3 Best Methods To Download Instagram Stories with Music

Ditch the FOMO! Save Your Instagram Stories with Music (Easy Guide)

No more missing out on your own memories! This beginner-friendly guide unveils most effortless ways to save your Instagram stories with music, from built-in archiving to handy apps and DIY screen recording. Keep the music and memories alive!

Instagram stories have become a captivating way to share fleeting moments and connect with your audience. But what if you want to permanently hold on to that perfect story, complete with the soundtrack that set the mood? Thankfully, saving Instagram stories with music is easier than ever, and you have several options to choose from.

Method 1: Embrace the Built-in Features

  1. Archive Your Stories: Instagram automatically archives your stories after they disappear from your feed. To access them, go to your profile and tap the clock icon in the top right corner. Here, you can tap the three dots on each archived story and select “Save” to download it to your device, music and all.
  2. Download Individual Stories with Music: While viewing your own story, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select “Save Story.” This will save the entire story, including music, to your device’s gallery.
  3. Save Highlights with Music: Instagram allows you to create highlight reels of your favorite stories. When adding a story to a highlight, you can choose to include or exclude the music. This is a great way to curate your best moments and preserve them with their original soundtrack.
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Method 2: Empower Third-Party Apps

While Instagram offers built-in options, sometimes you need more flexibility. Third-party apps come to the rescue, providing additional features and control over your saved stories.

  1. Story Saver Apps: Apps like “Story Saver” and “Regram” allow you to download individual stories, including videos and photos, with their original music. Simply choose the story you want, tap “Save,” and the app will do the rest. Some apps even let you download stories from other accounts, but remember to respect privacy and copyright.
  2. Screen Recording Apps: Apps like “AZ Screen Recorder” and “Mobizen” let you record your screen activity, including your Instagram feed. This means you can capture stories with music as they play, offering flexibility for editing or sharing later. However, audio quality might be slightly compromised compared to dedicated story saver apps.
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Method 3: Channel Your Inner Tech Wiz (Advanced)

For tech-savvy users, alternative methods offer deeper control and customization.

  1. Screen Mirroring: Connect your phone to a computer or TV using screen mirroring technology. Then, while playing the story on your phone, record the screen using a recording software like OBS Studio. This gives you professional-level recording quality and allows for post-editing.
  2. Third-Party APIs and Tools: Developers have created APIs that allow programmatic access to Instagram data. Some advanced users leverage these APIs and tools to download stories with music. However, this method requires technical knowledge and may violate Instagram’s terms of service, so proceed with caution.

Bonus Tips:

  • Copyright Concerns:¬†Remember that music in Instagram stories may be copyrighted. Downloading stories with music for commercial use or unauthorized sharing is illegal. Always respect copyright and use downloaded content responsibly.
  • Story Saver App Safety: Download apps from reputable sources and be cautious about granting excessive permissions. Read reviews and research app features before installing.
  • Storage Space: Downloaded stories consume storage space on your device. Manage your saved content and consider cloud storage options if needed.


Saving Instagram stories with music is no longer a mystery. With built-in features, helpful apps, and a touch of tech know-how, you can preserve your favorite moments, complete with the perfect soundtrack. So, go ahead, experiment, and create lasting memories through the power of Instagram stories and music!

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