20 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Here we gather some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus for better usability, customization, and do a lot with your handset. The most exciting feature of this phone is its camera, it has 12 MP Dual pixel lens with optical image stabilization If also offers a better battery life. S9 will have 3000mAh battery life. The best thing about S9/S9 Plus is its improved CPU, that eventually boosts its battery life. For this impressive smartphone, we have some useful applications that will make your experience with this smartphone, a tad bit more interesting.

There are always some built-in applications that every phone has, or many of them remain unused (bloatware). To help you out, we have tried to cover some of the most interesting applications that you might find useful. These best applications for Galaxy S9 should help you to take care your daily tasks easily, personalize the phone, and improve productivity.

The Samsung bloats their smartphones with tons of applications that remain unused through out the time. And if you get rid of these applications (there are about 120 bloatware), you can get up 1.4 GB free RAM. Of course, more free space. That should boost the performance this smartphone. Follow our tutorial on how to disable bloatware apps on Samsung Galaxy S9. Instead, use below applications to make better use these smartphones. From watching movies on ThopTV to playing games on PPSSPP emulator, you can have unlimited fun on this smartphone.

The best apps for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

1. Unified Remote

Unified Remote app for galaxy s9 plusThe one and only remote for your computer.’ You can control your PC with your Android device, by connecting your phone, with your computer via Bluetooth. The →Unified Remote application allows you to use your device as a single/multi-touch mouse, you can mirror your desktop screen on your phone that allows you to access, browse, and manage your files.

It also facilitates you with remotely turning your computer on/or off as per your requirement. It is simple to use, and perfect to make it easier for you to swap between your phone and computer.

2. Flexispy Android Mobile Tracking App


Once put in, FlexiSPY Android App silently takes complete management of the Android mobile phone or tablet – letting you spy on all its communications and activities from any laptop with an online browser or our first-of-its-form mobile viewer app FlexiVIEW.

FlexiSPY’s unique options include the flexibility to hear and record dwell phone calls & phone environment, in addition to VoIP calls made on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more.

Monitor a cellphone’s location and replay its historic movements. Export paths for use in other applications like Google Maps.

Must see:

3. Xender

file transfer appWe all can agree that it’s a bit of a hassle to carry USB cable, just to transfer files between your phone and PC. However, with →Xender application, you can transfer files from between your mobile and PC, without even your mobile data. It is 100 times faster than normal Bluetooth speed, that eventually saves your precious time.

Xender allows you to share any file type without any restriction on number of files you can exchange in a day, or file size. There is also no need to install PC software installation, and it supports cross-platform transferring.

4. Google Duo

video calling appGoogle Duo is one of the best video calling application. This app is a user-friendly interface, that allows its user to video call with their friends or family with just a tap on this app. It is as simple as dialing a simple call. It’s fast, simple and helps us with video calls with an ease.

Google Duo’s unique ‘knock-knock’ feature lets have a live preview of the person you are calling. It also allows you to make audio-only calls, when you are not free or comfortable with making a video call.

5. PicsArt

PicsArt Photo StudioPicsArt is one of the most widely used photo editor application, that offers you lots of options to customize your photos It has a number of amazing features, that transforms your picture into a beautiful memory. This app comes with Collage maker that enables you to make amazing collages, and Sticker maker lets you create stickers, that you can use and share with your friends.

When it comes to usability, the →PicsArt can be easily used by layman users, but can also be used by professional, as this also includes some professional brushes, and drawing tools. This makes it perfect for professionals to add their touch to pictures,

6. Feedly

feed gathering app galaxy s9The internet is like a hub, which contains a huge amount of information, that makes it difficult for one person to grasp each and every information that’s available. However, what if you can filter the information that gets presented to you? I am sure you will like this concept. →Feedly just do that for you. You can select topics that interests you, and via Feedly, you can get hold of information available on any blog, magazine, or through channels.

Feedly is being used and many professionals, students, or learners, It is an open source application, using which you can add any RSS feed and can read it anytime you want, by just entering related URL.

7. Shazam

music apps galaxy s9 plusThis is actually a fun application rather being useful. It can instantly identify any sound playing in your surrounding area. For that you just to keep your phone closer to the source of that song, and it will automatically capture that song, and you play that song later on your own phone.

You can also and add your favorite song to your Spotify playlist., and purchase songs via Google play music, etc. If you love songs, you will surely love this app as well.

Shazam not only detects any song, once it detects the song you are looking for, it will show you its related tracks, lyrics, video clips and much more!

8. Tiny Scanner

PDF Scanner AppTiny Scanner will you feel like you actually have a tiny and portable scanner in your pocket. You can scan any type of document and can save the same in an image format or PDFs. It comes with various scanning features like color, black and white, grayscale, etc. →Tiny Scanner helps you with managing, saving and editing those scanned documents or image like adjusting page size, cropping corners of documents etc.

It’s fast, simple and useful application, that can used by employees, students, or any genre. Tiny scanner also offers you document security by providing passcode access.

9. Google Translate

Google TranslateGoogle Translate enables you to translate from one language to another via the easy user interface. It offers translation between 100s of languages. Using the →Google Translate application, you can translate between 59 languages while you are offline. You can also use your camera to capture any text from a billboard or any hoarding, and directly translate into some other language.

You can also draw any character on your phone’s screen, instead of typing to get instant translation. Your translation, your way! You can also speak and get that sentence translated to any other language.

10. Quiver

3D Coloring AppQuiver is a 3D coloring application. This application transforms the ancient way of color into an augmented reality based coloring that offers a 3D effect to your drawing and much closer to reality. This app was basically designed for children to offer them a fun way to experience coloring.

