40 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Samsung has come up with an amazing series of Galaxy S smartphones. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones have their own set of features, like, wireless charging, super AMOLED touchscreen, Gorilla Glass 4 and much more. Here in this post, we’ve got a list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, to use them more efficiently and to get most out of them.

All we can say is that these are one of the best handsets released so far, and the best part is that these smartphones are quite popular among the masses and is being used by many people from around the world since they were brought. Apart, Samsung had carried their leadership with their last launches, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and the same goes for these handsets as well.

Today, we like to share some beautiful, simple, useful and intuitive apps that can accentuate the performance of your smartphones. Each application serves a different purpose, and it totally depends upon the user of the Smartphone, which app they want I their handset. We have gathered a few apps you may find useful and these apps are totally compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge smartphones.

Best applications for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

1. SwiftKey Keyboard

swiftkey keyboardSwiftKey Keyboard is one of best third-party keyboard available on Google Playstore. It had arrived several years ago and it has made its own reason for existence so far. SwiftKey Keyboard is most powerful and customization keyboard, comes very handy while texting. It supports multiple languages, comes with unique and most Artificial Intelligence that helps in writing easily and reduces the efforts.

It is free to download and you can make In-App purchase to make it more productive and beautiful with paid themes. It predicts words very well and it can even learn your writing patter too, that makes it one of the best Android apps ever and we hope it will remain its awesomeness.

Although, now Microsoft owns this application, still they have not interfered into it so far.

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2. Drupe

drupeDrupe is a fun and amazing application for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. It provides you a unique way to access your contacts and applications. It is a highly intuitive and easy to use application. It brings all your contacts and application on one screen.

After installation, you can trigger this application via ‘Drupe Dot’ on your Lock Screen with a single swipe.

You can also create Drupe Group for scheduling a conference call, WhatsApp broadcast, group Emails and much more to it.

3. Yo Window

yo windowYou will find many weather apps out there, but Yo Window is unique and I am sure that you are gonna like it. Imagine it’s a snowy day outside, then, this app will transform your lock screen with a snowy theme.

Pretty awesome! Right? There’s more of it. If you want to check how the weather is gonna be in a few hours or in a day, then you can also swipe your time forward to check the same as well.

4. Feedly

feedlyDo you like to read and want to stay updated on any subject you are interested in? Then Feedly is the app for you. Using this app, you can keep up with favorite journals, or can also view YouTube videos concerning your favorite Journal as well.

You can also follow any blog which interests you, and can create your personal collections.

expressvpn for galaxy s6 edge

5. ExpressVPN

For the last several months, we had a good time with many VPN apps and we found ExpressVPN to be the very best of them. If you are concerned about your privacy when go online then you should use a VPN service like ExpressVPN. It’s got everything you need to make your online presence completely concealed. ExpressVPN is most trusted and secured application.

It has servers in 78 countries, comes with SSL secured network with 256-bit encryption and there is no bandwidth and speed limitations.

It does not matter whether you’re using mobile, laptop or tablet, it supports all of them. However, it’s not a free service. You will need to take a plan, starts at $8.32 per month (may vary by time). Definitely, ExpressVPN is one of best application that you should use on Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge for complete privacy and security.

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6. Finger Gesture Launcher

finger gesture launcher for galaxy s6 edgeMany of us are habitual of handling many apps at once on our smart phone like while chatting on WhatsApp, we also like to view our Emails or play games and anything else. However, sometimes, switching between those apps can be pretty time-consuming. You can use Finger Gesture Launcher as a solution!

Finger Gesture Launcher offers you shortcuts to access your applications and can basically create shortcuts for any operation on your smart phone like phone booting, making calls, viewing WhatsApp conversations and much more.

7. CloudVPN

cloudvpnThe CloudVPN lets you change the proxy for your smart phone. We all face issues like content limitations or blocked content based on our geographical location, like I was trying to view about an app but that was not available for my location.

