How to save Internet Data usage on Moto E, G and X

After being a Google Company, Motorola has came up with three awesome devices to boost their visibility in smartphone market again. All the three devices, Moto E (recently launched), Moto G and Moto X, worth more than their costs in aspects. After using Samsung’s devices, now just a week before, I purchased a Moto G and got pleased with it. Recently launched Moto E is already being sold all over the world with huge demands and in huge quantity. On Flipkart, most of the time the handset is served as ‘out of stock’ due to huge demands.

There is no doubt about its sales and popularity, even small brands such as Karbonn and Lava etc., could not offers such kind of quality, specifications and features. Also, Moto E comes with latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system  which allows to have best in class user experience and many unique features too (Watch all unique features over here). Now a days, without an internet smartphones are just like those old ones. Most probably, to use apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook or to browse internet, we purchases internet data package for us. However, even if try our best to save internet data usage as possible still we might get it over soon.

As in Android based smartphones, there are several apps as Facebook, Google Services, etc., which uses internet data without letting you know and which means even if you do not use the internet yourself still data would be used. In this post, I assist you with the very useful feature of Android KitKat which simply allow us to restrict the background internet usage and leads to minimal usage.

So basically, you’ll see the difference your own after enabling this feature. The Moto E is already blessed with Android 4.4.2 KitKat operating system, so you enjoy this feature on it. To enable it please follow below steps:

  1. From Menu, select →Settings.
  2. Under settings, look for “Data usage” under Wireless & Networks and tap on it.
  3. Then click on Top right more menu and look for Restrict background data check box.
  4. Check the  Restrict background data check box and select “yes” on next screen to confirm the section.

So following above steps will tune your Moto E to use less internet data as possible which is very useful in many turns such it saves you little bucks and prolong your internet data too.

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  1. sir mobile phone moto-e take more data usage in apps, android operating system usage very high data please give suggession for improvement.

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