Quiver also provides you in-app printing and saving your work of art. After completing your work, you can watch your artwork magically comes to life Additionally, this app offers you to play games with your animated characters, and also can capture photos or your artwork.

11. Field trip

Field tripWhen you are on a trip or in an unknown place, Field trip can be of great help at that time. Its an innovative AR based application, that just keeps active in the background while you are wandering through those unknown streets. I basically provides you any interesting information available about that place you are currently at.

That ‘s an easier way to learn about new places, as you don’t even have to tap and locate this app on your phone. It also can automatically streams any information it has about that place, to your earphone. Seems Interesting enough!

12. Facebook messenger

Facebook messengerWe all know about Facebook Messenger. Its one of the most widely used application used to instantly connect with people.  With Facebook Messenger, you can communicate via sending text, image, group chats, stickers, emojis, etc. It fun, simple and its free.

Facebook Messenger also allows you to capture photos with fun art work, that you can also save on your gallery. You can also play games with your friends and compare scores from within this single application. As its been in this business for quite sometime, Facebook messenger is being used by various businesses, and via this application live customer care support are also provided.

13. Google Assistant

Google AssistantThe Google assistant is an artificial intelligent assistant software that you can use for any task on your phone, it could be assistance regarding navigation, opening a particular application on your phone, to search something on Internet, scheduling an appointment, creating an alarm, etc.

It basically works on voice command, and it has some interesting voice commands like ‘wake me up at 5:00 am’, to set an alarm, and you can also use’ Send message’ to send any text while you are feeling too lazy to type anything, or at time you forgotten your glasses, this simple trick will do your work! Simple and convenient, isn’t it!

14) Augment

Augmented RealityAugment was originally designed for sales and marketing purpose, but its too fun to be limited by any particular business or person. With Augment, a user can visualize ans share their products in 3D animation. You can move your product by simple gesture of your finger, you can rotate your product, flip it,  move it from one place to another.

You can also use it for office presentation purpose, while redesigning your home, architectural visualization and much more. Its a lot more fun when you actually use it.

15. AR GPS Compass map 3D

AR GPS Compass map 3DAr GPS Compass map is a unique navigation application, that adds a twist to simple process of navigation.  It provides a simple 3D augmented display with stability and precision. The AR GPS Compass map 3D app with display a map with your configured destination, and a compass pointing over your camera view. Just like old times, when people used to find their way via compass.

It also displays various GPS information like latitude, longitude, speed, altitude etc. It cam measure magnetic field strength. Using Geocaching, it can easily locate any landmark near your location.

16. Google Goggles

Google GogglesGoogle Goggles allows to search the vast Google database by just taking a picture from your phone. You just need to point your picture to the object you want to search about. The Google Goggles app can also detects and provide you information regarding any famous painting, landmark etc.

It can read text in English, German, Russian, Turkish, and few more languages, and can translate the same into any other language. It appears simple enough but can be very useful.

17. Wallpapers HD

Wallpapers HD is one of the best available background app available these days. It provides you more that 80,000 wallpapers to choose from, that will perfectly fit on your phone’s screen, and you also edit and customize those wallpapers as per choice.

The Wallpapers HD app precisely determines your phone’s resolution and automatically select the sizes of wallpapers that you can install on your phone with just a click.

18. Evernote

EvernoteEvernote is a cross platform utility based application that is used for taking notes in a variety of formats. You can take notes in the form of text, images, audio, video and much more. In terms of productivity, this application tops the chart. If you’re running small business, or completing your education, you can make use of Evernote application, and enhance the overall experience.

Its indispensable tool for those who take notes frequently, and want the work to be done in timely manner. You can note ideas in searchable notes, create checklist, and organize them effortlessly. Moreover, if you use documents files like Microsoft word, PDFs, etc., on your Samsung Galaxy S9, then app would improve that aspect as well. It supports many well-known documents formats.

Most importantly, you can sync all of your notes, and checklists to different devices. Whether you iOS, Android, or Windows Os, this app works with all.

Dragon Ball Z games on PSP

19.  PPSSPP Emulator

If you love to play games to entertain yourself, then you must have this emulator installed on your Samsung Galaxy S9.  The PPSSPP Emulator is most complete PSP emulator that facilitates a platform to play all PSP games on Android smart phones. Since, these smartphones have plenty of RAM, and high-performance processors, you can expect seamlessly good performance.

With this emulator, you can play big titles like God of War, Dragon Ball series, Final Fantasy, and so on. We highly recommend you that you try this app once, and you’ll surely love it. We have already published some useful tutorials to use this emulator:

20. KineMaster

KineMaster video editing appsIf you’re looking for app to edit, or create beautiful videos, then KineMaster should satisfy all of your needs. This is application is more than just a video editor. It comes with plenty advanced features through you create professional, or even an intense animation video. This application is much similar to our PC applications. There are tons of tutorials are available to learn this application on YouTube.

Although, this application is free to download, and use, but it puts watermark. If you wish to remove then, and use all of it’s features, you can turn to paid subscription. It is monthly, and yearly based subscription. Since, Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus have big display screen, you’ll while you edit, and create new videos on these smartphones.

SyncMate [BONUS APP]

SyncMate is a handy utility that will easily synс data between your Mac and Android device.

With SyncMate you can sync personal data like contacts and calendar events; sync media files – music, images, videos, playlists. You can even sync whole folders.
Moreover, SyncMate allows you mounting Android as Mac disk to transfer data between Mac and Android in Finder.

What differs SyncMate from other sync tools is that it offers its own Sync service that allows data transfer and synchronization. Sync is performed directly between Mac and Android apps and possible via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB.

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