However, you can resolve this issue by using a simple app called CloudVPN, its sets up a proxy for your device and enables you to view content which was restricted by your government or for any other reason, was not available in your country.

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8. Pocket

pocket applicationPocket is an evergreen application and one that we prefer to use. What it does, it helps to save web pages that you surf, or see for later usage. Imagine, you’re using your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, etc.,. and found something interesting over there, then using Pocket application you can store those posts/tweets for later and read’em when you want.

It even works with News applications and inbuilt sharing tools, you can easily share important/useful stuff on your social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., Aside from an Android application, it has a browser extension too. You can use this Pocket application on browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc., The application is very easy to use and completely free to download.

9. Flow Home

Light Flow android app for Galaxy s7Launchers are quite common these days, some people like to have a launcher app on their smartphones and some don’t. So, for those who like to try a new kind of launcher, then you should try Flow Home. Flow Home lets to smartly organize your smart phone.

It connects you directly to everything important to you. It lets you organize your system notifications as well as your social network updates.

Flow Home also allows you to set personalized themes as per your taste.

10. Powermat

POWERMATSamsung Galaxy s6 and s6 Edge both have a wireless charging feature which is quite awesome I must say! However, sometimes when you are on your way, you can’t even make use of this amazing feature as well, but, we have a solution for this well, Powermat. All you need to do is just place your phone on a charging spot available in various outlets, and done!

The charging spots are available in 1000 of cities of US, UK, Germany, France and Canada.

11. Galaxy Charging Current

Galaxy Charging Current FreeGalaxy Charging Current is a unique app for your Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge, and it might come in handy sometime. Do you ever wonder if your device is getting charged at its maximum speed or not?

Furthermore using this application, the Galaxy Charging Current you can check the charge of an electric power battery of your device, to make sure your device is being charged properly or not.

12. Snapseed

SnapseedSnapseed is a powerful photo editing tool for Android devices. It helps you professionally edit your images. Snapseed has a beautiful collection of filters and effects.

Its interface, it’s quite minimalistic that lets you view your edited photo in a wider frame or screen. It has a simple interface with highly intuitive design for professional editing your images.

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google drive

13. Google Drive Suit

Of course, you should be using Google drive. It offers free space up to 15 GB and can do lots of tasks if you want to. Google drive has been one of best free cloud services available since the cloud storage phenomena has originated. It includes Google’s most useful features such Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Keeps and few more.

It is not just a cloud storage; it can do lots of things that you don’t even know. We have already posted an article that helps to →do lots with Google Drive and use it in the best way.

It supports widely used Microsoft extensions, so you’ll able to store those files and edit them as well without using any other specific application. We could consider it as one of best productive apps, it can do practically everything when it comes to productivity.

To learn extensive how-tos about Google Drive and what extra ordinary it can do, I would recommend you to check out Labnol’s tuts here.

14. WunderList

WUNDERLISTAre you a planner or like to be organized always? Then you can give a try to Wunderlist. It is the one the most widely used to-do apps these days by millions of users from around the world. You can organize and share your to-do list or work with anyone you wish to. This app also offers you to set reminders for any of your tasks.

Wunderlist also lets you collaborate with your friends or family and can share your project, while collaboratively working in a team.

15. Calendar for S6 Edge

Calendar for S6 EdgeIt is better to use this smart phone efficiently and get most of it. The best part of S6 Edge is it’s Edge screen that stream notifications and information onto it. Over the Edge screen, you can gather information with gestures and do much more with it. You should take advantage of that and use this calendar app too. The Calendar for S6 Edge is quite lightweight and easy to use

This calendar app displays a very featherweight calendar on the edge screen, which is available in different color and you can add events from the Edge too. You can set your agenda for daily or specific purpose. It gets activated with just few gestures. The app is specifically built for S6 Edge and it might be used with S7 Edge too.

