TunesGo: the best alternative to iTunes when you mange iOS and Android

Wondershare TunesGo Review We should be thanking to such developers those who bought such interface that helps to transfer files between iOS and Android devices. There are many apps that aid in keeping sync, and managing our mobile phones smartly. Wondershare TunesGo is one of them, which also known as the best companion to Apple’s iTunes, apparently more than that. It’s is one stop solution that will help you to manage your smart phone, Android/iOS, in all aspects very conveniently. With the name, TunesGo, it seems that it is only iOS device, but, it works good with Android devices too. Although, we see some features are missing too. If you’d like to know more about this utility, keep reading our Wondershare TunesGo Review.

The TunesGo is able to offer you all the features that you get on iTunes, but additionally it can do much more what iTunes can’t. But still TunesGo cannot replace iTunes completely. It supports Windows, and Mac operating system that makes it easy to use. With this utility, it becomes very easy to transfer files between iOS devices, iOS to Android, and vice versa. In terms of usability, the software is built very user-friendly, all options tabbed in a row, and on the top right of the screen, you get options such as Faqs, settings, registration, etc.

Wondershare TunesGo works with all Android phones powered by Android 2.2 or above and Apple devices having iOS 5 or later. And it is very easy to get started with it. Here are the features that had impressed us while reviewing it,

Ease of use

The first thing that matters most is the user-interface par, and how easy it is to use. The Wondershare TunesGo has quit simple yet beautiful interface. As soon as you open the application, you get to see Home screen that helps you to connect the device using a USB cable.

tunesgo home screen

Although, we felt that there could have been some additional connectivity features such as Bluetooth or WiFi, it can be considered as it’s down point.

Just plug-in your phone, the software will the rest for you. At the instant, you’ll be managing your phone in an absolute manner. Home screen offers few quick options such as Rebuild iTunes Library, Transfer media to connected phone, backup images and phone-to-phone transfer.

tunesgo device connected

Further, other options are tabbed under a row. It scans the entire phone, and put everything in a very classified manner. That means, you get to see you all images, music, and videos categorized in an appropriate manner.

tunesgo manages videos

Each of the tab not only lists such media files, they also offer you to take actions such delete, add, and export.

Straightforward backup/restore

The backup process is painless. This option is present under Toolbox tab, as you tap on Backup Device, it brings a screen having utmost information about the device.

It supports all media files such as music, videos, and images. They all can be backup in just an instant.

tunesgo backup process

You can back up all your applications, games, contacts, messages, contacts, logs, and calendars as well. Most noteworthy, along with applications and games, it can also backup the corresponded data as well.

And files /media can be restored in a similar manner.

Simple Yet Powerful File Manager

Wondershare TunesGo has very simple looking file manager to explore each, and every file/folder exists that you’ve over the device. It presents all files, and folders in list manner, or you could get them grid as well.

tunesgo file manager

There is a search option too. If you’ve were looking for a particular file/folder, that option will help you to locate it easily.

There you can manage them. Delete, Export, add new folder, etc., such options are there. While testing them, we didn’t feel lag or error, all worked very well.

GIF Maker

tunesgo_20161113183002It was pretty supersized to see such option under a phone manager application. Indeed, this option is very useful, it can turn your images into a beautiful GIF that you can share with your friends, and loved ones.

However, this option is not available in the Free version of the piece of software. It turns images into GIFs instantly, that can be saved to either device or PC, where ever you needed.

Robust Contacts and SMS Manager

Under the Information tab, you’ll see all of your contacts, and messages they’re listed in queue manner. Several options are there to take control over them.

 tunesgo contacts manager.

There was one option that we liked very much. There is a Merge option that helps to eradicate the duplicate contacts exists within the phone.

tunesgo merge contacts

Merge Duplicate Contacts

Since Google syncs data from multiple sources like different Google accounts, SIM Cards, and phone’s memory itself, and treat them as individuals. Due to which we usually see same contacts multiple times.

The option smartly detects them merge into a single contact onto your phone’s contact list.

Transfer data on the go

Since this tool has Multi -device management system, it becomes easy to transfer between multiple devices at the same time. You’ll just need to put all your devices to your Windows PC/Mac with USB cables, and proceed further with the file transfer process.

If you’ve multiple Apple’s devices or Android phones, then it is far the easiest way to copy/paste data from one and an another. We tried with multiple devices and results were good. Wondershare TunesGo did every transfer very smoothly.

In-built One-click Root

Rooting is quite adaptive among Android phone users. Since it allows user to get full-control over the device, this feature becomes very special in its own. As mentioned by the developer, the tool able to root almost all Android phones within just a few taps.

tunesgo android root

However, it may void your Warranty.

In that aspect, you’ll be able root your Android phone with this utility. Well, un-root option is missing in it. There should have been such a feature as well.

iTunes’s Companion

On the go, you can rebuild your iTunes library, and transfer iTunes media to your iPhones, iPad, etc. The TunesGo is fully capable of doing everything that you’ve been doing with iTunes.

For the media, it has the option to convert non Apple files for optimized and compatible format. We tried few non-Apple media files, and were impressed to see outcomes.

You can create new playlists as well or can edit the existing ones. Put your hands on your favorite music, and just Right click, and select the playlist option.

Export option will help you to export your media to iTunes or other devices.

Downloads link:

You can download the Wondershare TunesGo Phone manager from →here. It works with both, Windows, and Mac platform.


The Wondershare TunesGo offers good or we can say enough set of options that really helpful when it comes to mobile management. On the go, we were able to transfer data between multiple Apple devices, and Android powered devices. It has the capabilities to manage iTunes, and convert them into optimized, and appropriate format. In an instant, you can create Playlists or edit the existing ones.

Apart from being a strong opponent to iTunes, at the same time it adopts Android phones as well. You can manage your multiple devices at the same time. At the same time, it lacks some connectivity features such as Bluetooth, and WiFi.

Overall, the tool is very easy to use, and offers good tools to manage the device smartly. Though, you might get little-hurt by the price of this tool. The price set for this tool is $49.95 for single user for one year and for $59.95 for lifetime. We had a good time with this tool, and we hope our readers do as too.

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