The 10 Best Apps for Sony Xperia XZ2

Recently released, the Sony Xperia XZ2 is being reviewed all around the world. And the results seem to be in favor this pretty handset. Although, it comes with plenty of pre-installed apps that should help you to get started right away. To make it even better, we have gathered some of the best /useful applications for Sony Xperia XZ2. These apps should help you to use this smart phone more precisely, better productivity, and more fun.

This smart phone is blessed with Android 8.0 operating system. That ensures that you’ve access to all newly build applications from Google Play store. The Sony Xperia XZ2 is powered by Snapdragon 845, a high-performance processor with 6GB RAM. That means, you’ve plenty of power resources, and you have a smooth experience while using multiple applications at once. Moreover, just like the OnePlus devices, the Xperia XZ2 has Quick Charge facility that enables to charge it quickly. This handset proves the Sony is evolving, even though slowly.

Overall, this smart phone has everything that one can wish for a flagship. If you’ve been looking for an alternate to OnePlus 5, then we suggest you to for this handset. In this post, we’ll share some useful applications that should help you to get best out of Xperia XZ2. We gather these applications from different categories, based on their productivity, and user reviews. These should help you to give a kick-start while you use this smart phone. Without much more talk, lets figure out these applications for Xperia XZ2:

The best applications for Sony Xperia XZ2

1. Rootless Pixel Launcher

Google Now LauncherThis launcher brings a simple, yet beautiful user interface. In the terms of looks, and usability, the Sony’s launcher doesn’t fit into our expectations. Whereas, the Google’ Pixel Launcher has limited customization options, but still it makes you like it. There are many launcher applications like Nova, and Action, that mimics Pixel launcher.

To keep you updated, at the left of the home screen, you have access to the latest news through Google Feeds. That will be customized to match your preferences. If you’ve many applications installed on your phone, then the search option, present at the top of the menu screen will help you to quickly search apps. I use this launcher application on my OnePlus 5. And so far, I find this most useful launcher application. We highly recommend you to try this app on your Sony Xperia XZ2, you’ll surely like it.

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2. ES File Explorer

ES file explorerThe most extensive file explorer for Android phones. Whether you’re an ordinary user, or a pro, the ES File Explorer has everything for you. In simple words, this app is more than just a file explorer. The ES File Explorer works with both, local, and networked storage. If you’re using cloud services, then you can like them, and manage files on the go. For more productivity, it comes with inbuilt file sharing options that we replaces other applications like ShareIt. You don’t have to download these apps if you have this file manager.

Most importantly, ES File Explorer display files in a structured, and categorized manner. That makes easier to locate certain files. The inbuilt storage cleaning options enhances its productivity. For maintenance purpose, it collects information regarding junk, unused, and other sort of files. So, you can easily remove them.

3. KineMaster

KineMaster video editing appsOne of its kind, the KineMaster is a professional video editor that has the ability to create /edit amazing videos in minutes. It helps to create stunning visuals through different layers, effects, objects, images, and other objects. And gives you an extraordinary control while you edit videos on your Sony Xperia XZ2. To create visuals, this application servers a huge database of effects, objects, stickers, and other artifacts. Using this tool, you can easily create professional videos, with mind-blowing visual effects.

However, this application is certainly not easy understand because of a plethora of features. To better understand, and use this video editor, there are tons of tutorial over YouTube. We suggest you to learn this app first, and then use it. Mastering this video editor tool will surely take some time, but it’s worth.

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4. CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner PDF CreatorOne of the best productivity apps for your Xperia XZ2. The CamScanner application scans physical documents, books, papers, etc, and turns them into a soft copy. That you can carry with you all the time. You can share/sync those scans with other devices. The inbuilt optimize scans quality feature enhances the readability of the scanned documents. The Quick Search options make easier to find texts within the documents.

For connectivity purpose, it has several features through, you can print, and send FAX documents to over 30 countries. Moreover, you can create groups, and invite others to join, and access your scanned documents, and discuss about them. Perfect for students, and small business owners. Also, a user can put annotations, and watermarks over the documents. We highly recommend this application to our readers.

