Early Christmas Sale: NES Console Recreation with 500 Games at 15.99$ (Instead of 49.99$)

Do you remember your childhood memories? If yes, you must remember how much we used to spend with our gaming consoles. The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was used to be one of them. TomTop going to bring your childhood back. Before this Christmas, they gonna feature NES Retro Mini TV Handheld Family Recreation Video Game Console under their flash sale at discount of 69% off, that means the final price would be 15.99$ (instead of 49.99$). That would be the best time to purchase this product.

There is no need to us any kind of coupon code to get this deal. This would be the never before deal that has been set to get live in Early Christmas Sale on TomPop online shopping website. This NES Retro Mini TV Handheld Family Recreation Video Game Console comes with Built-in 500 Classic Games. All are those which we used play in childhood. If you’re looking to do something in your free time, or want to pass the boring time, get yourself this gaming console. Whether, you play it solo, or with your family, it not only brings back the old memories, but it still comes out to be a good option to have fun.

It has plenty of games from different category, and genres. This console has been recreated into a simpler version. It has only two buttons over it: Reset, and Power On/Off. Using this these buttons, it can be operated anytime. This NES Console comes in different plug versions: EU, US, and UK, so you can connect it to available power port.

On the pads, there are A and B buttons over it, which improves the playability for it requires the player’s higher APM and operations. Overall, the console offers full of fun. No matter, whether you want to play it single, or play it with your family, you get lots of fun with it. It is very easy to start. You just need to put the power adapter, TV cable, and audio cables. You’re done with complete setup.

Now, just power on the device, and have fun with inbuilt 500 games. These cannot be changed since they have been coded inside the machine.

Inside The Box

The package comes with all accessories that you need to start playing with it. Here is the list of the items that you get in the package:

  • Game Console
  • 2 X Game Pads
  • AV Cable
  • AC Electric Power Plug
  • User Manual (including English)

If you were looking to purchase NES Console, then this coming sale would suit best to you. This flash will begin right before the Christmas. We suggest you to keep checking the product page or put it under your wish list so you won’t miss this deal.

Get this NES Console Recreation with 500 Games →here.

No coupon code is required. The console will be on the flash sale in early Christmas sale on TomTop online shopping website.

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