7 Best Cloud Storage apps for Android devices

The use of an Android devices is on completely new level where we use them to take our daily usage to business usage which has turned us to be more concerned about data security and lead us to use online backup solution and cloud storage services. The cloud storage allows Android users to upload or save their files online and access them from anywhere and at anytime.  The one of most common reason behind for languish of internal and SD card data is because of emergence of cloud storage services.

Nowadays, we could save our most of the data to online resources or simply we could create a copy of them over cloud storage service and access them in need from anywhere. The cloud storage applications for Android devices act as online backup solution that protect our useful important files and data and maintain them properly.

When ever there is a need of them, just open the app and login to access them easily and just because of mobility and safety, cloud storage solution is becoming very popular among Android users too. Since we all know the SD card, internal memory or any back up media could be damaged or saved data could be deleted/ wiped-out, whereas with cloud storage service, there won’t be such issue as they keeps backing up enter data within their specific schedules.

However there are tons of cloud storage applications are available for Android users, but it wouldn’t be easier to get one that fits your pocket and requirements both.

To sort that issue, we have this list of best cloud storage apps for Android devices, on which you can rely, trust and they won’t be hurting your pocket too much and many of them are completely free too! Let’s get started with our list of best online backup solution for Android phone and tablets:

Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android phones and tablets

Google Drive1# Google Drive

When it comes to online storage the Google Drive comes always first on our mind. Since online backup solutions have started, Google drive has been best of them and since it comes with 15 GB of free cloud storage it becomes easy to store our most of the data on it. It is a good option for all having Google account and it takes very less amount to get used to of it.

In terms of usability, the user interface it quit easy. It comes with many options that you set over files, other can edit/download them as per your permissions, others could support your project and much more options are there. Since it is a Google product, it never fails and you can access your files from anywhere and almost any device having internet connectivity and that can run internet browser.

If you are newbie to cloud storage, we recommend to use Google Drive as it is completely safe, easy to use and requires little time for management!

Get it on → Google Playstore

For offline backup, must see our following Android tutorials:

OneDrive2# OneDrive

Since the OneDrive was launched, it has been very popular among people using Microsoft’s products such as their smart phones, tablets and computers. And it has gain same popularity in Android users too.

Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage offers completely free cloud storage up-to 15 GB(just like Google Drive) and if you need more than this amount, you could easily get it with $1.99 /month for 50 GB storage. Also there are more attractive plans with other products such as Office 365 comes with 1 TB of OneDrive storage and much more.

If you are already using their products, then you might get extra from them for cloud storage. Also for productivity and business prospective, OneDrive cloud storage comes with Microsoft’s tools to that allows to edit / create Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the go and share them flawlessly.

Also OneDrive comes with wear support that allows to view pictures directly on your Android wear device. OneDrive is very easy to use and if you are frequent in using Microsoft’s products then you should stick with OneDrive cloud storage.

Get it on → Google Playstore

Dropbox3# Dropbox

For Android users who store a large amount of files and wanting to back up up them quickly or who requires backup so frequently, the DropBox cloud storage app would best option for them. From personal to business purpose, Dropbox comes with all features that you need. Also you could share your backup files with your friends and family having account on DropBox. With uploads, you could also edit them, we can easily Microsoft files on Android phones and tablet on the go.

The user interface is very easy to understand and use. And performance wise, the Android application is quit impressive. It comes with very user-friendly features such as Swipe between tabs for faster access, Re-open docs exactly where you left off, folder based storage etc.,  The Dropbox application is completely free to download and allows user to upload up to 2 GB of data with free subscription.

To extend from 2 GB to 1 TB (1000 GB), you’ll have to get a paid subscription that will cost you $9.99/month that will hand you more tools and extra benefits over a free account. For business usage, it offers unlimited cloud storage plan that will cost around $15 /users /month + tax.

There is no doubt that Dropbox is excellent choice for business purpose and of course there is good storage for free user  as well.

