10 Must Have Apps For LG G6

This year, LG released their new flagship smartphone under G series. The LG G6 comes with tons of amazing features even more simplified as we have seen on LG G5. Without apps, even, such phone is useless. Here we have got this list of the best apps for LG G6 smartphone, useful ones to get the most out of this smartphone. Applications make possible to use a smartphone manner, and get better productivity out of it.

In this post, we gather some of very useful applications that should help you to carry out many useful tasks easily. Although, the LG G6 lacks 6GB RAM (as we see on OnePlus 3 and Galaxy S8), still in terms of performance, it is very similar to these rivals. We hope that our readers would love these apps we collaborate for LG G6 in this list. Share your favorite apps and thoughts in our comment section.

Best apps for LG G6

1# LifeSum: Healthy Lifestyle app

LifeSum Healthy Lifestyle app

Everyone of us is concerned about their and their loved ones health, and to enjoy our like to the fullest, we would not hesitate in getting some help via an app. Lifesum assists and guide you in living a healthy life. For that, you just need to enter your health goals, your health data, and you are good to go.

Either you want to lose weight, or gain weight, control your Blood Pressure and much more. You can succeed with your health goals and can also keep track of your progress. This app also gets connected to your fitness gear, like fitbit, and keeps a record like how much you have run or how much water you have consumed.

All in all, it’s a very useful application, and here you can get tips to improve your health, a guide to follow a diet plan according to your health requirements, you can invite your friends as well and can create a community and much more to unravel with this amazing application.

2. Wallaby

Wallaby rewards app for LG G6

While doing shopping, we can see various offers relating to reward points for a purchase made with a particular credit card. To ensure that you get the best use of such offers, you can use Wallaby application. This app basically helps with spending smartly, by recommending you the most suitable credit card at that time.

You can benefit amazing offers and reward points and this app never lets you miss any such offer. For taking full advantage, you just need to enter details regarding your credit cards, and then you can pay for your bills online or offline, by following and make payments using recommended credit card.

This app also never lets you go over your credit card limit and save you from any extra charge. We can say that this is a beneficial app for LG G6 users.

3. Doze

Doze For Better Battery Life Lg g6

Battery saving is essential while we are using a smartphone, We all know that as much as phones are getting more advanced, their tendency to lose power has also increased. Like if are multitasking on our phone, more resources and battery will be consumed, Here, we can make use of Doze application.

Doze helps to prevent our apps from using resources in sending and receiving data while phone’s screen is off. However, with Doze, your apps can resume normally once your screen is on. It doesn’t disable your wifi or data connection for saving your phone’s battery life.

We can all agree that there could be some app on on the phone, which we don’t want to be disabled even in power saving mode with Doze. And as per our need, Doze has recently introduced a feature that enables you to add an app into the active app list.

This will ensure that, those active listed apps remain active even in Doze mode, and saves a good amount of battery on an LG G6 smartphone.

4. CM Backup

CM Security AppLock AntiVirus

It is one of the best application for LG G6, and all other smartphone users. Creating a backup and saving it in a secure location, is an important task, as we don’t want that data to get lost or in the hands of a third person. There are options via which can save your backup on any third device or to a cloud as well, and we can say that Cloud storage is getting more secure and easier means to save your data. Here, we have one such app for you, CM Backup. (Best Cloud apps)

CM Backup helps you with backing up your phone’s data, messages, call logs, Browser’s Bookmarks, dictionary searches and much more. It also facilitates in periodically creating a backup of your phone that you can restore in case phone damage or other worldly reasons.

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It is a fast, simple, and reliable application. And if you are a person with lots of photos on your phone, then you can make one more amazing use of CM Backup. You can compress all your photos and keep those stored on your phone, and can save the originals on Cloud. Strictly convenient!

expressvpn for galaxy s6 edge

5. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a super fast and secure application to secure your internet search data. It enables you to access websites which are not available in your country, and it also helps you with surfing the internet without disclosing your identity as well. Their network is SSL secured, with 256-bit encryption.

You can change your IP address to any address from 147 cities located in 78 countries all over the world, at unlimited speed. With ExpressVPN, you will get 99.9% uptime, unlimited server switches, high speed, and unlimited bandwidth. You won’t have to log while using this application, and you can connect up to 3 devices simultaneously.

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It comes with a 30 days of money back guarantee. And with its referral program, your friends and you can get free 30 days service. Amazing!

6. Dolphin

Dolphin - Best Web BrowserDolphin - Best Web Browser

Dolphin browser is the perfect suitor for your android device. It offers faster browsing speed and will be totally compatible with your Android phone. Its simple yet powerful browser we have, and provides you with lots of user-friendly features. What it basically does, it personalizes your browser and makes more convenient for you.

Dolphin comes with flash support from wonderful gaming experience, provides multiple tab support, AdBlock, customized gesture-based instructions, you can add third party add-ons, simple interface, Sonar; smart voice search option, and much more to explore.

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7. Bandcamp

music streaming application LG G6

Bandcamp is an amazing music streaming application that lets you stream your purchased songs or videos over bandcamp itself. With this application, you can now follow your favorite singer as well. Using this app, you can search for your favorite song from any world artist and can stream via using this app.

You can stream unlimited music without any issue and at faster speed. You can also keep track for any future music video or album. Apart from the rest of the features, it simply helps you to search those tracks which you’ve been always looking or wanted to listen.

The application is very simple in use. As soon as you install the application, afterward, you’ll be able to play an of the songs.

8. Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

If you believe in simplicity, then the Google Now launcher should suit you. This launcher comes with few settings options, simple but very beautiful user-interface, and stable performance. Although, the LG G6 has a splendid user – interface. Google Now Launcher is one of the best alternative launcher application when it comes to re-draw the Android phone.

It has less options for customization purpose that makes it very simple to understand, and use. Since, you’ll use Google Now Launcher, the “Okay Google” commands works smoothly, and make possible to carry out simple tasks without even touching it. If you’ve been looking an alternate launcher solution for LG G6, then you must give a try to this launcher.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

9. PPSSPP Emulator

It is my favorite application, and I hope you would like it as well. Amazingly, this emulator lets you play your favorite Sony’s Playstation games onto an Android phone. Since it works best with powerful hardware, therefore the gaming experience on LG G6 would be an ideal one. You’ve heard of very popular games such as God of War, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, etc., Can be played with it.

Yes, you heard it right. You can have all of your favorite PSP games onto your LG G6. The PPSSPP Emulator is the most complete emulator thus far. The app works very well. Here is our detailed post about this emulator, and how to setup for better performance.

10. Truecaller

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block (1)

Another app that we recommend to all LG G6 users. This app works smartly, and gives caller identity as they call. If you’re looking for a way to know the details related to any phone number, then this app can help you. Basically, this application keeps sync with major profile-related sites (widely-used ones), and fetch data from there on demand.

Not only it does such work, it also helps to do a few more tasks. It can be used to block spam-unwanted call as well. You just need to put those numbers in, and leave rest to Truecaller.

Here we come to an end to our list of the best apps for LG G6 smart phone. We promise to make it big as the time passes.

If you’re using this phone, then don’t forget to share your favorite apps with us in our comment section. Keep visiting our site, share, and subscribe to our feeds.

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