The Ultimate Guide To Choose The Right Earbuds

Selecting earbuds that will suit your needs and fit well with your preferences could be a hassle. You have to consider several factors and criteria to find the product you will be happy to own and use. There are numerous brands and models to choose from and stick to.

If you are going the inexpensive route and don’t have high demand there are earbud models that have good quality. In trying to choose the one that has the capability and requirements that you desire you have to look at certain features that characterize any earbud.

The earbuds you want don’t necessarily only have to sound as good as you want but, must also be comfortable and durable, have fitting wire length, produce no microphonics, have an attractive appearance and can isolate outside noise. But, this all matters on your preference and what feature matters most to you.

If you don’t like what you see or don’t fulfill all or any of the requirements you can’t do without forget about it and look into other available options. You can be surprised at how you might be able to find the best earbuds that you seek.

Picture yourself shopping for a pair of shirts and you go to a local market to see what they have. You look at one shirt that catches your eye and you pick it up and try it out to see how it fits. You then find out that the shirt is longer than you would have hoped. Even if you like the shirt you just can’t ignore the fact that it doesn’t fit you as you would like. What a shame. So what do you do, you go to the next one and look for other options available.

You could be picky and want the best of the best or you are just looking for earbuds that satisfy few requirements. Whether you are either one of those people the following features are generally some of the most important factors you should look at when looking for earbuds.


When you want a shirt or pant you don’t want them to be itchy or have any discomfort. Although an earbud primary purpose is to transmit sound from a device into our ears no one wants the earbud to be straining or uncomfortable in any way.

An earbud could be a bit big for your ears or doesn’t support your ears as comfortably as you would like. Most BLXBuds earbuds come with a variety of ear tip sizes so that you could get the best fit and provide comfort. But, the problem is that some earbuds might be built in such a way that just isn’t comfortable.


This is a tough one to crack. There isn’t an ideal way to check if an earbud will hold together for a long period of time or have a short life span. Although durability is a major factor that could influence our choices there just isn’t a full-proof way to know how long an earbud could last.

Fortunately, there are many earbud brands and models that can last for a long time and serve as well. There are even some brands that offer one up to the three-year warranty. Most quality earbuds can probably last more than two years which is the time frame I experience with inexpensive earbuds.

Expensive earbuds could even last for a longer time. Whether an earbud has good quality or not the most important thing is that you take care of your earbud as best as you can.

Wire Length

The wire length may not be an issue for many but, if you are taller than normal like I am, this could actually be a deal-breaker. I mean how is it possible to use your earbud while standing up if you can’t secure your earbud into your ears and plug it into your audio device in your pockets. Your only option is to carry your audio device and this is inconvenient and tiresome.

Make sure to check for the earbuds specification if the wire length fits you. The specification could be found on the manufacturer’s website, on the package or if you are purchasing from Amazon or other internet stores it should be listed on the product’s page.


If you are not familiar with the term Microphonics it is a term used to describe what some earbuds exhibit when they rub against your skin, clothing or anything else. They make certain noises into the earbuds which disturb your music playing.

Microphonics is especially an issue if you frequently use your earbud while running or exercising. The constant movement you make creates rubbing to occur between the wire and your clothing which would be annoying. It’s like the way you get annoyed when you are counting something and another person loudly counts along with you letting you forget your count.

Some earbuds might not be immune to this effect but, might be small enough to not disturb you much and can be handled. Some, on the other hand, might be unbearable enough that would let you avoid the earbud altogether.

Microphonics may not be an issue for any earbud if you use your earbuds in a sitting position and during no movements.

Outside Noise Isolation

The outside noise isolation capability of an earbud is strictly a personal preference. You might want earbuds that almost completely block outside noise or want one which allows some or most of the outside noise.

If you use your earbuds for listening to music while on a bus or at work you might prefer to block the outside noise to enjoy your music fully. On the other hand, you might want to be aware of your surroundings and don’t want to miss anyone calling for you.

If you use your earbud while running it might be important to allow outside noise to be aware of oncoming traffic or any other signs.


This might not be a requirement for most but, nobody hates something pleasing to the eye. Most earbuds are constructed from plastic and come in a variety of colors. Some of them have designs and attractive symbols.

There are also a few that are constructed with other materials such as metal and wood. Some brands specifically put effort into the appearance of their earbuds.

If you want an attractive earbud there are several of them on the market that has this quality while also performing well against other important measures.


Before even you consider purchasing any earbud you should set the limit of your spending. If your budget only allows you to buy earbuds costing below 20 bucks there are quality earbuds that perform really well.

If you can spend more you can find earbuds costing from 20 to 200 dollars in which the more you can spend the more the quality you can find. Of course, that doesn’t mean there aren’t earbuds that are expensive but, have less quality than less costing earbuds and vice versa.

There are even earbuds that reach up to a thousand dollars but, they are mostly used by professionals as this is just way too much money and earbuds costing up to 200 dollars do fine for the average user.

Sound Quality

When it comes down to the most important reason we have earbuds, to begin with, is to listen to sounds. So this should be the primary factor in choosing earbuds. If you like bass enhanced earbuds you should go after bass-heavy ones but, if you want balanced earbuds you should look for the ones which have this quality.

The level of clarity, balance, detail, and bass you desire should ultimately dictate your choice.

So, that ends our list of recommended things to consider before purchasing earbuds. We hope that you would find these tips helpful. Do share your favorite ones in the comment section below. That would help others to purchase even a better one.

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