How to Easily Root Moto G 2014

Root the Android device is now somewhat common and it has many advantages over non-rooted device. Like for rooted device, there are tons of useful root apps which allows to use the device more effectively and in convenient way (theme, features, etc.) as well. Here is easy guide to root Moto G 2014, 2nd generation within in few steps without customer recovery. However your phone’s bootloader must be unlocked. Follow this link to unlock the bootloader of Moto G 2014 through official guide.

Before proceeding any further, we’d like to inform you that rooting your device will lead you to lose the warranty service as it void it, however, you can un-root the device anytime to get it back. Read all the per-requisites to prepare your device for root. Make sure that you phone’s bootloader is unlocked, as without it, the method won’t work and please know, unlocking bootloader won’t void the warranty in any terms.

Make sure that you have a windows based PC and USB cable to attach your device. Also, make sure you’ve installed the proper drivers of Moto G 2014, so PC can defect it properly.  Get the drivers from -> here. Charge your phone to good extent, so it won’t die while root process is going on.


  • Download the Fastboot root tools .zip file from -> here and extract it to your PC, anywhere you’d like to extract it. Under the extracted folder, you’ll get, file named “Runme.bat” – remember that file.
  • Download the latest SuperSu from -> here to grant the root access and put this file to your phone’s memory.

How to Root Moto G 2014

  1. First connect your device to your PC using the USB cable, make sure you’ve proper drivers installed on it.
  2. Now from the extracted Root Kit folder, look for “Run Me.bat” file and run this file and CMD command prompt will appear on PC.
  3. Type following: “adb reboot bootloader”, now your device will reboot automatically to bootloader mode.
  4. Type following: “fastboot boot TWRP-recovery.img”, to boot into the temporary custom recovery mode.
  5. Now, under the recovery mode, press Install and locate the downloaded SuperSU file “”, install the file.
  6. Once install successfully, reboot your device, detach  your device from PC.

See what, you’ve successfully rooted your device. Now enjoy you rooted Moto G 2014. Visit our list of best root applications for better utilization and customization of device.

Also have a look on our attractive titles for Moto G. In case you have any trouble, please share it with us and we’ll definitely try to help you out.

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  1. Simply obtaining the bootloader unlock key WILL void the warranty. Please read the actual “fine print” legal terms and you will see language such as: “Once you get the unlock code, you are on your own.”. That is, getting the code (even if you don’t actually unlock the bootloader with it) voids your warranty and support from Motorola. Re-locking the bootloader does nothing in terms of warranty.

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