4 Virtual Reality apps you need to experience through your Cardboard right now!

So if you don’t know how virtual reality has developed in these past couple of years, you must be living under a rock now. Since Cardboard was introduced by Google, Virtual reality is now not just some cool but expensive technology but is cool and totally affordable. And if you haven’t tried it you should immediately do so! With YouTube encouraging makers to create exclusive 360 degree content and featuring them and HP creating virtual reality tour stops at North America, Virtual reality is rapidly changing how we consume entertainment and let’s be honest, Horror games and movies will never remain the same. So here are a few apps that I believe are essential for Virtual reality entertainment.

  1. Vrse – Virtual Reality

This app is Netflix or Hulu for Virtual Reality. It features original content of 360 degree format which has highly journalistic videos, documentaries and short films. My personal favourite that you definitely need to check out is a horror film called Catatonic. It really has all the American Horror Story – Asylum vibes attached to it. You can also use this app even if you don’t own a VR headset.screen322x572

Get this app now! :

  1. Cmoar VR Cinema PRO0C2YDd5 (1) (1)

One of the exciting things about the concept of virtual reality is to create a virtual environment without physically being there. And what is the first application that comes into our mind? Watching movies! This app does a commendable job of giving the experience of an actual movie theatre + seat and display customizations while watching any video/movie you like. While there are many apps for the same purpose out there in the play store, none of them do a neat job as this one. There is a downfall though, it is a paid app and you can only get a demo version for free. (But hey! That never stopped us, did it? )

Get Cmoar VR Cinema PRO here:

  1. Insidious VRunnamed (1)

Okay so remember I told you using your virtual reality headset for some entertainment in the horror genre is awesome? This is one such app. Originally created to promote the insidious 3 movie, It has some pretty cool graphics to blow your mind out. I won’t talk a lot about this anymore so that you can go experience it. (Note: experience this in one full sitting)

Get the Insidious VR app from here:

  1. War of Words VRuse55-1423572500-cNeP-column-width-inline

While we all know VR can be a great educational tool for all the social and sciences stuff. But what if I told you literature could use some virtual reality. What if we learned the plays of Shakespeare animated before our eyes while the words are read out to us. Sadly, this app doesn’t contain works of Shakespeare. In fact, it contains only one poem – ‘The Kiss’ by Siegfried Sassoon and an interpretation of the poem animated for you. But it is an admirable idea to make learning fun or poetry more consumable for people who aren’t interested in it.

Check the app out over here:

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