20 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

Apps rule these days! Needless to say, you can turn every big task into a no-timer with the help of apps. In this list, we gather some of the best apps for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) to improve its usability, productivity, and get best out it. These apps will surely help you carry-out day to days easier, make it more productive, and use Galaxy A8 (2018) in a better way. The virtual world is enticing and that is probably why everyone is so dependent on their phones for every little thing.

Though it is not good to stay glued to your phone all the time, you cannot deny the fact that apps have made life considerably easy and way more interesting. Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) has great features but you won’t be able to make the most of them unless and until you download the right kind of apps.

You need to download apps that suit your needs plus are fun to use! What is an app without a little fun, right? We gather apps from different categories, and genres for Galaxy A8 (2018).

Here you can find a list of useful and easy to use apps with an element of appeal in them. They are compatible with your new Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018) and you can happily download them from the Google Play Store in a matter of seconds. Get set for a tour of the trending apps suitable for your smartphone:

Best apps for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

1) Email exchange + by MailWise

Email ExchangeDo you have many email accounts across different providers? Don’t worry, you can still be organized and get the notifications for every mail you receive at one place. With MailWise you can simplify life.

You can access your Microsoft, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Gmail, MSN and many more email accounts through this app. It provides a simple and secure interface and helps you stay updated.

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2) Magisto Video editor & maker

video editor galaxy a8If you are into sharing videos on social media platforms, then you need a good video editor. Magisto is a great video editor for smartphones. You can use it to add music and lots of special effects to your videos.

The face recognition option is also there. Plus, sharing them on social networks is very easy.

It should come handy when you need to edit videos on the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018. It has very easy-use interface. So, there won’t be while you use it.

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3) Hooks

hooks news apps galaxy a8Want to know about the latest developments in your city and the world? With Hooks, you can keep yourself updated with the latest news. After you connect to the channels you are interested in, you can get notifications of all the fresh stories from all around. There are 100+ channels to choose from.

Current days, tons of things happen so suddenly, it won’t be easier to catch them. With Hooks, it becomes easier to capture them. We highly recommend this app for Samsung Galaxy A8, and other users.

4) QualityTime

QualityTime app samsungQualityTime is an app that lets you keep track of the time you spend on your smartphone and your apps. It provides you with a deep analysis of your activity on your smartphone and you can decide how frequently you want the reports.

This way you will know where you are spending more time. Once you gather the information about your spending, you can easily create an actionable plan to improve it.

Basically, this application has been designed to learn about our digital habits. Then, we can further plans to reduce them.

5) Todoist

productive app samsung galaxy a8This is the best app to get organized. Your to-do list can get into this app from your head at any time and at any place. You won’t even need an internet connection for this. You can set important dates and plans, mark important activities and check your progress.

The interface is very easy to use. That should help you improve your personal/business productivity. If you’re running a small business, or having several tasks to complete frequently, we highly recommend this application. Surely, it’s worth install on your Samsung Galaxy A8 phone.

6) Click Me Reminder in a click Super-Fast Reminders

Click Me ReminderWith Click Me, you don’t even need to make a to-do list, it is a simple reminder app that needs just two taps. It can be shared with friends too! You can synchronize it with calendars and create voiced notes as well. This way you won’t miss out on any important event.

It works like Todist app, but it has even more to offer. Another application that can help to complete tasks on time.

7) BeyondPod

podcast manager apps galaxy a8Music enthusiasts can have a lot of fun with BeyondPod as it is an app that plays a number of podcasts from all over the world. It lets you play even in the offline mode. With a wide range of podcast publishers, it is easy to use and you can use to make your own playlist.

If you’ve been looking for a podcast application for Samsung Galaxy A8, then it would be good to start. The BeyondPod has millions audios and videos from many publishers, or even more.

8) Dark Sky

Dark Sky weather appThis app provides you with the most accurate weather information. You will be able to find out when it would start to rain and at what time it would be likely to end.

The Dark Sky has a detailed weather forecast for 7 days. It will notify you when there is rain. It has a widget that you can place on your screen. The application does the work flawlessly. It won’t bother you anytime.

Just tap on it to know the weather details anytime you want. Since it uses GPS, it displays information on real-time basis.

9) Trello

Trello_oneplus_5_appsTrello is for you if you want to stay disciplined in order to accomplish what you want to achieve in life. This application is designed to get you organized and thereby it helps you in controlling your office team or simply keep your grocery list ready.