5. WPS Office – Word, Docs, PDF, Note, Slide & Sheet

WPS Office tools appsIf you can’t afford the Microsoft Office, then the WPS Office is just perfect for you. This office application is completely free to use, and gives almost identical features to Microsoft Office. Whether you want to open/edit Word file, PDF, Excel, or Power Point presentations, you can do it straight using this application. Unlike MS Office, you don’t have to install different module for different files (like MS Word, MS Excel, etc.). This alone application does all the work.

Since, this application is completely free, it displays advertisement while you use it. That doesn’t bother that much. There is one more feature that will surely come handy to you. It has ability to convert all the office files (word, excel, PPT, text) to PDF format. Then, you can edit those PDF files, share them, and merge them with other. This application is one-stop solution for all your office document requirements. That makes it worthy content in the list of the best applications for Xperia XZ2.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

6. PPSSPP Emulator

Have you ever heard about these titles; God of War, Dragon Ball Z, etc.,? If yes, then you must wondered that somehow you could play these games on your phone. The PPSSPP Emulator makes it possible. This is the most complete PSP emulator, supports almost all PSP games with flawless playability. The most noteworthy thing is that, it is free, and doesn’t contain advertisements.

Since, the Xperia XZ2 has a powerful processor, and RAM, you can expect a flawless performance on it. To get started with this emulator, you just need the dump ISO images of PSP games. Or, you can download them through the internet. However, set up requires some efforts. To enhance the gameplay, we have already published a dedicated post on this emulator. Here are some useful resources, that you must see before you start using this emulator on your Xperia XZ2.

Above resources should be enough to kick-start your gaming on this phone.

7. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo StudioYou must keep a tool through, you can edit photos easily. The PicsArt is one of the best photo editing tools we have on Google Playstore so far. Even, it is recommended by Google’s editors. Not only it does help you edit pictures, it also allows to create collages, and memes through thousands of existing templates, and frames. The PicsArt Photo Studio is no different from having Photoshop app installed on the phone.

As compared to the KinMaster, the PicsArt can be easily used by layman users, but can also be used by professional, as this also includes some professional brushes, and drawing tools. This makes it perfect for professionals to add their touch to pictures. You can create amazing photos by just using existing templates.

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8. Gloud Gaming App

Gloud play console apps galaxy s8The mobile technology has evolved so much that now you can play console/PCs games on your Android phone. The Gloud application does that work. It allows users to play consoles, and PC games on an Android powered smart phone. I’ve played many games including Devil May Cry 5, Metal Gear Rising, Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse. They all worked just perfect. It requires a high-speed internet in order to render games smoothly, and at high frames.

This app offers 30 mins of free game play for each game. To play more, you’ll have purchase more time. That package is fairly priced. Basically, they have many servers, on which actual games run. This application renders them on the phone, and provide gaming controls. This is a very intuitive application that we have seen so far. Must give it a try, first 30 minutes are free to play.

9. Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos

photo hide apps xperia ZX2Though, currently most of the smart phones come with inbuilt app-lock feature, but somewhat they have limited functionality. The Keepsafe Photo Vault has been specifically designed to under your needs, and privacy for photos, and videos. It keeps your private photos, and videos protected through PIN protection, fingerprint verification, and scramble them using military-grade encryption, so no one an access them.

There is a very special that this application offers: Safe Send photo sharing. Using this feature, you can share your precious photos with others with complete confidence. You can set the time duration for which receiver can see the shared photos. After that, those photos will disappear from that device. Isn’t that great? There are many useful features you get within this application. If you’re looking for an app to secure your photos, and videos on Xperia XZ2, then this app would be the ideal one.

10. zetaTorrent – Torrent App

zetaTorrent Torrent AppThe best torrent client we have figured so far. Torrents make easier to download large files quickly, and safely. Unlike our regular downloads, you get pause, and resume feature in this application. And it downloads files much faster as compared to Chrome, and other browser. Additionally, it has an inbuilt web browser that has many pro facilities like Ad Blocker, automatically recognizes torrents, and magnet links, proxy settings, and so on.

Also, you can transfer the downloaded files to different devices through inbuilt file transfer features. Since, it is free, you’ll encounter advertisements while using this application. Overall, this is a must have application for all smart phones including Sony Xperia XZ2.

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