NewsTab In An Interesting And Fun Way to Manage Feeds

We all have become fastidious about timely availability of news feeds, which interests us, and we want the best. We have lots of options available, from which we can categorize our priorities and genre regarding which we want to receive any corresponding update. Whichever app you choose, it can either be based on your specific interests like sports, politics, entertainment etc. Or it can be based on any of your favorite websites depending on your search history. But here we have a new application that has got the best of both worlds!

What we have here for you is, the News Feed application. You can categorize your new search priorities on the basis of your favorite Local, or International publisher, this app is also Multilingual that supports over 130 regions and languages from around the world. You can also integrate your search preference based on a topic that interests you like Entertainment, Technology etc. And you can also link your Twitter account and your Google search history, which will assemble the news and topics, totally based on your preference and liking.

“We’ve built NewsTab to stop our frustration”, said Founder & CEO, Arnon Catalan. “I have tried many news readers and always had to compromise on the availability of local news sources or on a friendly user experience. NewsTab provides the flexibility of following any news source with a great user experience and intelligent news filters.”

About NewsTab Application

News Tab is a free application which you can download from Google play Store. It features news from multiple resources in a most personalized manner, present them in a very intuitive style, and feels quite fun application.

You an categorize your news feed based on various sections, publishers (Local or International), via Twitter, or Facebook account, and can also link your news feed app via traditional RSS tools like Feedly (which support any RSS feed, but have limited intelligence and a geeky, “inbox like” UX).

You can follow your favorite locate to International Publisher.

Newstab startup

This app also works as RSS reader by bringing you various updates from various website sources.

There will be some common news sections already available with this application which you keep or remove as well, and you can further add any section on your own as well.

Lets talk about the looks!

It’s a highly intuitive, easy to manage, and simple application. As much as it matters that you get news from topics that interests you, it also matters, how it’s presented to you. The news Feed application presents news in a very interesting, and readable manner.

Newstab news feed

It offers you a fun and beautiful space, where you can have complete access to latest updates regarding topics that interests you.

This app also provides you with a dark theme option, which you can choose if you like.

How it can be managed?

After getting started with News Tab, you can add any section, feed source for your phone.

You can Pin any news feed which you want to read or are interested to read later. You can through that news even when you can connect to the Internet.

The Cherry on the Top!

This app feels beautiful to handle and read from. The content looks pretty, and the dark theme does magic. It won’t tire your eyes and keeps building your interest in grasping all that knowledge or information. And as it supports multiple regions and it languages, we feel more connected to this application than any other application available today.

All in a Nutshell!

You can give a try to this application. It bridges the gap between advanced news apps, which offers you news gathered from a smaller coverage area, and traditional RSS tools, which are too geeky to be interesting enough.

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