Top 5 Android Lollipop Roms for OnePlus One

Since launched in mobile market, OnePlus One has always been quite popular as in mid-budget segment, offers all the premium features high-priced smartphones. It was the first handset from One, a china based smartphones manufacture and it becomes so popular so it becomes their flagship device as well. If you’re looking for a custom Rom for OnePlus One, we have this list to share with you.

In this list, we have listed some of best Android Lollipop Roms for OnePlus One based on their features, performance, real users experiences and most importantly their stability. All Roms are tested well and appreciated by users, so there is no need to worry to install them, they all are completely safe to install and good enough for daily usage.

So lets straight head to our list of custom Roms for OnePlus One with first Rom,

1# ParanoidAndroid Rom

This Rom is based on latest Android 5.0.2 firmware, this is a perfect mix of features, performance and most importantly, it is very stable. Experience the fun of Android Lollipop with this Rom, it comes with many unique apps and features, one can customize the device in completely own way, and with Pie App, it would be great to access all the apps and options, with a single swipe.

ParanoidAndroid Rom features
  • Very stable, rich with unique features and applications, such as PIE, PEEK, ect.
  • It comes with ThemeEngine, which allows to customize the device in almost all possible way.
  • Regular updates, including bug fixes, improvements and add-ons.
  • Many more features.

To read more about this Rom and to install it, please visit here.

2# PAC Rom

Its one of my favourite Rom, it is always been preferred if one can get best features of different Roms in a single one. PAC Rom for OnePlus one comes along with very unique and most popular features of three different Rom, Paranoid, AOSP and CyanogenMod, and additional tweaks and improvements. We highly recommend this Rom to all OnePlus One users as it stable, fast and full of features.

PAC Rom features
  • Best features of three different Roms.
  • Navigation Bar Customization
  • PAC features, PAC Console, PAC performance, OTA Updater, Changelog Viewer.
  • CyanogenMod Themes, Floating Window
  • QuickSettings customization, ProgressBar customization, Notification Drawer Customization
  • Slim Pie App, Recents, Heads up and much more.

3#LiquidSmooth Rom

Entirely based on pure Android Lollipop firmware, this Rom has been specially designed so well that it is handy as it light weight along with all-powerful features which you may get on any other Rom. As it is Nightlies, you’ll be getting regular updates for improvements and fixes. This Rom has been blessed with many tweaks for fast and smooth user interface, add-ons for customization, statusbar tweaks, lockscreen settings and much more.

LiquidSmooth Rom features
  • Based on AOSP Lollipop with regular updates.
  • Lightweight, smooth, stable and with lots of features.
  • ARM Optimized for better performance and stability.
  • Volume tweaks, Lockscreen settings, battery life improved, CM’s Privacy Guard, etc.
  • Built in superuser options with Root access options.

To read more about this Rom and to install it, please visit here.

#4 SlimLP

The Rom is entirely dedicated to all who looks for very lightweight, fast and smooth Rom. Originally originated from SlimRoms based on Android 5.0 and offers many features even it is lightweight. There is not lot to say about this Rom, just it would be enough to say about it, “less is more”!

SlimLP Rom features
  • Very lightweight, fast, stable and smooth.
  • Create custom shortcuts anywhere, where you’d like to have them.
  • Get control on Hardware keys, Navigation Ring, Navigation Bar, Lockscreen, Tiles, Notifications etc.
  • Rotation, cursor control, optional emoticions, etc. – You’ll be tapping away to your heart’s content.
  • Downloads, contact information, system app removal. – More fun than you can shake a stick at.
  • Camera Features – Trueview, Smart Capture etc., to capture best moments.

To read more about this Rom and to install it, please visit here.

#5 BlissPop

It is based on CyanogenMod 12, that means along with CM features and apps, you’ll be having many other additional features as well. In all aspects, the Rom has been tweaked so well that is gives very smoother user experience and fast performance.

BlissPop Rom features
  • Based on latest CyanogenMod Rom.
  • Personalization Options such as Status Bar settings, Quick Settings panel, Gesture Anywhere, Animations, etc.
  • Audio Enhancement with AudioFX Equalizer for better sound through both, phone speaker and headphones.
  • Device Control – Allows control of kernel settings & other device options.

To read more about this Rom and to install it, please visit here.

So this ends our list of best Roms for OnePlus One. You are most welcome to share your favourites and how much they met to your expectations.

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