16. CM Locker Repair Privacy Risks

CM Security AppLock AntiVirusWe all get concerned about our privacy and security of our precious smart phone, and there are many things we all like to keep to our self. CM Locker privacy apps does the wonder to your smart phone and provides high-level security from theft, intruders, unwanted usage and much more.

CM Security secures your smart phone from any intruders with PIN, Pattern lock and for our Samsung Galaxy S6, and S6 Edge, you can lock through fingerprint scanner as well and it will take a snap of the person who enter wrong password or pin on your device. It also provides anti-theft, phone locator, applock, Speed Booster and Battery saver…there is still much more to it.

17. Samsung Milk Music

Samsung Milk MusicSamsung Mil Music is an amazing radio streaming app for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

There are many apps in the market that gathers your music depending on some kind of complex algorithms, but Samsung Milk Music leaves that up to you. You can discover your favorite music.

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18. Color Note

color note for galaxys6 edgeThere is another application that helps to take full advantage of Edge screen. Color Note helps to take note and put them in different colors onto the Edge of the handset. That makes very easy to get each of them and edit/read them throughly. That best is that even when complete screen is off, just Swipe down-up to show edge screen to get these Color notes.

The application is not that much popular like other note taking apps, but it works very well and good to improve productivity and business purpose. Aside, it also has a powerful task reminder that helps to get notified about specific works, alarm, like reminders.

19. Netfilx

Netflix android app for galaxy s6 edgeNetflix! I hope I don’t need to introduce this application. Netflix is quite popular among the masses for online movie and TV series streaming. You can watch any latest TV series or watch any popular movie at any time you want. That means you can easily watch your favorite movies and serials onto Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

For this, you have to subscribe for this application and start watching your favorite shows and movies whenever you like.

20. Edge Color Notification

Edge Color NotificationsEdge color Notification is a simple yet interesting app for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. We all know that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has an Edge notification feature, which is pretty amazing, you can add some extra touch to this feature using this app.

You can set colors for your various notifications on your smart phone. Like Purple coloured notification if you’re receiving a call.

You can also set different colors for your various contacts.

21. Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch MobileThe Samsung Switch app is able to fulfill a great purpose for your Samsung S6 and S6 Edge. You must have heard about Smart switching feature in Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge which enables its user to transfer contacts, photos, music, messages etc. to your Galaxy S7 smart phone from your old smart phone or your PC.

You can use the same feature on your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge using Samsung SmartSwitch App.  For this, you just need to install this app on both devices for transferring data, and you can initiate this process with a single tap.

22. PPSSPP Emulator (PSP)

best ppsspp games

Do you know that you can play most of Sony’s PSP games on Android phone? PPSSPP Emulator helps in that. This emulator can play almost all PSP games on Android and iOS based smart phones. Games like God of War, Dragon Ball Z, Metal Gear Solid, etc., run very well with this emulator. We have a dedicated tutorial and list of games to make everything easy for you and make everything done for you already.

The application works best on powerful devices, so it would better try it on Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge as they both backed with powerful devices. Follow below guide and list of games,

23. QualityTime

qualitytime for galaxy s6 edgeDo you know how much time you usually spend on using your smart phone? Well, you can measure that too. The QualityTime helps to measure exact time you spend on your smart phone. It keeps track of each app that you open, each game that you play and make a note of it.

It presents that report in very well manner and you can actually know which app you use often and how much you spend on it. This application can help you to cut down that time and make an actionable plan to reduce it.

The application is best suited for parents. They can keep track of their children and can know about their phone usage. And take appropriate actions to make things better.

24. Cardboard (VR)

google cardboardSince Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have bigger and better display screens, you can have very amazing and immersive experience of virtual reality on your smartphone. The Google Cardboard does not cost much and it is quite cheap. Get →here to purchase one of them and have fun with virtual reality apps and games on these smart phones.

