How to change proxy on an Android Device

At present, we see many of the websites are blocked due different reasons and when we encounter such issues, it becomes little tough to go through it. We assume that an internet connection is sufficient to get access to every data available on the Internet, but it’s not true. There are many websites which are region specific, or are restricted in your country. You must have heard regarding YouTube, as it was banned in many Asian countries due to content issues. Those countries do not approve the kind of content availability on YouTube, so it was banned by the respective country’s government.

Further, there are many websites which are only accessible by US citizens, KIKE, HULU, Netflix or for US citizens, there is BBC iPlayer. This restriction in turn has increased piracy rate in countries where that content is not legally available. Over the PCs, somewhat that comes handy to tackle such issues, through the proxy software or putting custom proxy in the browser’s settings. On an Android device, if we know the right way or right application, changing proxy is even easier than we do on our PCs.

It’s not a rocket science if you have an Android device! With just one app and one click, we can easily change current proxy to something foreign and can open each and every website without any restrictions.

Change proxy on Android! Why?

From the past few years, it has been noticed them many of the websites were / are being blocked from specific regions for legal or unknown reasons. At present, if we say about prime examples, mature content and file sharing websites would surely be one of them.

Even I’ve encountered many Youtube videos that were not played due to content restrictions. In such scenarios, changing device’s proxy would be the best and ideal way to remove that barrier and enjoy such sites and videos without any interruption.

Also, if you wish to keep your privacy secure and would prefer  to surf anonymously, again changing the proxy will help you out.

These were the main reasons why we should know about the proxy and when to use it. Now you should be able understand when you needed to fire that wall and break it! Here, we will discuss about a very useful and open source Android application which is perfect to assist you in above discussed scenarios.


Cloud VPN is one of the best and open source Android application for creating secure and high-capacity VPN to have complete access over Internet in an unrestricted environment. While using this app, it provides you access to any restricted content or region specific content. It helps you in bypassing various firewalls and make every content available to you without much efforts. It overlays your own IP address with some computer generated US or UK-based IP addresses.

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Let’s start then!

STEP 1: 

Install Cloud VPN from Google Play Store.

Install Cloud VPN


Once installed, open this application on your Android device.


Once opened, it will request you to ‘Tap To Connect‘.

It is very simple to install and open this app on your device, there is no requirement for any configuration or setup issues.


Before connecting, it will simply ask permission to set up a VPN connection on your device.


If you wish to proceed further, then you can choose OK.


Once you click on OK, a window will appear that will show different options, based on your device’s installed apps.


Like Facebook, messenger, YouTube, your browser etc. and you can choose either any of your app or select your internet browser and start exploring your unrestricted virtual world.


You won’t be needing any guidance now. From here you can carry on and check the various content available on the Internet which was restricted before due to any possible reason and the best part is…it won’t comprise with your privacy.

Open any website that you found to be restricted or blocked, like I did!




I hope you will find this application useful. Please share your opinion and suggestions as well, we would love to hear your opinion.

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  1. IMO, a free VPN can never keep up with the security and speed that paid VPN services provide. I have learned this the hard way but it’ a lesson well-learned.

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