5 Best Android Emulator for PC to Run Apps and Games

Best Free Android Emulator for PC In all aspects, Android operating system is now becoming very important in context to user usability and as it is an open source project, individuals are coming with their own creations that add more flexibility to this operating system and it eventually makes it more adoptive. In this tally, we have gathered, some of the best Android Emulators for  PCs to run Android games and apps.

It doesn’t matter whether you have Android device or not, you can still have it on your computer using an Android Emulator application. Top of all, what makes it better than all other operating system? Well the answer is quite easy! There are countless applications available to use on it, that thing makes daily life quite easy, from ordinary to business usages, we can almost anything!


If you don’t have and Android based smart phone or Tablet, then you can try this operating system on your Desktop or Laptop. Or if you are looking to install the Android operating system, then probably the safest way would be having an Android Emulator and use it instead.

We have already posted a detailed guide where we have taught how to install Android operating system on a PC, see the detailed guide below:

Most importantly, if you wish you could use Android as your default operating just like other operating systems which usually use using Remix O.S, most preferable over portable laptops.

You could read more about Remix O.S →here.

If you are looking for an Android Emulator for PC, then this list would help you to get the one that suits your all needs. Here we have gathered some of the best Android Emulator and provided download links to them, so you can easily download them directly from the respective source.

We hope that our readers would love this list since we have done good research and examined them of all as well and you can surely show your appreciation through comments! Your comments are most welcome and do not forget to share this post with your friends!

Here we go with our list of top Android Emulators available easily, provided with their download links to them.

Best Free Android Emulator for PC

1# Droid4X

High performance promised! 

In comparing to all other Android emulators listed here, Droid4X is comparatively new and found to be best among them as well. Most importantly, it has been built with brilliant user experience kept in mind. The user interface is quite simple, install Android Apps just by dragging it over the Droid4X screen.

In terms of performance, it offers very smooth and fast experience. We can play almost all games and use applications which we could play on Android smart phone or tablet. If you have a Droid4X Android Emulator on your PC, you’ll no longer needed a powerful Android device to play heavy games!

Apart from all, for game loving people, it comes with extra gaming controllability that enriches entire fun. You can use your Android device as a controller to play games such as Racing games etc.,

If you are an ordinary user, then we highly recommend you to go with Droid4X Android emulator as it is very less complicated and one of them most complete as well.

→Download Droid4X Android Emulator from here.

2# Andy

Seamless Experience!

Andy is another contender in our list of the top Android Emulator that comes very handy and completely free to download and use. Just like Droid4X, it allows user to use their Android device as controller and install applications and games directly from their desktop through drag and drop features.

For superior performance, it is required that your computer must have a good amount of RAM, it should be a minimum of 3 GB as Andy could be using around 1GB or more while running itself.

Also, it comes with 1ClickSync Application that allows to sync all the applications installed on the Android device to Andy within a few minutes, just like replicating them. That is a great feature and makes it better than all!

→Download Andy Android Emulator from here.

Also see:

3# Genymotion

Developer’s friendly!

If you are an Android developer then you should go for Genymotion. Basically, this Android Emulator has been designed for developers to test their projects and improve them.

It is very simple to integrate into testing and analyzing process and it’s compatible with all versions of Android SDK tools.

However, if you an ordinary user then you can use it too. For personal use, it comes completely free for running Android apps and games on it. And requirements to use it is less as compare to Andy, you’ll need at least 2GB RAM, 400 MB free space on your hard drive and Virtualization Technology capable CPU, most of the Intel and AMD processor offer this feature.

Available for:

  • Windows, MAC and Linux

→Download Genymotion Android Emulator from here.

4# BlueStacks

Most Complete!

A most common and popular Emulator available for Android users. Just install it on your Windows-based PC or MAC to get started with countless apps and games. The entire user interface is quite simple, you’ll just need to download the application and install it on your PC. Open the application, setup with your Google Account to get access to Google Play store.

There, you would be able to install apps and games. With great compatibility of apps and games, you could use most of Android apps and games. It comes with multitouch support works great on touch-screen laptops, sync between mobile and BlueStacks, double-click on the APK app to open it from the desktop, sensor support and much more.

Despite the fact that it is the most popular Android Emulator, personally I would rather go with Andy or Droid4X emulator. It is my personal view, you could still consider it as closest contender.

→Download BlueStacks Android Emulator from : bluestacks-app-player.com/pc/5-bluestacks-for-windows-10.html


Simplicity that works!

AMIDuOS is quite simple to use application that works on Windows 7, 8 and 10. Well, this application is paid, however you can try it under 30 days of free trail period. If you are looking for a paid Android emulator then, we would suggest you to look no further. The AMIDuOS would be the best choice as it offers 100% native Android running on your Windows hardware!

It supports multitouch, can connect to PC’s internal and external peripherals such as Mouse, Keyboard, Gyrometer, Compass and Orientation.  It supports Windows 7, 8 and 10 powered PCs and tablet.

→Download AMIDuOS Android Emulator from here

So it ends our list here.  I hope you guys would like our list of best free Android Emulators. Don’t forget to share your experience, we most welcome you to make comments and share this post!

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    1. Hello Gaurav,

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      The Droid 4X offers best performance in all. If you’ve been with Android emulators, I would recommend you try Droid 4X at least once and then you’ll now why it is listed on top!

      Thanks and regards!

  2. Gaurav, have you honestly used Bluestacks? The newer versions are utter garbage compared to what they used to offer. There is so much bloatware added to it that it does not deserve to be in any top 5 list.

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