Best Racing Games for Samsung Galaxy Y

When it comes to gaming, well the device not so power full but with good custom ROM and tweaks it does a good job.  Racing games are always on Top among games category. Who would not prefer to play 3d racing games on their phones. But finding games is always been harder and it consumes lots of time. So to make it simple, we have come with our list of best Racing Games for Samsung Galaxy Y.

The list carries filtered and hand-picked games, you’re definitely going to like each of the listed game. If you have any suggestion or can improve our list to make it more better than you’re most welcome and don’t hesitate to comment and share this post. Google play links are given for each of the game, so you can download it and install it on your phone. Enjoy the list and show your appreciation by sharing our list with your friends.

Best Racing Games for Samsung Galaxy Y

1. Drift Mania Championship

Drifting is always been famous among car racing games lovers. It comes under Arcade genre, join this game with more millions of users. The graphics are pretty impressive graphics and smooth game play. There is no need to tell about drifting, turning sharp corners with speed and without loosing grip of the cards. The games offer stunning and challenging game play, it comes with practice mode to sharp your skills and then race against competitors.

Google Play link here.

2. Boost 2

It’s a tunnel based racing game, you’ll viewing a 3d tunnel under which there will be many objects coming towards you and you be avoiding all them by moving in 360 degree. The game play is purely 3d, full of amazing and vivid colors and mind-blowing  speed. I used to play this game on my Samsung Galaxy Y for long hours. If you’re looking for Tunnel racer then, this might be the best one available on Google Play store.

Google Play link here.

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3. Reckless Racing

Another most popular racing game, Reckless Racing is dirt road racing game with great 3d visuals. Highly addictive racking tracks, there you can skid, slip and slide through them to surpass your competitors. The can be play with your friends, as it’s a multi-player you can play it with online players all over the world. It offers 3 different modes to start racing, different characters and many cars to choose from.

Google Play link here.

4. Raging Thunder 2

It best of best Racing game for low-end devices. For very first time I played its first version on Nokia 5232 (Symbian version), from that time and till now it is my one  of most favorite game I’ve ever played on my Galaxy Y. Completely 3d visuals with almost no glitches and lags. The game is very aggressive towards racing and so it made little harder to beat opponents, that’s why I like it most. You can play it with unknown player’s all around the player in multiplayer mode on Wi-Fi or high-speed internet. It is completely free to download and play.

Google Play link here.

5. SpeedX 3D

The game is almost same as Boost 2, but it offer’s completely new and modified visuals. There is no limit over path, just go far you as can through cubic hurdles and object, as soon you go far the speed will increase and over all it becomes harder to survive. Very addictive and enjoyable game play. Still it used to play it on my Karbonn A9+. Collects points via going fast as possible to get upgrades including shields and torpedos to survive as long as you can and surpass your own records.

Google Play link here.

6. TurboFly HD

Now here comes another best 3d racing game made for low-end devices such as Galaxy Y.  TurboFly HD offers pure 3d graphics as best as possible. Race with space jets Vehicles with many weapons, boosts to have good encounter with other competitors. There are 8 different tracks to choose from for race and 3 games modes based on your skills. Apart from that, you can play also career mode to unlock all upgrades by winning all 22 events. It highly recommended to play.

Google Play link here.

7. Reckless Getaway

Just like Reckless Racing,  Reckless Getaway offers very good visual and game play but it is not completely like it. This game is based on simple roads where many obstacle to chase like stones, slipper area and police. There are 16 amazing tracks, easy effective controls, global leader boards, new unlock-able stages, chapters, vehicles and many game modes.

Google Play link here.

8. Fun Run – Multiplayer Race

Another multi player game for low-end devices, play with up to four players all around the world with cool and funny creatures. Get fun with wide variety of themes and maps. The game has been updated to newer version which offers new avatar, new maps and new shoes to start racing. Get the unlimited fun with this game.

Google Play link here.

9. MagicRun

MagicRun is good alternative of Subway Surfer and Temple Run type game for low-end devices. These games are not compatible with Galaxy Y, there we can’t do nothing. MagicRun offers very good graphics, gives good experience like Subway surfers. Complete 3D visuals with endless speed and passion. It’s a must have game for all low-end devices.

Google Play link here.

10. Jetpack Joyride

One of best Action/Arcade game with little racing Genre. Well it is not racing game but we can assume it. Very addictive game play, take you to a great adventure full of hurdles, objects, enemies and fun. Join Barry who breaks in to secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers.

Google Play link here.

Here our list ends. So that’s all about our list of best Racing Games for Samsung Galaxy Y. We hope that you like our list and you can help us to improve our list.

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