20 Best Google Gravity Tricks 2020

Have you ever had that moment when you just stare at Google’s stark white landing page and just ask yourself “What’s more to this almost blank canvas with colored letters across it?”. What if there was actually more to Google’s landing page than the occasional animation of the search engine’s name. Yes, we have what we call Google Gravity, or sometimes known as Google Anti Gravity. In this guide, we share the latest and best Google Gravity tricks that you use to have more fun with Google.

Google Gravity or Google Anti Gravity is pretty much a bunch of fun tricks you can do with the Google landing page that the search engine has kept secret from the rest of us. Still haven’t grasped the concept? If Google was your Math teacher, then Google Gravity would be the games he/she would incorporate into his/her lessons to make it a tad interesting. So next time you catch yourself aimlessly staring at your favorite search engine looking for your next search, try these tricks we gather here.

Is This A Google Promoted Experiment?

The straight answer is no. Now, let us enlighten you about the journey of this popular concept. Google Gravity is not Google’s experiment. In fact, this can be considered as one of the fun and challenging piece of code. So, there is a website, https://experiments.withgoogle.com where programmers can submit their interesting experiments.

Before trying out these Google Gravity features you would want to enable your Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky Button (Most of the time, it is enabled by default). Enabling your Google Gravity I’m Feeling Lucky button is necessary for these tricks to actually work. So, to enable the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, just follow these quick steps: Go to Account Preferences > Click Google Instant Predictions > Choose Never Show Instant Results > and Save.

List of best Google Gravity Tricks 2020

Best Google Gravity Tricks

1. Anti Gravity Google

Anti Gravity Google is just one of the many Google tricks you can do with Google’s landing page. With Anti Gravity Google, you can basically enjoy watching the contents of Google’s landing page fall down from its original place.

Anti Gravity Google is probably the most popular of the Google tricks out there used by people to prank their friends; and if you just discovered it now then waste no time in trying one of the many Google tricks out for yourself.

To see how Anti-Gravity Google works, just click this link: https://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/

Gravity Google Space

2. Gravity Google Space

Google Space is in its very essence just Anti Gravity Google’s fraternal twin. Where Anti Gravity Google lets the landing page’s contents fall, this feature keeps the landing page’s contents floating. To try this Google Gravity feature just click this link: https://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-space/

Google Gravity Underwater

3. Google Gravity Underwater

Google Gravity has a lot of Google tricks you can play around with. Try this link https://elgoog.im/underwater/ and have fishes swim as your background.

Google Guitar

4. Google Guitar

And if you thought Google could only move texts, let it impress you with allowing you to play the guitar via Google’s landing page. Check it using this link: https://elgoog.im/guitar/

Gravity Google Sphere

5. Gravity Google Sphere

One of the many Google tricks, Google Gravity has up its sleeve. If you want to see the contents of your landing page form a sphere then here’s the link for you: https://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-sphere/

Do a Barrel Roll

6. Do a Barrel Roll

Like Anti Gravity Google, probably one of the most popular Google tricks. The ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ is one of the many Google tricks that immediately takes effect once searched via your Google search bar. This allows you to let your web page tumble, pretty much like a barrel.

Just type “Do a Barrel Roll” in Google Search and it enter.

Google Tilt

7. Gravity Google Tilt

Google Gravity or Google Anti Gravity also allows you to tilt your web page. Tilt your web page by clicking this link: https://elgoog.im/tilt/

Gravity Google Flat Fall

8. Gravity Google Flat Fall

One of the more popular Google tricks you can try from Google Anti Gravity as you watch your landing pages content fall from the upper edge and bounce up and down on the web page’s bottom edge.

Let your content bounce via this link: https://mrdoob.com/projects/chromeexperiments/google-gravity/

Google Mirror

9. Google Mirror

In this, Google Anti Gravity feature you see the content in a mirrored direction. Check it out through this link: https://elgoog.im/

Google Pacman

10. Gravity Google Pacman

Google tricks aren’t all as mundane as the Anti Gravity Google trick. Some Google tricks can let you play your favorite classic arcade game on your Google landing page just by searching ‘Google Pacman’ on its search bar.

Check it out through this link: https://elgoog.im/pacman/

The Snake Game

11. The Snake Game

This is arguably one of the best Google tricks that has in its arsenal. Just by searching ‘Google Snake Game’ on your Google search bar, this will let you play this classic mobile phone game.

Gravity Google Terminal

12. Gravity Google Terminal

For the tech-geeks out there, Google Gravity might have been thinking of you when they included this feature in their roster of Google tricks. Click this link https://elgoog.im/terminal/ and be transported to the MS-DOS interface of your computer.

Find Chuck Norris

13. ‘Find Chuck Norris’

Google tricks are basically Google’s admirable attempt at being humorous, and nothing beats the search result you get when you search ‘Find Chuck Norris’ on your Google search bar. Just type it and tap on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button.

Search for ‘Recursion’

14. Search for ‘Recursion’

Google Gravity does bring out the best…and the funny out of Google. In this feature, typing in ‘Recursion’ into your search box will show you Google giving you what you need during those days when you just need a good laugh…or maybe just a snicker.

Gravity Google Loco

15. Gravity Google Loco

If Google Space was the fraternal twin of Anti Gravity Google, well, surprise! They’re triplets and this time let’s meet the identical twin of Anti Gravity Google that allows the content of your Google landing page to fall from its original position.

Just one of the many Google tricks you can search just by searching it via Google’s search bar or by clicking this link: https://www.thatsloco.com/

Rainbow Google

16. Rainbow Google

If you thought Google tricks were only limited to moving Google’s content then you haven’t tried this Google Gravity feature yet. Want to see Google in Technicolor? Yes, More Technicolor than it already is, so try this feature by clicking this link: https://www.seetherainbow.com/

Zerg Rush

17. Zerg Rush

Type in ‘Zerg Rush’ on your search bar and tap on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button and watch as a bunch of ‘O’s’ invade your web page and fill it with a colony of cute little ‘O’s’.

Google Zero Gravity Inversion

18. Google Zero Gravity Inversion

Nope, sorry to disappoint but Google Zero Gravity isn’t the quadruplet to the Anti Gravity Google bunch. Google Zero Gravity won’t keep your landing page’s falling or floating, instead, Google Zero Gravity inverts the landing page’s content to make it look like you’re looking from inside your computer.

Google Zero Gravity would be one of the best Google tricks for you to use in tricking your friends for April Fools. To try Google Zero Gravity out just simply click this link: https://elgoog.im/gravity/

Search for Anagram

19. Anagram

One of those Google tricks that prove that Google doesn’t really know everything, if you don’t believe it, then search ‘Anagram’ via the search bar and see how Google suggests you with another word.

Funny Google

20. Funny Google

In this, feature the term ‘Google tricks’ lives up to its name as you are given the option to change the web page’s title itself into however you wish for it to be called. Just click this link http://www.funnysearch.org/ and watch how Google can be altered to Goggles!

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