Download TubeMate APK [Latest] and Install it on Android

You’ve probably heard about the applications that allow us to download videos from YouTube for free. Unfortunately, these applications work from the PC, and the only site to download the video was YouTube. Therefore, we have this guide where we help you download the latest version of Tubmate APK on your Android phone to download YouTube videos right on your phone.

Those were different times. However, since most people use social networks to share their taste in music, your favorite videos or movies and series, mobile applications that allow us to download all the content we like from YouTube or other platforms – forms is almost a necessity.

TubeMate is the manager of audio and video download different platforms and social networks and is now available for the Android operating system. Have the courage to try to enjoy the content on YouTube and other video platforms on your Android device, even offline.

Before media content on mobile implicitly connect to PC and from there send audio and video files for after reading offline. On the other hand, although many video downloading apps have always been available for PC, sharing these files is a tedious and sometimes complicated affair due to the downloaded file size over the file transfer rate. And in the worst case, the video file downloaded from the PC was too big to save on your cell phone.

With the application of TubeMate for Android, we can download all videos from YouTube and other platforms – forms of social networks such as Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, Google, among others, the quality and size our mobile allows or if you want the quality with which we want to enjoy the content.

Using the application is easy even for new users. Simply open the application and the main window (which, for user convenience is very similar to apply the same mobile as YouTube but with download options), then we need to download another video platform, just view the menu that appears on other platforms we can download video or audio.

If we are not sure that the video that appears in the search results is correct, we can always play and verify that it is the video we want. As you can see, TubeMate also used the viewer video. If you want to download this video, simply press the green arrow in the upper right and choose the quality, size, and format that will keep the video of interest. Once you select these settings, the download will start and the file will be saved automatically on the microSD card and will be available for you when you want to play it back, even without an Internet connection.

The downloaded audio or video files can be viewed from other applications or directly in the application, in fact, we can build our own playlist in the same program and hear TubeMate.

In addition, you can pause and resume downloading videos or audio extracted only the MP3 format.

The extraordinary thing is TubeMate its user-friendly design and simple application, options we have to choose the quality and format of the videos that have downloaded and it is free. What would be the recurring dubious advertising that can reach even when browsing and downloading videos?

How to install TubeMate?

It is important to know that this application is not in the Play Store and therefore install TubeMate must download the executable file with extension.apk from here:

  • Download Tubemake.apk here. [v3.4.12]

To download, we can do it directly from your phone or a computer, then share a cell phone. Once downloaded run it and voila, after a second TubeMate installed on your Android device.

Remember that when installing an application outside the Play Store must change the security settings to install applications from other sources. For this, we have to go to the menu settings sources of security → unknown. Once here, you need to check the box and ready, we can now pass running the TubeMate.apk file.

TubeMate specifications

  • The preferred application when downloading videos from YouTube and other platforms.
  • License: free, contains advertising
  • Available for PC and Android
  • Not available from Play Store
  • Requires Android 4.0 or higher
  • Language: Multilingual, including Italian
  • Developer: Devian Studio

How to download TubeMate for Android

Since TubeMate is not available on the Play Store users can download the application from the website directly to their Android device or PC, and from there go to mobile. The other option is to use alternative stores like Aptoide and download the application here without any problems.

TubeMate 3.4.12 has been released to fix some problems with subtitles downloading videos and improves downloading speed.

Free TubeMate alternatives for Android

Previously, the Android TubeMate competition was Snaptube, with this application you can be almost the same as TubeMate, but it is better than

TubeMate in terms of video options and you can add to other platforms, in addition to those already included by default.

The bad thing about Snaptube is that it contains much more advertisements. Another great option to download YouTube content is NewPipe, this application is quite an alternative to the YouTube viewer, but we can also upload videos and contains no ads. Vidmate is another application that is gaining ground among users, with the ability to download only YouTube videos, but many other streaming video platforms.

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