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There are simply many benefits of having Android App published on Google Playstore [also know as Android Market]. As Android is open source project, any one having good programming skills can come up with their own Android apps and can grab attention for millions for users around world.  And most important, it’s much easier to get your Android applications published on Google’s Android market than those for other platforms that are competitive to Android such as iOS.

Here we have a very quick tutorial that will help you to publish your first Android app on Google Playstore and I’ll help you to grab quick attention of lot of Android users towards your Android apps too. If you see on Google Playstore, you’ll find that many individuals are putting their very best and getting lot of appreciation and actually it is quite easy to get started and Google allows listing with very less one time charge of $25.

Let’s get started with the procedure and publish your first Android app on Google’s Android Market.

How to Upload an Android App to Google Playstore

  1. You need a Gmail account. If you don’t have, create one for you using link: →https://mail.google.com/
  2. Go to →https://market.android.com/publish/home to register yourself to publish Android App on Google Playstore.
  3. It takes $25 to register. As a registered member, you can upload unlimited apps (free and paid) in Android market and there is restriction or any other terms further.
  4. After the payment, you can login to the developer console.
  5. Click “Upload Application
  6. Click “Choose File” and select the recompiled (YourAndroidApp.apk).apk file. Now click upload.
  7. It will take few minutes to upload the file. If there is any error, Android will tell you that there’s an error. (You can test upload the original .apk file generated from App Inventor, you’ll get an error)
  8. Click “Save
  9. Fill up all the necessary details.
  10. Activate .apk file.
  11. Click “Publish
  12. Your app will be live in Android market within 12 hours. (Most of the time, it took 4/5 hours for me to publish an app. It may take more or less time)
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Congratulations! You’ve just published an Android app by yourself and it will be live within 12 hours, most of the time they get published within few hours.

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