Get it on → Google Playstore

SugarSync4# SugarSync

SugarSync comes with 5 GB free storage that lasts up to 90 days from the registration date. It offers very user-friendly user interface to back up stored data, sync data from one device to another, that’s pretty cool feature and quite important too. What’s makes it so special?

Well its interface is very simple to use, performance is very impressive, you could easily uploads heavy files easily and much more. You could  access, view, edit, share and manage files directly on your Android devices, sync them with other devices such as computer.

It works offline too. The app automatically detects any changes and syncs these to your computers for backup purpose. Through public/private links it becomes with very easy to share small to large files and folders to other people, allow them to download /edit files. Get get premium support and extended storage space they have different plans ranging from $7.49/month to $24.99/month for 100 GB to 500 GB storage space.

Unlike Google Drive and OneDrive, SugarSync offers very less free storage and life span but its usability and reliability worth purchase it.

Get it on → Google Playstore

Box cloud storage5# Box

Box cloud storage is another inevitable service that we can use to back up our device’s data online. Box has 10 GB of storage space to offer users completely free. It is very simple and effective cloud storage application that promises hassle free back up, allows to open and view up to 100+ file types, including PDF, Word, Excel, AI, and PSD.

Box cloud storage is focused to improve productivity and helps you get work done on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you are individual, team of 3-6 people or big enterprise, they have plans for all.

It suits best for those who work in a group, other can edit/review your files and project and their comments so you could improve them. For small team having 3-10 People, they offer $6/mo/user plan with 100 GB Secure Storage capable of sharing and syncing files with multiple devices. For business purpose, you could go with $17/mo/user plan with no storage limits with extended features and supports. Additionally, File-level encryption and security controls for better security and privacy.

Box cloud storage is excellent choice for teams and enterprise.

Get it on → Google Playstore

pCloud - Free Cloud Storage6# pCloud

Through this cloud storage application, you instantly get 10 GB free online storage space and it could be expanded to 20 GB through just referring pCloud to your friends and family members. There is no file size limit or download limit on both free and paid account. It supports offline work that helps to work with file even if you are disconnected from internet.

There is automatic upload feature to automates your back up process, just set it once and it will act itself. The most temptation is their large storage space at very  reasonable prices, like you could get 500 GB cloud storage for $ 3.99 /month with all premium feature and support. Moreover, there is anther package, 1 TB storage for $7.99 /month,  surely their prices are most competitive and attractive. Both the plans are much cheaper and are excellent value for money.

There is no limitations of files and file sized, you can upload anything that fits to your storage space and all the transfers are done with their secure  TLS/SSL encryption, so all the data you upload or download remains completely safe and secure. In the end, we must say that pCloud is very easy to use cloud storage app for Android device and it offers very cheap plans for large storage purpose.

Get it on → Google Playstore

MediaFire7# MediaFire

MediaFire, initially it was started as file sharing site that allows users to upload their’s files and share them. Now tey have become one best contender in list of best online backup solution as well.

With free account on MediaFire, you’ll get a basic plan of 10 GB having some restrictions such as file size and ad-supported download. The given storage space can be increased to good extent and if you wish you can upgrade to paid account which offers 1 TB (1000 GB) at $3.79 / month and for business owners, there is a plan of 100 TB at $49.99 / month. In the both the plans, you’ll get all the premium features and support.

The MediaFire’s Android application is simple and easy to use. The interface is no different from an ordinary  file manager, you could directly play music and video files, easily view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, video, and listen to audio on the go! The mobile app and desktop client, both works very well.

MediaFire is almost same as other online file sharing service except it is more handy and business oriented. For ordinary users, Google Drive and OneDrive would be best for them but for an organization and business enterprise, MediaFire would be good option to go with.

Get it on → Google Playstore

These were the cloud storage apps for Android devices that booming market nowadays and apart from these there are many more available  such as Zip Cloud,  MEGA v1 and Cubby you may try. That ends our list of best Android apps that offers cloud storage service efficiently. Don’t forget to share your favorite apps with us!

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