How to unbrick /repair Honor 7X with stock firmware [All variants]

Though, Android Operating systems is becoming rock-solid these days, nevertheless, it happens that we brick our smart phones somehow. Because Android OS is an open source, that enables developers to bring more, and more useful stuff. And sometime that stuff can brick your phone. In this tutorial, we will help to unbrick or repair Honor 7X with stock firmware. We will flash the stock firmware on Honor 7X, and make it work again. Just like it was before. Till the issue is related to software, it can be helped. But if, that is with the hardware, you may need to visit service center.

Android is getting ahead of all. So, you this knowledge should help you to use, and cure your Honor 7X appropriately. In this guide, we detail all important information about stock firmware, how it helps, when to use it, and precautions to be taken. Our smart phones can get bricked, and there are many ways that can end up having our devices bricked. The most common reasons these days: use of custom Rom, mods, using third-party apps (not listed on Google Playstore), etc., Android users easily switch to custom Rom as they offer better functionality, and features when compared to the stock firmware. And while installing them, you might get your phone bricked. Or something bad can happen.

When to flash stock firmware on Honor 7X? The most common reason is to replace the custom Rom with the official one. And if you’ve been facing issues with your current Rom, or you’re not able to boot up. The stock firmware will wipe-out your phone, and replaces everything with the stock one.

For example, the custom Rom will get replaced with stock, and custom recovery with the stock recovery. That completely turns into a factory-fresh piece from the inside. Most importantly, it restores the actual performance of the phone. Means, if you’ve been facing performance issues on your phone, and already tried out all sorts of performance tweaks, then you should re-flash the stock firmware.

That should help to calibrate the performance of your Honor 7X. Additionally, soon we will be posting some useful tips, and tricks to boost the performance of Honor 7X. Therefore, in situations where you find your phone is not functioning well, or facing issues, downgrading should make thing better. If you’ve bricked your Honor 7X or is malfunctioning, this guide shall help you to revive it. Before you go on, and flash the stock firmware, you must aware yourself with important prerequisites.

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Here are some prerequisites that you must know, and follow:


  • This information is only for Honor 7X, and it does not mean for any other smart phone. You must certain about the model number of your phone. You can verify under: About Phone section.
  • Flashing process wipes out everything stored in your phone. For example, apps, games, documents that you’ve downloaded, etc., All such stuff will be removed. Make sure to backup all such things. Follow our backup guides here.
  • You need a Windows PC/Laptop in order to use the flashing tool, and complete the process. And internet connectivity, of course.
  • You, also need an SD card for your phone, minimum of 4GB in size.
  • A USB cable to connect Honor 7X to PC/Laptop.


In order to carry out the process, you need some files to download. Download below things to your PC/Laptop.

  • Firmware File – Download the firmware file. Make sure to download Full-OTA file, that should around ~1.5. Extract the firmware file to obtain UPDATE.APP file.
  • Huawei Multi-Tool v8 – Download this tool. Extract the files to your PC. We will use this tool to carry out our process.
  • TWRP image for Honor 7X

The Huawei Multi-Tool comes very useful to Huawie smart phones. It helps to install custom recovery such as TWRP, and CWM. Also helps to extract the firmware files.

We going to use this tool to install recovery, and extract the firmware file. Which we flash using the custom recovery.

How to unbrick /repair Honor 7X with stock firmware

Here is that main part of this tutorial. The steps are easy to understand, and follow. Just make sure that you follow the below hierarchy in order to avoid failure.

Follow the below steps to unbrick or repair Honor 7X using the stock firmware:

Step 1. Boot into fastboot mode:

Power off your phone using the power button. Once it is completely off, press Power, and Volume Download buttons together, and hold it while you connect it your PC.

fastboot mode honor 7x

Hold these two buttons until the screen wakes up. If you do correct, at the bottom of the screen, you’ll see text like: fastboot mode and some numbers will be there.

That means, you’ve entered into recovery mode. Otherwise, do it again.

Step 2. Flash TWRP recovery file

From the extracted Huawei Multi-Tool v8 folder, open tool. Once installed, it looks like:

Huawei Multi Tool Honor

Make sure that you’re phone is still connected your PC/Laptop, and it is under fastboot mode.

Now, on over this tool, tap on Recovery, and select the recovery file that we have mentioned, and you’ve downloaded.

flash recovery honor 7x

Then tap on flash recovery file. It can take a few minutes to complete the process.

Once you get it installed, take off your phone. Again, turn it off.

Steps 3: Extract the firmware file

This step is a crucial one. From the downloaded firmware files, you need to extract the Vendor.img. We will flash this file using the TWRP recovery, and that will restore your phone to stock.

unpack firmware honor 7x

Now, on the Huawei Multi-Tool, tap on unbrick. There you get a button that launches Firmware extractor. Tap on that button:

update extractor honor 7x

Now from the extracted firmware folder, select the UPDATE.APP file. Extract all the files into a folder, name it: updateappone.

This is crucial to have this name. Now, tap on the extract button to start the extracting process. Once you extract all files into this folder: updateappone, under it you’ll get a file named: Vendor.img.

Which we needed.

Copy this file to your memory card, and put it into your phone.

The major things have been done! Now, we flash this obtained img file (firmware) on Honor 7X using the recovery mode.

Step 4. Flash firmware

Now, turn off your phone using the power button, and boot into recovery mode using below steps:

  1. Press and hold Volume Up buttons together, and hold them.
  2. Keep ‘em pressed until you entered into recovery mode

Under recovery mode, perform wipe action for clean installation. Select ‘wipe’ option and perform it. Make sure to un-check – Internal Memory while performing:



That’s it.

Now, you’re ready to flash the firmware file.

Now, tap on install, and then Install IMG. Then install the file. The process takes about 5- 10, let it complete.

Once it gets completed, tap on reboot.

That’s it! You’ve successfully flashed the stock firmware on your phone, and now it should work fine, just like it was before.

That ends our tutorial here on how to flash stock firmware on Honor 7X, and unbrick it. We hope that our readers would appreciate our efforts.

To learn more about the method, and tools, click here.

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