesture is all that is required to communicate your point. And if you’re searching for a striking necklace, look no further! A single-strand diamond necklace encrusted with large emerald stones, including the teardrop-shaped pendant. The simplicity of this necklace conveys a strong personality. This lovely neck- piece is ideal for wearing with western dresses, modern sarees, or Indo-western ensembles.

Set of Beaded Pearl Necklaces

The pearly whites never go out of style, so layering them with your silk saree will get you a lot of comments everywhere you go.

A long diamond necklace

When it comes to statement jewelry, a clear diamond necklace with nothing else to distract is a sure-fire winner! Particularly for women who consider diamonds to be their dearest companions! Half your job is done when you adorn your neck with a wide necklace composed of small diamond beads; you don’t need to consider any farther!

Necklace with silver and stones

If you want a statement necklace with a minimalist style, go for a light-weight necklace with sparse silver and stone setting. Because the beads aren’t overly heavy, this modern design has a relaxed and entertaining appeal. To add a little funk, use an unusual color for your stones, such as rust. Do check gold necklace designs with weight before you buy.

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