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It has been just few months since LG F60 lunched in market and since then, it has been good choice for people looking to purchase a decent smartphone under a mid-budget segment. There might be many circumstances when your device can be bricked or its OS gets damaged and it starts behaving unnaturally. In this tutorial, we’ll let you know how you can deal with your bricked LG F60 to make it work just like before.

In this guide, we’ve listed two methods, in case your device is behaving different, working slow, or apps are crashing, you can simply go for factory reset. Or in case your device has been bricked hard, then you can flash the stock firmware to restore it its stock state. Both the methods are completely safe and there is no bug, or issue with then. You just need to make sure that to follow the guide exactly as mentioned.

If you just bricked your LG F60, then you’ve come to right place, we’ll help you to unbrick your LG F60 in few minutes. We recommend you to first read all the steps very carefully and then only perform on your device. Or if you are completely new to these, we recommend to you take help from your friend to perform this or go to service centre.

Before going any further, read all the pre-requisites listed below very carefully and prepare your device accordingly.

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  • This guide and firmware is only for LG F60 and meant nothing for any other device. Make sure to double-check your device’s model number before performing.
  • Please note that the procedure will remove all files under the device memory such as installed apps, downloaded files, music files, etc., we recommend you to back up all the files to safe place, follow our →Android Back up guide.
  • You need a windows-based PC / laptop to perform this task and make sure to install proper driver of your device to your PC / Laptop.


→Get the official stock firmware for your LG F60 model from →here choose best suites for you based on model and country.

→ Get the B2CAppSetup.exe file from here, and install it on your PC. Basically it is a LG Mobile Support Tool.

→ Get the Flashing Tool from here (FlashTool.1.0.54.zip). Extract the file to your PC, under it you’ll get a file named “UpTestEX.exe“, remember it.

Soft Reset LG F60

In case your device facing few problems such as low performance, unnecessary lags and crashes, you might want to factory reset to restore all settings to default, this method works good in case you are facing above mentioned reasons.

To perform soft reset, please follow the below steps:

  1. Turn off the device and wait at least 5 seconds.
  2. Now boot into recovery, press and hold power and volume down keys on your phone until LG logo appears and only release power key, keep pressing volume down button and Immediately press power again. You’ll be taken to recovery mode.
  3. Now under the recovery options, wipe data factory reset and perform it.
  4. Under advance options, select “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache” in order to clear cache.
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Soft reset is good to get your device’s performance back original. In case your problem don’t get solved, then perform the below unbrick guide, it’ll make your device completely fresh.

How to unbrick LG F60 using stock firmware

  1. Download the desire firmware on PC depending on your model number of your device.
  2. Now turn off the device, and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  3. Turn on the device into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up Key and then plug the USB cable. Connect it to PC.
  4. From extracted FlashTool.1.0.54 folder, Run the UpTestEx.exe file. A new program window will appear PC.
  5. Once you launched the program, click on the “Select Type”, then pick the 3GQCT from the list.
  6. Click on “Phone Mode”, then select the “DIAG” from the list.
  7. Under “Select Kdz file”, find and locate the downloaded firmware file.
  8. Under test with CSMG Client, click the Normal web upgrade test. Then you’ll see a new Read Phone Information test button.
  9. Now click on Upgrade Start button, a new pop-up will appear which will ask you to select country & Language.
  10. Select “Republic of Korea” as country and “English” as language to proceed.
  11. Then press “OK” to proceed to installation process. Wait until the process gets completed. Once it get done, your phone will boot up itself. Now you can unplug the device from PC.
  12. Now again, turn off the device, and turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down+Power till it gets on. This step will factory reset the device.
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Once you done with above, now your device will turn on and will get you to home screen. You successfully unbrick your LG F60 using the stock firmware. If you face any problem let us know and help you.

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