Top 10 Android Applications Helping Your Studying In College

Are you a student who uses an Android smartphone? Well, I have great news for you! It is not a device that allows communicating with others instantly. It is also an excellent tool that can boost your learning. Examine the post and find out the top 10 apps that can simplify your education at college.

What is Android?

It is the second world’s popular operating system by Google. It is a popular system for low-budget devices. However, the Google company produces smartphones that work lightning fast under the Android system.

The popularity of Android phones among students depends on a state and a college. According to Forbes, from 17% to 41% of college students use Android smartphones. In general, tech-savvy students prefer using smartphones from Google due to the system’s benefits. 

Pros of Android Smartphones for Students

Android-powered smartphones are trendy among developers due to the less number of restrictions and high flexibility. Moreover, Android has a more adjustable interface than iOS. You can easily customize it according to your needs. 

Moreover, you can extend a memory on most Android smartphones by purchasing a flash memory card. Also, there are no restrictions for file sharing. It is beneficial for geek students. 

Top 10 Android Apps for Students 

According to the latest update, there are more than 2.8 million applications in the Play Market. Doubtless, there are a lot of helpful apps that can make your life easier. However, you will spend all your life surfing the Play Market and installing all the apps. In order not to lose your time, explore the selection of the top 10 Android applications for college students. 

1. Evernote

It’s hard to remember everything. That’s why apps for taking notes are so popular. This one is a leader. It is an excellent app for studying with extensive functionality. This app brings the ability to make text notes, create to-do lists with checkboxes, save images, infographics, audio files, and even handwritten notes. 

Moreover, it foresees the ability to synchronize all the notes on different devices. For instance, if you’ve taken a photo of a college schedule on your smartphone, you can quickly check it on any other device. This app supports all the platforms and has a web version. All that you need is to log in to your Evernote account.

2. myHomework 

It is a top-notch digital student planner for Android devices. This app foresees the ability to gather all your classes and homework in one place. It will remind you about upcoming events and keep you updated on the deadlines. This one is the best scheduling application for college students. 

3. WolframAlpha

Don’t like complicated subjects like geometry, functional analysis, or linear algebra and always order statistic homework help online? Well, you’ll highly appreciate this application. It is a savior for millions of students around the globe. Moreover, experienced engineers also use this app to check their calculations. 

Briefly, it is an app that can get almost any maths homework in a few seconds. This application can make calculations, build graphs, and show a step-by-step process of getting an answer. Therefore, you’ll be able to check all the stages of your calculations and correct them if there is any mistake.

4. Office Lens

Nowadays, we use digital documents more and more. It is easy to store and send scanned copies by using a smartphone. This app will help you to scan any papers in different angles. The AI will turn a photo of a document into a top-notch scan-copy in a blink of an eye. Do not hesitate to download this app to always have a scanner in your pocket. 

5. Oxford Dictionary

This application will be a great helper to those college students who have a poor vocabulary. Do not hesitate to upload this app if you always ask someone to help writing college papers. It is a free app that has a high rate, thousands of great reviews with five-star marks, and more than 50 million downloads. 

If you don’t know the definition of a particular word, want to find a synonym, or want to translate a word from another app, use this application. It is the best in the niche. Moreover, the inbuilt functionality allows scanning text by using a camera on a smartphone and getting its definition in a second. It’s super convenient!

6. Udemy 

This one is the best mobile app for distance education. There are thousands of top-notch video lessons from experts in particular niches. This application allows to watch lessons online or upload them in advance, to acquire new skills when there is no cellular Internet or WiFi. 

7. Google Slides

It is an official application from the Google company that foresees the ability to create well-thought-out presentations on the go. The feature-rich functionality allows you to add images, update the layout, and customize the text by using an Android smartphone. Moreover, this app saves your slideshow in a cloud automatically and allows you to share it with other users in a click. 

8. Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Do you know what is the best way not to miss any word from a lecture? Upload this studying app for students on your smartphone and record everything. It is the most advanced app that allows starting recording in one click by using a widget on a home screen. Also, it foresees the ability to start recording remotely by using a desktop application. 


This app will help you to simplify a lot of processes and makes the student’s life easier. By using this application, you can create commands for your smartphone. In other words, you can program your device to make a particular number of tasks in a specific order by hitting one button in the app.

10. Google Drive

Do you want to keep all your files safe and have access to them from any location? Download the Google Drive application and store all your data in a cloud with no charge. The free plan offers 15 gigabytes of space that is more than enough. However, you can enlarge it anytime by purchasing another tariff plan. 

Final Words

The study apps Android from the list above are great students’ assistants. They help to manage time, resolve complicated tasks, create engaging slideshows, and share files by using an Android smartphone only. If you’re a student, do not hesitate to use them to simplify your learning.

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