How to unbrick/repair LG V30 using stock firmware [All Variants]

From the beginning, LG has been one of the best consumer electronics manufacturers. Launched in August 2017, the LG V30 features very favorable hardware specifications that make it a worthy purchase. Here in this tutorial, we’ll help you to recover or unbrick the LG V30 using stock firmware. We will flash the stock firmware to revive this pretty-cool smart phone from worse condition. You might have just ended up having your phone bricked (there are several ways that lead), and wants to bring it back. Flashing the stock firmware should help.

Bricked phones can be easily taken care if the problem exists within the operating system. If that is related to hardware, then you may need to take it to a service station. Most commonly, downgrading to stock firmware works with the. We help you with easiest steps to recover your LG V30 with the help of its native operating system (stock firmware). Using the LG UP software, we flash the stock firmware on LG smart phones. Only it does recover, it also helps to bring-out the lost performance, rectify stability issues, removes malware/viruses, and there is much more to say about it.

However, for newbies, it might sound difficult, and risky. Although, it is not. But we recommend you to do it on your own risk. Since, you are using an Android phone, you should know how to perform such action. You might get into trouble, and need such thing to go back. This tutorial should come handy to you in that case. There are notes that you should aware of. Since, we will install the stock firmware on to LG V30, this wipes out the data stored under the device. So, before you move further, make sure to save everything important to you, and then flash your smartphone.

In case, you are switching from custom Rom to stock Rom, then it will be replaced too. The custom recovery will get replaced with stock recovery. Here are some prerequisites that we recommend:


  • This tutorial, and the firmware is only for LG V30, and you should not try it on any other phone. That can lead to serious issues.
  • We recommend you to create backup before you proceed further. Here are some useful guides: How to back up Android phones and Best backup solution for Android phones.
  • The process will wipe out the device completely, and it cleans the device completely. Custom Rom, recovery, and mods, they will vanish.
  • You need a Windows Laptop/Desktop in order to perform this action with internet connectivity. You need a strong internet connection to download stock firmware files.
  • A USB cable to connect your phone to a Laptop / Desktop.
  • Charge your phone to a good extent, so we can complete the process without interruptions.

Also see:


Here are few things that you need to download, and revive your smart phone. Well, they’re not much to download.

  • Download the stock firmware from →here (firmware links will be up there very soon or we’ll update links soon). Once you download the firmware, extract the .zip file to extract KDZ firmware file (or skip if format gets downloaded).
  • Download the LG UP software from →here. Remember, that this software works on Windows PC only. So download the tool, and install it on your laptop.
  • Download and Install the LG Mobile drivers from →here. These will ensure that your device gets connected properly to Laptop/Desktop.

Now, you’re ready to go further, install stock firmware on your LG V30.

How to flash stock firmware on LG V30

  1. Make sure that you’ve installed LG UP software and  mobile drivers on your Laptop/Desktop. Now, open the LG Up Software. Kindly note, without Mobile drivers, this tool won’t detect your smart phone.
  2. Now, Turn off your phone completely. Now press the Hold Volume Up key, and connect the device to PC using the cable while holding the volume Up Key. That will boot your phone into download mode, and then release it.
  3. Now, the LGUp software will detect the device, once the connection is established. If you don’t such things, go ahead, and re-install the Mobile drivers and restart your Laptop/Desktop.
  4. Now, on LG Up software, select Upgrade Radio button, and select the file that you’ve downloaded. Make sure that you select .KDZ file type.
  5. Now, tap on Start button to start the flashing process.
  6. Let it completes the process. Once finished, you’ll see a message confirming the same. Now, disconnect your phone.

Now, it should restart. Soon, it will take you to Home screen. There enter your Google account details to start using it.

Please note, for the first time, it might take longer time to turn on. That is completely natural, and no need to concern about it.

That’s it! You’ve got your LG V30 revived back. Now, it should work just like it was before it got dead. Install your favorite applications, and put settings.

So, that ends our tutorial on how to flash stock firmware on LG V30, and bring it back to working condition. If you like our tutorial, please share your thoughts in comments.

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