The Best Long-Lasting Battery Smartphones 2017

The world is full of smartphones and we use them for a variety of things. Some of us love to play games, some use mobile phones to chat with friends, while others stream videos and use the phone to work. But one thing is something most of us want from a smartphone: a solid battery life. There is nothing worse than having to rush around trying to find somewhere to charge your phone. Well, perhaps even worse is being stranded somewhere with zero battery and not having anyone to call to!

If you are looking for a new phone, these are the phones with the best long-lasting battery in 2017. With one of these phones in your pocket, you won’t end up with a dead phone and troubles looming your way.

motorola-moto-z-play1. Motorola Moto Z Play

Motorola Moto Z Play is a great smartphone to get. It will provide you with 23.45 hours of battery life. While this isn’t quite the industry top, the particular model is super affordable and it comes with great specifications that still live up to in comparison with today’s phones.

The well-sized screen makes playing videos on a high quality a pleasant experience. Perhaps the only complaint would be the lack of a sleek design.


lenovo-p22. Lenovo P2

If you just look at the battery life, Lenovo’s P2 is a clear market leader. You can stream videos on the phone for an impressive 28.5 hours. With some of the older models on the market, the battery tends to be empty already at seven hours.

Lenovo doesn’t have a very good camera, however. So, if taking photos is important for you, you might want to check out some of the other phones on this list. However, the design is rather impressive and sturdy.


samsung-galaxy-s7-edge3. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The above two phones are clear market leaders when it comes to smartphone battery life. The next best thing can maintain a solid battery for 18 hours. Furthermore, if you want other cool features from your phone, you want to spend a bit of money buying the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

The price tag is one of the highest on the list, however, you get to enjoy a superb quality camera and the design is top notch. The edge-feature is also a rather quirky detail in this smartphone. Though, the new models have arrived, still these two are awesome in all aspects.

samsung-galaxy-j5-20164. Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung has another solid performer in terms of long-lasting battery. Samsung’s Galaxy J5 only loses by an hour to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The phone is also a bit more budget-friendly so it is a good choice for those conscious of their wallet.

One of the best features of the phone, aside from the battery, includes the display and the quality of the camera.One of the downsides to this model is the plastic-like finish, which gives it a bit of a flimsy feel.


apple-iphone-se5. iPhone SE

If you would rather have an iPhone, then the best battery life is still in the iPhone SE model. This particular iOS device can play video for up to 16 hours without losing out on the performance. The old version of the 10-year old phone is actually several hours better than the new iPhone 7.

If you want something a bit newer than the SE, you could pick the iPhone 5 SE, which has a solid battery life.


OnePlus-36. OnePlus 3

You can also opt for OnePlus 3. The smartphone has battery life that can last 16.5 hours of continuous video streaming. It’s also one of the phones with a high quality camera and the design is rather attractive. OnePlus 3 also benefits from a huge storage space and the long-lasting battery doesn’t take long to fully charge.

However, during testing, the battery life did prove a little unpredictable. So depending on what you do with the smartphone and the kind of connection you have, you might experience slightly lower battery life.

When you are looking for a smartphone with a long-lasting battery, it’s always worth reading reviews online. This gives you a much more accurate feel of the actual battery life in normal type of use. Indeed, your own actions will influence the health and longevity of your smartphone’s battery.

If you have many apps running in the background or you are constantly using apps that drain a lot of battery, you will notice the battery life running quicker. Check the phone’s settings to find which apps are using the most battery.

Furthermore, you don’t want to spend a fortune buying a new phone. The above list has a good selection of top-end models as well as the more affordable phones. Compare prices online and take advantage of online saving codes. OZCodes has discounts with smartphone retailers like Lycamobile and Just Mobile.

If you want a good smartphone with a long-lasting battery, the above phones are definitely worth considering. They are the best in terms of battery life and will ensure you don’t need to be looking for a power outlet the whole day.

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