How to Change DPI on Samsung Galaxy S9

Gone are the days we required root access, or third-party application intervention to customize our smartphones. If you’re having a latest flagship than you can tweak your phone with the hidden features. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to change DPI / adjust the size of on-screen content on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. There is no need of having root access, using ADB, or any sort of application. These two smart phones are blessed with many customization features. However, some settings come hidden within the operating system.

These two smartphones are capable of adjusting DPI scaling anytime you want. And importantly, change in DPI initial can impact performance of the phone dramatically. In simple terms, if we consider DPI as screen resolution, then higher values tend to use more power resources, and other aspects. If reduce down the DPI, then your phone will use less amount of processing power, and quickly renders the screen. Moreover, the lower DPI value increases the viewability, and it becomes easier to read texts displayed on the screen. Thus, customizing this aspect on your Galaxy S9 should improve the user experience.

Though, simply you’ll not the access to edit this value. In order to change the size of the screen content, or simply resolution, you must enable the Developer Options. Mostly, all manufacturers keep this panel hidden within the operating system. Out of the box, this panel offers extensive customization features. If you’re anything serious about performance, and tweaks, you must use this panel. The Developer Options is created to be used by developers. It helps them to test, and developer applications with ease. If used in the correct manner, these options can be very helpful for an ordinary user like us.

Therefor, we recommend you learn more about panel before you do start using it. Since it has extensively powerful features, using it unknowingly can impact negatively. Apart from mere adjusting the DPI scale, there is much more you can do with Developer Options. The most noteworthy thing is that, custom DPI setting won’t hurt your phone, or neither, it breaks any of the warranty terms. So, freely go ahead, and make use of custom DPI settings on Samsung Galaxy S9.

If you’d like to know how to adjust DPI settings for best user experience, then keep reading. Though, official way, the common one, we’ll certainly understand how it works. The method remains almost common among other smartphones too.

Change the DPI Settings on Samsung Galaxy S9

As we have already discussed, in order to access the DPI settings, you must enable the Developer Options first on your phone. We have already published a detailed tutorial for the same. If you’d like to know more about, and how to enable this option on your phone, follow below link:

Quick follow below steps to enable Developer Options on your phone.

Step 1. Enable Developer Options

To enable this option, open the Settings menu on your phone. Then, scroll down and tap on About phone entry. Under this hood, you get relative information about phone.

Then tap on “Software information”, and then scroll down to locate “Build Number”. Now, tap 7 times on Build Number. Each time you tap on this entry, it triggers a message about remaining taps to become a developer.

developer options galaxy s9 plus

This will activate the Developer on your phone. And you can access from Settings.

Since you’ve this option enabled, now we can proceed further, and have further customization. Must see our dedicated posts for this handset:

Step 2. Custom DPI settings

You can access the “Developer Options” anytime from Settings. Now, tap on Developer Options to open further options. Under this hood, scroll down to locate “Minimum width”.

change dpi resolution galaxy s9 plus

Now, tap on “Minimum width” entry.

Please note, sometimes we find smallest width instead of minimum width. So, don’t get confused, both are the very same things.

The default value that we found on the Samsung Galaxy S9 are 360 and 411. Either you can increase or decrease them. If you make any changes, that will impact the size of the screen content.

  • If you increase the DPI value, it will decrease the size of the content being displayed on the screen. Texts, and icons will become smaller.
  • If you decrease the value, it will increase the size of the content. The texts, and icons will become better, easier to read, and see.

The Best Settings

Well, it’s not hard to figure what satisfies you best. You just need either lower, or increase the default value. As far as you are concerned about the performance of the phone, we suggest you to lower the value. In our test, we found “340” was best when it comes to usability, and performance.

Once you set the DPI to 340, it improves the readability, and makes your phone run smoother. Since, you’ve lowered the resolution, GPU unit experiences low stress.

Or, if you wish to decrease the resolution size, just put a bigger value.

The Wrap up

That’s how you can adjust the size of the on-screen content, though adjusting the DPI scale. If you just want to adjust text size, then you can do it through display settings. If you prioritize performance, then must have your hands on the DPI scale on your phone. Moreover, you’ll be amazed to know that there about 120 bloatware apps on your phone, and disabling them would bring about 1.4 GB Free RAM. To get rid of them follow our – Disable Bloatware on Samsung Galaxy S9.

That ends our tutorial on how to adjust the DPI scale on Samsung Galaxy S9. If you’re having trouble while reading texts, locating icons, etc., you can improve it through reducing the DPI value. In this way, you can make best use of your smartphone.

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  1. the default dpi on my note 9 was set on 411… I did play with the dpi value quite abit and found the sweet spot for me 456 dpi… what I mean by sweet spot is changing the value to even 457 messed up my stock keyboard… but I now had more content on my screen even in my browser but the damn Samsung stock launcher was now messed up meaning the icons were too big for proportion with the reduced text size ( in stock settings the font size it set at the lowest size )( I like to read small , gives me tablet like feelings)…. I knew stock launcher was not the option to use in the long run with the modified dpi vale 456…so I paid for prime NOVA launcher and made a few modifications in the the nova settings changing the app drawer grid to 6 horizontal and 8 icons in vertical orientation … and OMG I love it soo much now… so my suggestion to anyone reading and trying to experiment is, go ahead and install the nova launcher with it is the best to go with it.. is my email id feel free to talk.. peace out enjoy ur beautiful note9

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