7 Most Useful Root Apps for High Performance

So you have rooted your phone, then you’re probably looking for special apps that can only be used on a rooted device. No matter, whether you have a small Android phone or big size tablet, most of the root applications need very few requirements to run them and operate them correctly. Root actually opens the door to get access to the real power of the device by revoking the system permissions from the phone, so apps can access it directly. Watch below video to know about some advantages, and cons of rooting a device.

There are tons of magic root application, through which one can improve the device performance, and usability to a greater extent, and to desire level. With high performance, we have listed few apps to manage all system, and user apps very effectively to save phone storage and RAM too. Basically, using these listed apps, you can tune your phone or device to high performance, and give great productivity.

These apps, along with IaaS can be helpful to businesses. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) replaces on-premise servers using cloud-based solutions, reducing labor force and capital. Root and IaaS reduce physical hardware equipment and technical support requirements.

Even though, the root tradition has declined in past years. Still rooting helps to get most of our smartphones. Basically, it opens a door to tons of opportunities. Through you can manage your phone smartly. Make it better in all aspects. You have access to the core-functionalities and turn them all in your favor. Most importantly, rooting helps a lot when it comes to customization and performance tweaks. In order to implement performance tweaks, you must have some extraordinary permissions like root access. And once you obtain this, you can do a lot more with your phone. So let’s start the list:

The Best Root Apps for High Performance

1# Link2SD

One of the most powerful applications for root users. It allows you to manage the system, and user apps very conveniently. You can easily move installed apps from the phone’s memory to external storage, and vice verse.

It also allows to freeze, remove, and add system application to save internal storage, and free your RAM.

Apart, you can turn SD into internal memory through this app. To do it, follow the guide → How to Increase Internal Memory of Phone using Link2SD

2# No-frills CPU Control

It’s time to configure the performance of the device. This small application allows the user to take control of CPU of the device manually.

That means you can own set the speed of CPU through selecting different clock frequencies. Also one can set the available governors. →For high performance, and stability, we recommend to set the “Max CPU frequency” to highest value available there, and under “Available governors” select the “performance”.

Check the “Set on boot” box, the application. Instantly you’ll see a boot in your device performance, it will be visible in all aspect.

3# Titanium Backup Pro

This app is listed on our list just because of one reason or simply it’s one feature. The feature I’m talking about is back up. The app allows to →backup apps and game with their respective data.

No other root app is available which can do the same with high surety to restore them completely. So that means, once you back up the game, after restoring it you’ll be at the same stage or level where you left it before.

For non-root user, visit our backup guide to back up apps, and game with their data.

4# AdBlock Plus

Another powerful, and most recommended apps. Who one likes to be served with while playing games, and using apps.

This application will prevent all the installed apps, and game to show any kind of advertisements or promotional offers.

So, get it installed to have Ads free experience even when you’re playing ad-supported apps or game.

5# SuperUser SU

Usually, this app is already installed on most of the Rooted device. If you haven’t installed it then you must install it first because this app gives permissions, and privileges to installed root apps, so they can execute further.

Otherwise, apps which require root to run, won’t be running anymore.  This app must be on top of the list.

6# Chainfire3D

Here comes the Ace of the pack. This app is designed and dedicated to people who love to play lots of games on their handset, but their wishes been restricted by the device capabilities. This app sits between game, and graphics driver, and improve the compatibility to a greater extent through changing commands between two.

To some extent, you can control the game textures, graphics detail, and other parameters to improve the gaming experience and remove the lags.

7# Seeder

Most of the Android users are not aware of this apps. This single app can significantly improve the stability, and smoothness of the device to a good extent. It makes apps switching very smooth, the overall User interface will be lag free, and you can own feel it. This is a paid app but worth all the money.

Remember, this application does not improve the performance but instead make it very smooth, and stable.

Possible Tweaks With A Rooted Device

Here are the possible tweaks you can do with your rooted Android smartphone for maximum customization:

  • Change Your Phone’s IMEI Number After Rooting: Every mobile device has an IMEI number set by the manufacturer, acting as its identity to enable its cellular network to recognize the device. A rooted mobile phone allows you to change the IMEI number of your phone temporarily. It’s a cool tweak to reap bonuses from recharge apps.
  • Send SMS To Remotely Turn Off Your Android Device: Another cool tweak you can do with a rooted device is remotely turning off your smartphone. This step can be done by sending a text message that bears the secret code to the configured device. 
  • Block YouTube Ads After Rooting: It’s annoying to encounter ads in YouTube videos. You can use your rooted smartphone to get rid of irritating ads. In this way, you can watch your favorite YouTube videos using an adblocker module to block advertisements without affecting the host files and causing conflicts. 
  • Increase Your Phone’s RAM: Smartphones with higher random-access memory or RAM always provide the best performance. However, higher RAM phones are more expensive than lower RAM phones. But you don’t have to spend more money on extra RAM because you can root your phone to increase its storage.
  • Change Your Phone’s Serial Number: The serial number of your phone identifies your mobile device in the network, set default by the phone manufacturer. With a rooted Android phone, it is possible to change this number.


You have just learned the most useful root apps for high performance. It ends this of some useful root applications. If you have your favorite app, then let us know. Use them wisely to improve, and enhance the usability of a phone, and for high performance too.

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  1. Great post, thnx! My 2yo Kitkat feels like new again! Besides cleaning my phone, uninstalling unused apps and freezing unused bloatware, no-frills and Seeder apps made my day! I use Rom-toolbox instead of Link2sd, and I was already using adblock plus and SuperSU. Chainfire I don’t need since I’m not a gamer. I just wanted my old phone to feel like new again.

  2. when I installed chainfire 3d and opened that app and installing plugins then my phone switched off and stuck on bootloop… now what can I do???. plzzz replay sorry for bad english..

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