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The market is teeming with numerous Photo Editing Android Apps but here are our picks for the Top Ten. These Android applications make photo editing process so simple that even baby could edit images and present them at their best. If you have been looking for such useful applications, then look no further. This list should help you in best manner.

Here we gather, different Android programs to boost the productivity of you phone. Especially, these days, we rely on our smartphones to carry out most of the tasks. So, why not taking more advantage of it. Currently, there are many applications available which mimic and work like our tools that we usually use on our desktop and laptop computers. And most importantly, they all free to download, and use. Almost, they serve extensive set of features for better photo editing purpose.

Though, you might get confused while you keep tap on Google Playstore to search application. With intention to help users, we have created this list of photo editing apps for Android smartphones. We hope that our readers would find it useful. Please share your views about this list comment section, and we’ll be glad to hear from you. Let’s start the list of best photo editing apps for Android phones.


VSCOVSCO Camera is a FREE app that allows the users to edit their photos with a versatile variety of options of special effects. The basic camera functions are not a novelty but the photo editing tools of this app give it the edge. The users can add expression to their photos with the application of film grain and many multipurpose preset filters that come with strength sliders and an option of adding more preset filter packs as in-app purchases.

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The saturation, temperature, shadows, highlights, etc. can also be fixed. Also, the users can share their photos on social media services such as Instagram, Google+ and VSCO Grid through the minimalist photo publishing platform of the app. VSCO Camera gets at no 1 in our photo editing Android apps.

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ADOBE PHOTOSHOP EXPRESSAdobe Photoshop Express is a Free App easy enough to use for an amateur with basic features such as cropping and red-eye correction, quick editing features like Auto-Fix and one-touch filters and options to edit exposure, contrast, shadows, etc. with slider controls for finer adjustments.

Additional tools can be added with in-app purchases.



Adobe Photoshop MixFor greater technical features that are also available on the mobile phone Adobe Photoshop Mix is an excellent choice.

It has got selection tools, filters, adjustments and lets the users manipulate layers while retaining quality of high resolution photos by editing up to 12 megapixels.



InstagramWith Instagram, known for its characteristic old and grainy looking photos, you can not only use geo tagging and edit photos using cropping, filters and fancy borders, but also share them online on Instagram and keep tags on your friends.

Instagram with a lot of following get its place at number 4th in photo editing android apps.



Pixlr-o-maticQuite like Instagram, with Pixlr-o-matic you can edit your photos with numerous options of overlays, frames, filters and more and then resize and share your photos online and keep a tag on your friends photos too.

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The application is boast with very easy to use options that rectify images quickly and in a very easy way.



PICSARTPicsArt is also a combo of a social network and a picture editor with standout features in addition to the standard photo editing tools, such as the cartomizer, water color and pastels, each of which can be brushed on the photos.

The Camera Tool allows the user to take a picture and the Draw Tool is used to paint or draw on the image using layer-based interface. With millions of downloads PicsArt comes at 6th position in our photo editing Android apps post.


FACE TUNEApart from using the regular photo editing features, with Face Tune you can zero in on imperfections in the photos by whitening teeth, colorizing graying hair, removing pimples and blemishes, and more.




PIXLR EXPRESS BY AUTODESKPixlr Express by Autodesk comes with the basic editing tools along with quick one-touch cleanups like healing brushes and Auto-Fix.

Fine-grained color adjustments, teeth whitening, overlays and lighting effects add the punch to the pictures.



PHOTO EDITOR BY AVIARYWith a simple to use slider bar interface, the Photo Editor by Aviary comes with a good variety of stickers, frames, filters and basics along with sliders for image-wide editing, a one-touch enhance tool that sharpens, illuminates and balances colors and other tools that include focus manipulation.

More options are available as in-app purchases.



PicLab - Photo EditorPicLab HD is a perfect tool to easily make posters and memes. You can customize photos; add captions and decorations; put in quick photo effects and fine tune saturation, brightness, etc. This app includes features like different text styles, layer-based editing overlays, illustrations and more artsy stuff to make the message pop!.

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So PicLab HD comes at no 10 in our photo editing Android apps and also you could see list of best video editing apps for Android for video editing purpose.

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