Although Samsung Gear VR supports both of these, but it will be cost you a good amount of money. Instead, you could try Google Cardboard, it does good work too. Enjoy the goodness of virtual reality on your smart phone, whether you’ve one of these handsets or other smart phone.

25. HexLock

HEXLOCKThe Hexlock is another App lock Android application for your smartphone. It perfectly protects and secure your device from prying or snoopy eyes with its amazing app lock feature. You can also protect your gallery through its media vault.

This app also has features like social networking account privacy, pictures protection, Lock your games and lock your private files etc.

26. Swipepad

SwipepadThe Swipepad is kind of multi-tasking app for Android, which could be very useful if you like to move between different apps on your Smartphone. With just a simple swipe of your finger, you can switch from using one app to another without much of an effort.

It is a simple yet intuitive app which at least worth a try!  [ not in the market anymore]

27. Samsung Pay

Samsung PayThe Samsung pay is a new and revolutionary way to pay through your Samsung Galaxy device. Samsung Pay can be used for payment anywhere a credit card can be swiped. It’s a secure way to pay for your purchases in various stores. You can also add your membership and loyalty card to your wallet as well for the effortless shopping experience.

Currently it works in UK and Korea only! Sooner or later, it will be available for other countries too.

28. Package Disable

packagedisabler samsungIn the recent releases, including S6 and S7, Samsung had done one thing very well, they have excluded many bloatwares from their list. Still, you might want to get ride of those exist. The Package Disabler application can do that work for you. It is a paid application and available on Google Playstore. Most noteworthy, unlike most, it does not require root access to work.

The application has been built specifically for Samsung’s devices and it can identify up to 100 bloatwares and can disable it. Once you done with this app, you can expect improved performance and clean up in storage space, of course.

To speed up and performance improvement purpose, don’t forget to check our featured post:

29. ArtFlow

artflow painting toolThe ArtFlow offers you to convert your Galaxy phone into your very own digital sketchbook. It provides you lots of presetting, you will have a variety of colors and different brush sizes are also available. Its interface is highly interactive and is fully compatible with  your phone.

This app can be used by both, kids and adults, to show their creativity or simply to have some fun. There are lots of options available like stroke blending, brushes, and much memory fixes.  And it is a multilingual.

30. Samsung +

Samsung+ for Galaxy S6 EdgeThe Samsung+ enables you to get all the help you need for getting most out from your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone. Whenever you require, you can get live tech support from professionals. Get updates regarding latest tips and tricks for best possible use of your device. You can also scan, monitor, and optimize your device for better performance.

You can also find latest offers provided for Samsung Galaxy users through this application. Please note that this app is currently available only in US.

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31. 360 Security – Antivirus FREE

360 Security - Antivirus FREEThe 360 Security is the world’s most popular mobile security tool. Are you looking for best Android Antivirus app for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge? Then this app would be best. It makes your mobile device a whole lot faster, cleaner, and safer for you. It literally speeds up your device by clearing unnecessary background processes. It also extends your device’s battery life and clears all of the junk files to restore your storage space.

360 Security protects all aspects of your mobile device. It dynamically updates cloud and antivirus database in real-time, to protect your device against emerging viruses and trojan.

It also blocks any unwanted calls and messages, and protects private messages and contact lists.

32. Omni Swipe

Omni SwipeAn Omni Swipe is a very intuitive and smart tool that enables you to keep your favorite apps, tools, and contacts, always within your reach and it is basically designed for bigger smartphones, just like Samsung S7 and S7 edge with a screen size of 5.5″ and 5.1″ respectively. All you need to do is ‘Installation & Setup’ then when you need, you can swipe it from either of the bottom ends.

You can also access it while you are playing any game or watching any video or so. All we can say about this, is that its a great tool and it surely worth a try.

33. Dolphin

Dolphin - Best Web BrowserDolphin - Best Web BrowserThe Dolphin is quite impressive mobile browsing applications, it is sleek and very clean and fast. It brings excellent user experience on an Android powered smart phones. What I like most about it is that it comes with flash support and gestures that help to do takes even more easier.

