Top 10 Fast and Stable Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 has been one of most popular low-budget device since it was arrived and still sold with few upgrades and newer OS version. The device is most suitable for testing and developing Custom ROM’s, mod hacks and other tweaks packages to improve performance and speed of low-end devices similar to it.  If you’re looking for list of beautiful custom ROM for Galaxy Y, then you’re on extremely right place.

It been a while I’ve purchased my new phone Moto G, before it, I was using Samsung Galaxy Y. It was very good experience with that budget phone. I’ve tried many ROMs, custom tweaks and themes and all found to be worked ultimately fine. So after trying many custom ROM on Galaxy Y, finally I have brought this list of top 10 Fast and Stable Custom ROM’s for Galaxy Y, this is filtered and well-tested list based on real experiences. I hope you guys would love this list as well.

10 Best Fast and Stable Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Y

#1. JELLYBLAST V3 for Galaxy Y

It is on top of my list because it offers most best features and customization options among all other listed ROMs. It is based on Android Jelly Bean operating system, it comes with Jelly Bean theme, live wallpapers, ICS themed file explorer, Google Chrome browser, ICS/JB keyboard and messaging apps, transparent status bar and many more options.

Apart from Jelly Bean features, it comes with many powerful features like Lucky Patcher, Super User app, CPU settings, DSP managers, root explorer and many more. What i like most about this ROM, it comes with very clear and best looking Status bar and also you can customize font size of your device. It is relatively fast, clean and stable custom ROM for Galaxy Y.

For installation guide visit here.

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# 2. Hyperion 9 GM Final Build

When listing top custom ROM’s for Galaxy Y in one place who can forget to mention Hyperion ROM, This ROM of features, including basic features such as latest SuperSu apps, pre-installed busy box, Deodexed, Zipalgined and Init.D support. Many modification has been applied like, 15 toggles on quick panel, brightness slider on status bar, included swipe to remove notification, owner profile added and powered with mega bass beats audio.

If you’re a advance user, then there are tons of advance features included like Dev tools, full CPU controls and Network unlocker. Comes with advance settings to adjust mods and hack to control and improve device performance.

For installation guide visit here.

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#3. JellyBread V4.5 Custom Rom

After JellyBlast V3 Custom ROM, I suggest you to try JellyBread V4.5 ROM on your Galaxy Y. It is based on Latest CM 7.2 Alpha 5 (PhycoGame), will all Google apps included, Integrated ICS layout which is further modified to look alike Jelly Bean, Jelly Bean styled status bar, setting shortcut at status bar, Jelly Bean Task managers, no ads, full Roboto fonts, loopy smoothness tweaks and many more.

It is RAM efficient ROM, it saves your lots of RAM memory which in favor provides good outcomes while playing games and running multiple apps. You can think of this ROM as performance tweaks package with Jelly Bean themed interface.

For installation guide visit here.

#4. Creed’s Fusion ROM v3.5

Here comes the next most popular custom Rom for Galaxy Y GT-S5360. It’s a beautifully customized ROM with tons of features to improve and adjust your device with your own needs. It comes with Creed’s Home v2.0, unto 9 home screes, completely new Touch-wiz User interface, System Themed lunar user interface with Lunar UI Icon packs, custom boot animation, transparent lock-screen and many mods.

It offers Quick panel Setting, it help to configure toggles and toggle areas. To save your RAM some of the Bloatware apps have been removed. It always been preferred that most of RAM should be allowed to be free, it improve games performance and speed up your device too.

For installation guide visit here.

#5. Dream Fusion v1

If you’re looking for extremely stable ROM, then Dream Fusion fit to your needs perfectly. This custom is based on ICS Android operating system, almost themed like ICS. It comes with many tweaks including, fast internet, 3G speed hack and many more. It comes with very beautiful Holo launcher with stock Samsung launcher.

Apart from feature, it comes with OTA updater, if any updates rolled out for Dream Fusion V1 custom Rom in future, then you can easily grab that one without flashing the complete ROM file again.

For installation guide visit here.

#6. N9 MEEGO UI ν1.0 Rom

MEEGO UI Rom is one most clean ROM which offers almost zero bugs after installing it. That means, there no risk in installing it on your Samsung Galaxy Y. It comes with MeeGo icons, boot-screen, music player, User interface, status bar, notification bar, ASOP lock screen, Merruk’s Kernels compatibility, 14 Toggles by lidroid Rom, many pre-installed fonts, and  many ad-dons apps.

