10 Web Design Tips To Create A Successful Website

Have you ever thought about how much time you have to capture the attention of a user who visits your website for the first time?

Some American studies have established that the time you have to engage a user and make your web pages attractive and interesting, is just 8 seconds.

Yes, you got it right, you only have 8 seconds to make a good impression and make yourself interesting! 8 seconds to make the net surfers understand that your products and your contents are quality, unique, and really very interesting. Of course, when a problem arises, technology immediately provides solutions. And in the theme of design and retention of user attention – the same. We have come across many resources that offer various web design tools, such as Mrmrs, for instance. It seems to be possible to look at options for influencing website promotion. By the way, note that there is even a possibility of cool integration with Instagram, which will help greatly in the promotion of your site.

Unfortunately, it seems that the attention span of users is going to decrease, even more, that’s why you need to have a good strategy to organize your content and make your website design stand out from others! Thus, you better hire reliable web designing services like to have your website built and make a good impression on your clients and customers.

There are some aspects that cannot be neglected and some mistakes that risk compromising credibility and visibility on the web.

1. Responsive design

Not taking into account multi-device navigation, in 2021, is one of the most frequent and most penalizing mistakes for anyone who wants to have a good reputation and a professional online presence. For a professional touch you should try a professional we design agency like Cude Design.

The spread of high-performance and technologically advanced smartphones has led, in recent years, to an exponential increase of users who spend more and more time browsing on cell phones rather than on desktop computers. Creating a responsive website, perfectly accessible on all devices, with a fast loading time is a prerequisite to boosting visits and online sales.

TOLS Multimedia has a large amount of positive Google reviews. Building a website with them will be a great experience.

2. SSL certificate to surf safely

Security is an aspect that still today is often underestimated. It represents instead a strategic starting point and easy to implement. SSL certificates are available for several years and they allow safe navigation through HTTPS protocol.

If you don’t know what we are talking about, just pay attention to the address bar of your browser. If there is a small closed padlock to the left of the browser address bar, it means that you are surfing on a secure site with an active SSL certificate.

This certificate allows you to verify the ownership of the site and to protect the personal data of the users, in particular all those sensitive data used to make online purchases (personal data, credit card number, etc.).

3. Call to action

We talked at the beginning of the article for about 8 seconds to capture the attention of a user who for the first time enters your site. How to do then? Starting from the Call to Action is a very good idea.

For example, if we have a blog, ask to leave a comment at the end of the post is a very good CTA. Or if we want the reader to subscribe to our Facebook page after reading an article on our site, it is good to make it clear. The clarity, the invitation to take specific actions in each context gives the impression of professionalism and increases the conversion rate of your website.

4. Creativity? Let’s not overdo it!

This is something that a freelance web designer can help you without a hitch. Creativity is important, graphics are essential to enhance content, products, and information. However, it must be functional, light, and pleasant without weighing down the pages of the site. Check out this website for unlimited graphic design solutions.

Excessive originality very often comes at the expense of linearity and usability, in which case the user experience will not be the best and the results in terms of visits and satisfaction will suffer.

Videos, for example, represent an added value if they expand the functionality and meaning of content. Otherwise, they weigh down web pages and can distract attention from your call-to-action.

5. A bit of well-done code: the H1 tag!

The diffusion of very famous and performing CMS has distracted a little bit the attention from HTML code, which in the past years was the starting point of every web designer.

The modern CMS in fact thinks a bit ‘about everything, formatting titles, content, and images in the best way.

But knowing that some “tags” are more important than others helps in writing SEO-oriented content, more comprehensive for users, and more performing in terms of ranking in search engines.

The H1 tag, for example, should be treated with extreme care: it is the most important tag of the page for indexing, it anticipates the content of the text and contains the main keywords.

Each page of your site must have only one H1. It must be of the right length, contain useful keywords to be found by users and search engines.

6. Menubar the heart of your website

The main menu allows the user to easily find the contents of the website: information, services, or products, without a good navigation menu, will hardly involve the user who, on the contrary, will live a frustrating and unpleasant experience.

It is therefore advisable to maintain the classic horizontal position at the top or left side rather than finding less obvious solutions.

Instead of the usual submenus, which have always been ugly, boring, and unloved by “surfers” and designers, it is advisable to use the most modern mega menu, where the items are accompanied by images and where you can highlight some elements rather than others, facilitating communication and navigation in the pages of the site.

7. Avoid heavy multimedia content

Many users still complain of low convertion rates due to very heavy images and videos.

Too many images and too many videos can distract attention from the main content and be distracting. Furthermore, if not optimized at best, they exponentially increase the loading time of the pages, making them not very usable and unpleasant.

How many times have you changed your website because the loading times were biblical?

8. Engage

Inviting users to leave their details to receive periodic news, promotions and monthly newsletters is the best way to build customer loyalty. Do not forget to include in the pages of the site a clear box and quick compilation to increase the audience.

9. Share

Have you ever noticed that most successful sites use social sharing buttons to spread content and the most interesting posts? Maybe you don’t know that there is not only Facebook, you can share articles on LinkedIn, images on Pinterest, videos on youtube. In this way you will bring organic traffic to your pages, and why not your posts or your most beautiful images could go viral, getting an unprecedented success!

10. Statistics to improve

How do we know if our work is going great? A good system of statistics helps to understand if everything is going well. you can find out which are the weak points if the pages are well articulated, the entry points, and the most popular search keys. for this reason, a good website can not ignore a good analytics tool for monitoring visits.

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