It offers almost desktop like interface, with integration with services like Evernote and LastPass, make it more useful and secure. Also it has lots of customization settings, especially it has inbuilt Ad-blocking system that can help you save your internet data.

34. Fitbit

Fitbit Android appYou might already heard of Fitbit for their health tracker but their own app works very well, too! No need to buy those trackers or bands when you can make your device count your health factors. Track your each step, set your health goal and achieve it using Fitbit official app.

We highly recommend this app for all who cares about their health and it does not matter whether you use Fitbit’s trackers or not, the app is mush have for both types of users. Also, it has social feature that helps to connect and complete with others, so you can complete with your friends and family.

35. Prisma

Prisma photo editing app for galaxy s6Comparatively new, the Prisma in an extra ordinary photo editing application that turns ordinary pictures into fascinating artworks. As per Google Play statics, about 10,000,000 – 50,000,000 installs have been done already, so you can imaging how viral it is!

In their recent update, it has been optimized for faster performance too. Do you change your DPs so frequent and always look to showcase your best shot? No doubt, Prisma is for you! Also, it comes with built-in sharing options that make sharing very easy too. Capture, Edit and Share!

36. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password ManagerRemembering password is always a daunting process and when there are multiple, it become even more difficult. What if you can save all of your passwords and keep them completely secure and safe? No doubt, that would be a great relief. The Dashlane Password Manager is one of the best Password Manager application I have found thus far. It not only saves passwords and keep them safe, it also put them into their right place while logging into their respective account. It keeps you away from the hassle of typing passwords manually.

It also comes with built-in money-wallet that is able to save your credit cards securely and through their wallet, they sure that you have calmness transactions every time.

37. Weather & Radar – Morecast App

Weather and Radar - Morecast AppMorecast, an advanced weather application for Android phones. What makes it so special? I would say that it is actually very advanced weather app that can provide street level accuracy for forecasts and you could compare weather of multiple cities side-by-side.

It comes with very innovative Doppler Radar that provides very useful data about weather. Apart it comes with many useful features such as live webcams, navigation with on route weather, weather alters, inbuilt ability to share status with others (friends, family, etc.,) and much more. I must say that you should keep this app in your Samsung Galaxy S6 or any other Android device that you have.

38. SketchBook

sketchbook draw and paintThe SketchBook is another drawing and painting app for Android users and it is fully compatible with your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and it’s sister. This app is highly intuitive and easy to use. If you love to draw you will surely like its features which offers you many editing tools and helps you in making your sketches appear much more natural.

You get to choose from a variety of pencils and brushes. You can also customize your very own work space. Explore your creativity and bring out your peace of mind with SketchBook application.

Especially, it’s good for kids, from starting they can explore the creativity of their own mind.

39. Chrome Beta

Chrome BetaChrome beta for android is an advanced form of our very own Chrome. You can use all the latest features of chrome with Chrome Beta. It offers you features like faster browsing, Google’s Voice search, saving mobile data at the time of browsing and much more. You can install this app alongside with your chrome browser for android.

Chrome Beta is a lightweight app, it won’t take much of your RAM space. It provides you more functionality as its equipped with all latest features and the best part is…it is designed for android.

40. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer Android File ManagerThe Solid Explorer is a file manager with lots of interesting and powerful features which can help you in making your Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge more intuitive and more interactive for you. There is also lots of customization available with the application as well, and you can choose the appearance as per your style and taste.

It also offers you to you manage your data from the various Cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive etc. Alternatively, you can use CyanogenMod’s file manager (one of best file manager apps) too. It looks quite similar to but CM file manager lacks few features that Solid Explorer got to offer.

I hope you find the above list of best apps for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It’s just a start dear readers, we will surely update this list pretty soon, and we also expect you to share your suggestions with us well.

Please share your favorite apps and games and don’t forget to #share and #comment.

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