How to Speed Up Moto G most easily! No Root Required

Here we have a small but effective trick to speed up Moto G, improve it’s over all performance without even rooting. Well it’s been more than a year since I’ve been doing good with my Moto G, I’ve rooted it very long ago and dragged the entire user experience to my own necessity. However, if we really want to customize the handset in almost all aspects and improve the performance to very high extent, simply we need superuser access on it, or in simple terms, we require root.

No matter whether you’ve rooted or not, still there are several ways through which one can easily achieve good performance. The trick mentioned here works for Moto G and all other handset running on Android Lollipop users and of course you don’t need to root it.

This trick works with User interface, it reduces numbers of visuals, which greatly outcomes improved performance while using this handset, switching apps, opening apps, closing apps etc.

We are going to use options which falls under developers options. That means, first you must enable the Developers option on your handset. To do that, follow the below guide:

  1. Click “Menu” on phone.
  2. Tap on “Settings”
  3. Under Settings head to “About” option and Tap on it.
  4. Look for “Build Number” and Tap on it 7 times.
  5. Then a message will appear saying that you are now developer or something like that.

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First part is completed now! You’ve successfully enable the Developers options on your Moto G. Now let’s move to second part of this tutorial.

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From now you are developer and you can do lot more with it!

How to Improve Performance of Moto G

Follow the below steps to complete the second part of this tutorial.

  • Click “Menu” on phone.
  • Tap on “Settings”
  • Under Setting top on “Developers Options”
  • Under it, scroll down to look for “Windows Animation Scale”, “Transition Animation scale” and “Animator duration scale”.
  • And Set 0.5 value to each of them, also you can follow the below images.Improve performance of Moto G

⇒ Update [24-07-2015] – If you see that Animation is very quick, it turning down the looks, set the value of Animator duration scale to 1.

Now restart your handset and see the change. You’ll notice that now user interface is bit smoother than before.

You know what? You can also play→ PSP Games such as God Of War on your Moto G as well. Visit our PPSSPP Settings Guide to know more.

Few more tips to improve performance of Moto G

Another best idea to improve performance bit more is to disable all unnecessary apps such Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Motorola Migration service, or any app that you think that is unnecessary and taking amount from your RAM.

Without root, it would not possible to uninstall them permanently, however we can disable them easily, so they will still exist in your handset but won’t be running anymore. That means, they no longer be consuming your RAM and it simply outcomes to better performance.

To disable the unnecessary apps, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to settings under phone menu
  2. Under settings, select “Apps”
  3. Now under, complete list of apps will be there. Go one by one to them.
  4. Select the desire app, then click on “Disable” to disable it.
  5. Do the same rest of the apps which you think are not useful.

So that’s all about our guide on how to Improve Performance of Moto G in simplistic way. Please share your experience and views, it will help others and don’t hesitate to share our post on our social media profile if helped any way.

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