9 Best Drawing Apps For Android [2021]

Drawing is a great way to pass the time! Since ancient times people have been doing it both to pass the time and to earn money. Today, when the creative approach and the user’s ability to express his thoughts on paper or other media are appreciated as much as possible, the opportunity to draw in a new way makes even more sense. Therefore, we have this list of the best Android drawing apps to get more creative and draw something new right on your Android phone.

Now, instead of cave walls, we have phones, tablets, and computers, on which you can draw whatever you want. You don’t even have to have unique skills – you just have to start. Even “wrong” drawings, if at all possible, are of great interest and often very much appreciated. So let’s just relax and draw a little. Especially since many of the apps below are not only available on Android, but also on iOS, which means they are supported on the iPhone and iPad.

1. Clip Studio Paint – Drawing Comics for Everyone

Clip Studio Paint is a drawing application that can be used by both amateurs and professionals. It started out as desktop software before making the transition to iOS, but the new Android version includes all its best features.

Clip Studio Paint includes almost everything you might need to bring your comics to life. There are different free trial versions, so before you buy the app, you can evaluate and understand how handy it is.

This app has many tools in its arsenal, including brushes and three-dimensional models. You can store your work in the cloud for universal access, and Clip Studio Paint can record interval videos so you can share your artistic process.

2. Adobe Illustrator Draw – expensive drawing software

Adobe Illustrator Draw and Photoshop Sketch are two drawing applications from Adobe. The former has many drawing features, including layers, five different pen nibs with their own unique features, and the ability to zoom to x64 to apply finer detail to your work. When you’re done, you can export the result to your device for sharing or export to the cloud for use in other Adobe products.

Photoshop Sketch has many features of its own. Both apps can also work together, so it’s possible to import and export projects between them. Downloading the apps is free, but to use all of their features, you must purchase a Creative Cloud subscription. Its price options can be found before you sign up.

3. ArtFlow is a pumped-up drawing app

ArtFlow is one of the most in-depth drawing apps out there. You can use one of 70 brushes, strokes, and other tools to make your work unique. It also has the ability to work with and blend layers.

You can export the finished result to JPEG, PNG, or even PSD to continue working with it later in Photoshop. It’s a solid all-rounder for kids and adults alike. You can download it for free to try it out, but you’ll have to pay for the full version.

4. Dotpict – Drawing Pixel Graphics

Dotpict is one of the most unique drawing applications. Its main feature is the ability to work with pixel graphics. You will be offered a grid and the ability to move with a change of scale. You’ll end up drawing by simply filling in the pixel fields.

When you’re done, you can zoom out to see your entire creation. The app also includes autosave, undo and redo. Overall, the app is pretty simple and might appeal not only to those who love pixel graphics but also to those who just want to “pop” those squares.

5. Ibis Paint – drawing with video

Ibis Paint is a drawing app with lots of fun features. It has over 140 different brushes, including dip pens, felt-tip pens, real paintbrushes, and other fun stuff.

In addition to all of the above, you can record on video how you did your drawing. It has layer support, and the maximum number of layers is limited only by your device’s processing power. It even has features for certain types of drawing, such as manga.

As is expected of confident developers, they offer a free trial with the option to use a paid version afterward. Many admit that this is one of the best apps on mobile devices. Therefore, it is definitely worthy of attention.

6. InspirARTion – apps for inspiration

InspirARTion is a less popular drawing app, but some people really like it. It also has a web version if you want to use it on multiple platforms.

Some of the main features include a variety of brushes and drawing tools. In addition, there is a symmetry mode and the ability to import existing images. You can even choose a color using what’s already in the image. It’s not the most powerful drawing app on the list, but there’s definitely something to it. And the best part is that it’s completely free.

7. PaperColor – the successor to PaperDraw

PaperColor (formerly PaperDraw) is one of those drawing apps that tries to mimic real life as closely as possible. It contains the basics, such as different types of brushes, so you can draw the way you want.

What sets it apart from the others is its tracking feature. You can import a photo and set it to translucent mode. That way you can not only draw yourself but also take the finished image as the basis, partially or completely outlining it.

At the same time, this approach can help in mastering fine art. It’s a lot of fun, especially if you’re an amateur. And the best part is that the app is free. It has a paid version, but it differs only in the addition of some features and tools. If you decide to pay, it’s done inside the app itself.

8. RoughAnimator – Animation Creation Application

RoughAnimator is a drawing application that allows you to create animations. Instead of drawing a still image that you can export and publish, RoughAnimator lets you create a real animation.

You can draw it frame by frame and then link them together to create a little cartoon. You will have access to frame rate and resolution control, as well as some simple drawing tools.

The finished projects can be exported in GIF format, to QuickTime video, or as a sequence of images. The app is paid and, if you want to try it for free, you should have time to do so during the return period.

9. Autodesk Sketchbook – an old drawing app

Autodesk’s Sketchbook has been around for a long time. In that time, it has become a real favorite of many artists who need good drawing tools.

The app offers you ten brushes. Each brush can be customized to suit your needs. There are three layers, six blending modes, scaling up to 2500%, and pressure sensitivity simulation, if your device supports this feature.

The Pro version has many more tools available, but it is subscription-based. You can get it on the app itself, but before you do, it’s worth taking advantage of the free 7-day subscription. The free version, however, recently got a lot of Pro-tools, which can not but please ordinary users.

It’s a pretty powerful app, designed for serious artists. Just keep that in mind if you’re just taking your first steps into fine art.

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