The Best Free Medical Android Apps

Nowadays Android phones are available everywhere. Most of the people are using these phones, they are very easy to use, offers a lot of ways to enjoy everyday life and make use of it to perform simpler tasks more easier. They are very productive in business and personal usage. One can use these devices to take care of you health and keep track of it on daily basis.

In our daily life, sudden accidents are happen and quite important to know how we can easily apply medication at that time. To make it very easy and to be prepared for such kind of situation we must be aware of basic medication techniques and tips. Here we have a list best free medical android apps which can be very helpful in such situation and help you to heal and take medication at the earliest.

So let start with the list of these medical apps available for Android for free!

The Best Free Medical Android Apps

  • First Aid by American Red Cross  –

    A must-have medical app for every Android phone. Very easy to understand tutorials to take cards for very small injuries to big ones. Also, images are presented to visually understand the treatment and perform it accurately. Looking for accredited first aid training facilities? Check out First Aid Courses in Kitchener!

  • GI Monitor – Very helpful for people having (IBD) Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis. It helps to track their signs and symptom so you’ll become able to express and inform correct feelings and data to physicians for better cure.
  • Speed Anatomy – Basically it is a game. With fun of game, you’ll learn about human anatomy and improve your knowledge about it.
  • Prognosis : Your Diagnosis – Helps you to amplify and sharpen your medical skills even in more detailed and convenience way. There are images with most of the tutorial to learn them easily.
  • Medscape – An excellent place to get all information regarding medical drugs, treatments and related stuff. This app is being used by professional to keep them self updated.
  • Dosecast – Medication Reminders – It helps you to take medicines on time and keep a track of them. It reminds you to take your medication on time, and also it can be SYNC between multiple devices.
  • EMT Scenarios – EMTutor – It is a basic quiz app to improve skills and knowledge for EMT (Emergency medical technician (EMT) or ambulance technician).
  • Color Blindness Test by EnChroma – Check whether you are suffering from Color blindness or not with this app. It uses color vision science to determine eye’s ability to distinguish between different colors and based on your responses it will reflect the report.
  • My Heart – blood pressure logger – Very useful app for people who are suffering from problem of blood pressure. Actually it builds a report of person’s blood pressure which can be forwarded directly to physician for proper medication at home.
  • Monthly Prescribing Reference (MPR) – A best place to get information about most of the drugs available for medication purpose. Know their compounds, concentrations, side-effects and providers.
  • ECG Rhythms Tutor – Improve your resuscitation skills with this medical Android apps. With realistic waveforms sweep movements, it becomes very easy to understand electrocardiogram rhythms more effectively.
  • Smart Medical Apps – H&P – Best app for medical students to sharpen their knowledge and get over other mates. Information such as  patient histories, medication facts, and much more.
  • Medical Dictionary & Thesaurus – This Android app does work as its name sounds. From basics to high level term in biomedical sciences, it covers all of them. It just like having English encyclopedia while learning English.

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