What makes it fall apart from all other, it comes with very beautifully customized theme including each icons, windows and background.  MeeGo developers has leaved their sign on every possible UI. Icons very beautiful and cute, you can say it is very sweat ROM.

For installation guide visit here.

#7. Jelly Bread v5.0 (Bassed on CM 7.2)

Based on CyanogenMod 7.2 firmware, this ROM is heavily themed, almost each window is modified with new icons and visuals. It is a perfect in both aspect, speed and stability. It comes will all Google apps, new Jelly Bean Layout, switches for Wifi/Bluetooth on settings, ICS/JB styled Task switcher, Nexus 4 clock style, very smooth transition animation, pre-installed Megabass Audioboost, efficient RAM consumption, etc.

To improve speed and performance, it comes with flashed Adrenaline Engine 4.4. Which significantly increase overall performance and speed of Galaxy Y. If you’re looking for  Adrenaline Engine mod package alone then visit here.

For installation guide visit here.

#8. ICS Aura ROM

Based on Android ICS operating system, it’s an other most stable Custom ROM available for Samsung Galaxy Y. It is very lite ROM, quite small in size. It does not have any extra third-party software included in it package. As features, it comes with DSP Manager, Auto Zipaligned at every boot, init.d & Busybox support, Sqlite 3 added, removed many Bloatware apps, MiUi music player, Miui themed 10 analog clocks, ICS animation, apps, etc,.

For installation guide visit here.

#9. Hybrid ROM

Another clean, stable and fast ROM. It is based on ICS Android version which allows you to run those apps which requires ICS interface and access. Developed by XDA member, this ROM have been tested and installed by thousands of Galaxy Y users and found to be very smooth and stable.  Apart from lightness, it comes with some various tweaks which overall improve it performance and bring it as good choice.

For installation guide visit here.

#10. iOS 7 Custom Rom 

It is relatively very new Custom ROM, it offers almost same looks and feel of iOS 7. Currently it is very popular among Galaxy Y users, very beautiful in look wise, who would not prefer to have Apple’s iPhone theme on their device. It comes with iOS 7 themed User interface, iOS 7 Control Centre, almost all windows and icons are modified to give your device a complete Apple look, re sized apps, etc.

For installation guide visit here.

Here our list ends. So that’s all about our list of  best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Y. If you have tried these ROM on your device, or want to suggest us more good ROM’s to improve our list than you’re most welcome.

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  1. Thanks alot sir, helped me comparing any cusrom for my wife’s s5360. I’ve been using hyperion 9,petruk,hybrid, n now on cyanocream. So, is there any rom that based on really JB or maybe KK?
    I want to install xposed on her s5360. Thanks in advanced.

      1. thanks dude.
        then do u have advice so this gal can be installed with any apps/xposed module that not supported for gb?

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  2. i have a samsung galaxy y gt s5360 and it stucked in his brand logo samsung galaxy y young gt s5360 after i installed twrp recovery before thst it keeps what to do now? i cant able to check the statux of root nor i can connect it to my pc.nothing is working for tell me the solution.

    1. I had A similar problem so as I had all my data saved before I did the reset phone using Odin and installed the original ROM on the phone and from there I could install other ROMs

    1. Hyperion 9 Final is the best one I’ve tested. Most customizable and also the best in terms of storage management cause our Galaxy Young can’t handle much apps. It’s a bit different than the usual custom ROM you ‘ll find cause most people try to mimic newer versions of Android like Lollipop, Marshmallow or Kit Kat. Hyperion 9 seems like an android operating system written from scratch. Last but not least, of all the ROM’s I’ve tested Hyperion 9 has the smallest battery footprint. Give it a try if you like a heavy customized experience with, solid as rock performance and fluid everyday usage without hiccups.

  3. Hi, I tried some ROMs for galaxy y gt s5360 because I want to play Filmon app or accssess the web site streaming BUN none of then work, I could even install an old version of filmon app and the app even start running but I get a message cannoy play, Does anyone knows a way to run filmon streaming on this mobile?

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