How to Enable Honor 9 Lite Developer Options/USB Debugging

This is a complete guide on how to enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on Huawei Honor 9 Lite. These two options help to make best use of our smart phones, and sometimes it becomes necessary to know about them. Most importantly, the developer options have important facilities that can be used to customize our smartphones extensively. And once you enable the Developer options on Honor 9 Lite, you would be able to proceed further USB Debugging, and other powerful features.

The Honor 9 Lite has been recently launched, and it has pretty well as specifications. In the terms of user experience, this handset is loaded with latest Android 8.0 Oreo operating system. That means, you will enjoy the goodness of latest Android firmware, features, and application. If you’re about to proceed customization, you must use the Developer Options. There many things that you can do once it is enabled on Honor 9 Lite smartphone. Though, it is intended to be used by Developers, but many of its are user-friendly, and apparently useful.

We dedicate this guide to Honor 9 Lite users who want to access USB Debugging, and Developer options. The USB Debugging is essential while we connect our phone to PC/Desktop. It helps to carry out tasks such as updating firmware, loading custom recovery, and file transfers. Again, the USB debugging plays a very important role development process. You’ll only need this option enable when you’ll update the firmware, or repair the OS using the recovery tool.

Basically, it helps the device to establish a proper connection with computers, so the user can perform certain actions. In addition to that, the developer options feature many settings that can cure performance related issues. Using the developer options on Honor 9 Lite, you can tune it work better, and perform better in most all of the aspects. Since, these options are part of the operating system, we are not breaking the manufacturer’s terms, and condition in any manner.

Even, there many other benefits of these options. The one that I must discuss it here is a custom resolution. Once you get the access to Developer Options on Honor 9 Lite , you’ll get your hands on the resolution settings. Yes, you heard it right. You can adjust the resolution (DPI, what we usually call). Now, let’s move further, and see how one can easily reach to Developer Options and USB Debugging on Honor 9 Lite.

How to Enable Developer Options on Honor 9 Lite

The method is very simple, and almost similar to all Honor smartphones. Let’s learn how to enable Developer Options on Honor 9 Lite:

1. Swipe down the notification panel, and tap on the settings icon (gear icon)

notification panel
2. Under the Settings, scroll down to locate About phone option.

Honor 9 Lite Settings

3. Tap on About phone. Now, scroll down to locate Build Number.

Honor 9 Lite About Phone

4. Tap 7 times on Build Number. This will activate the Developer Options, and it will be visible under the Settings menu:

Honor 9 Lite Developer Options

That’s it. You’ve now enabled the Developer Options on Honor 9 Lite. That makes possible to enable USB debugging, and access other hard-core settings.

Irrespective your Android version, this method remains same. If you’re using any other Honor smartphone, this method should work with as well.

Now, here is the second part of this tutorial.

How to Enable USB Debugging on Honor 9 Lite

The USB debugging comes very handy when we install/update firmware manually on Android phones. This helps to create an appropriate connection between PC, and phone.

And that is required in many other cases. So, if you’re having Honor 9 Lite, then you must know about this option, and how to enable it.

The very first part includes the Developer Options. Since we already know how to access that mode, then it becomes seamlessly easier.

Here is how to enable USB Debugging on Honor 9 Lite:

1. Open Settings and tap on Developer Options.

Honor 9 Lite Developer Options

2. Scroll down, and tap on USB Debugging option. A popup box will appear, just tap on OK.

enable USB debugging Honor 9 Lite

You’re done with this method.

So, now you can proceed with update/firmware installation process, or do a complete message. Many of the Android PC suits require this option enabled.

Also learn new ways to speed up your Honor 9 Lite using Developer options.

Make complete use of these two options. That ends our post here. Don’t forget to share your thoughts, and views about this handset, and tutorial. You are most welcome to make comments.

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