It works offline too, and when connected to the internet, it gets automatically synced with your card. The interface is easy to use.

10) 1Weather

Weather widget app samsung galaxy a8Though there are many weather apps, this one is outstanding because of its visual appeal. It has a pretty interface and provides you with advanced weather forecasts for a week. It can be called beauty with brains! You must have it on your phone. If you’ve been hunting for beautiful weather widget for your Samsung phone, then this app should be on your list.

With it’s widgets, all important information related to weather gets displayed on your home-screen. We recommend this application.

11) Dingless

Dingless notification soundsThe best app to manage sound notifications is Dingless. With this app, you can deactivate sound notifications while watching videos or listening to music. It has a user-friendly interface. When the screen is turned on, you can get all the notifications.

With this application, you’ll explore more about notifications, and improve them. Whether you’re watching movies, listening to your favorite music, or playing games, this application will take care all of the notifications. That improves user-experience.

12) CamScanner – Phone PDF Creator

document scanning app samsung galaxy a8If you are always on the go, this app would be handy as you can scan documents with this app and turn them into PDF doc in a matter of seconds. With CamScanner you can mail the documents or save them to the cloud.

The CamScanner has been most rated applications on Google Playstore. Even, it is more advanced than Adobe scan. It can scan almost all documents, and instantly provides digital versions to you. Moreover, you can customize/edit scanned documents, and print them anytime. This is one of the best productivity apps for your Samsung Galaxy A8.

13) Crackle

crackle online tv app galaxy a8Now watch Hollywood flicks, TV shows on your smartphone. It will help you relax after a hectic day at work. You get to see everything free of any subscription charges. There are many videos in the library with unique programs in this app.

Even though, there are many such applications available on Google Playstore, however, they might charge you. But Crackle doesn’t charge you. Give it a try, and see how entertaining it is.

14) Stealth Audio Player

Audio Player samsungIf you have forgotten your earphones at home and still want to listen to music, you can always use this app. It plays audio on your device’s earphone i.e. from where you hear during phone calls. We must say, it is a completely unique application. It is simple, handy and great for forgetful people.

The applications summons all the music files into a Stealth player (playlist). So, you don’t have to browse all the time. It can play almost all types of musics like Podcasts, downloaded music files, recordings, etc.

15) Timbre

TimbreTimbre is another great app for editing audio and video. Apart from the normal cut and convert options, you also have other functions.

The best thing is that it supports almost all of the popular formats. The Timbre helps to edit audio, video files on the go. Convert them to different formats.

Also, it can convert video files to GIFs. That means, there is no need to install any other application on the Samsung Galaxy A8 2018 for editing multimedia.


16) Launchify

LaunchifyWith Launchify, you can get a fast access to applications by adding shortcuts to the lock screen and notification bar. This will help you get fast access to apps of your choice and let you multi-task on the go.

Basically, it helps to customize the device. It makes easier to use the smartphone. You can set as many apps on notification panel, and lock screen. So, you can access them anytime you want.

17) CapTune

CapTuneYour search for a powerful tool to optimize the sound of your headphones ends here. You can listen to your favorite music apart from creating several playlists from different sources. CapTune is definitely a cult music player. If you’re anything serious about listening music, then you’ll love this application.

This application has been developed by Sennheiser, one of the most popular headphones brand. It allows to optimize the music that way you want. With extremely powerful features, you can customize most of the aspects. We highly recommend this application to all music lovers.

18) Smart lens

Smart lensThis app helps in turning a picture into text format. To be clear, it helps in scanning and identifying a phone number or email id and at the same time translate it into text.

It just takes a few seconds to do the job and will save both time and effort. It recognizes 56 languages and translates text in over 100 languages. Works well even offline.

19) All-in-one toolbox

All-in-one toolboxThis app helps in optimizing the memory consumption of your gadget. It will increase the working speed of your device by clearing up device memory and managing other apps. The app points out critical issues with the phone along with keeping the device temperature in check.

The All-in-one toolbox application helps to maintain the performance of the phone. For performance improvement, we have posted a dedicated tutorial for Samsung smartphones:

20) Swiftly switch

Swiftly-switchThis application is quite handy and helps you in using the phone with just one hand and certain gestures. You can multitask swiftly and switch between applications from any screen with the help of this app.

All these apps are available on Google Play! So, just download them and make your smartphone experience a breeze. So, that ends our list of the best applications for the Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018). These are completely compatible with other Samsung’s smartphones.

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