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PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android Do you know that we can play Sony’s PlayStation Portable’s (which also known as PSP) games on our Android and iOS powered devices? Well it is right we can play most of them on our current smartphones. And it doesn’t matter on which operating system you are working, you can play them on your Android, iPhone, Windows, Linux, etc., operating systems.

How it works? Thanks to → PPSSPP.ORG team, who brought PPSSPP Emulator to us and which makes it possible. Currently, PPSSPP Emulator is most complete PSP emulator that supports most of Sony’s console games at very playable frames.

This PSP emulator is designed  very user-friendly and works with most of the platforms. In terms of performance, it works very best over PC’s even having ordinary specifications. You could enjoy most your favorite PSP titles over it.

And when it comes to mobile device and tablet, the performance depends directly to configuration of the device and how you setup/ tune it on your device. Both the factors affect the performance.

It goes very simple, “better performance outcomes better fun and enjoyment“.

What’s on Google?

Well the performance is totally depends on power of your device and secondly how you’ve configured it. In this post help you to configure your PPSSPP Emulator for best performance. If you google “best ppspp settings“, on very first page, you’ll see following results:

best ppsspp settings - Google Search

You’ll see, the very second result is our post, we had posted this tutorial after having good research on PPSSPP Emulator and brought these settings for PPSSPP Emulator that have been proven as best and appreciated by most of the people who have use it.

We had tested these settings on Moto G and they were found to be working very best and we’re able to complete many games such God of War, Dragon Ball Z, etc., at very good frame rate.

Though these settings work best for even low-end device but with few changes to them can make more enhanced experience if you have powerful device such as Moto G Turbo Edition.

If you’ve low-end specification, then our below post will help you to tune PPSSPP Emulator in best possible manner for best out comes.

⇒ Best setting For PPSSPP Android – Highest FPS, Tested with God of War and more!

If you have really powerful devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy S5, S6, Moto G Turbo Edition, Nexus 4 or 4+, and other equivalent device, then go on reading this post as we’ll show how to tune it for best performance.

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PPSSPP Free and Gold Version

It is Free or I have to pay for it?

PPSSPP Emulator comes in two versions, one is free and another one is Gold version that enables you to play almost all games, comes with extra features and improvements.

You could download the emulator from →here. or get it directly from Google playstore from →here.

Free and Gold version, both offer almost same performance but Gold version supports more games and good for developers as well.

How to Setup PPSSPP Emulator for Optimum Performance

Here’s the mail part of this tutorial. Setting PPSSPP for best performance is not a rocket science neither it is simple. If you do you own, it will take good time of your’s to configure it.

DIY – You’ll need to follow Trial and error method to make best setting on you own and we highly recommend that as we it might possible that those settings would work even better from these.

After putting our settings, you could expect very playable performance. Games such as God of War could be played very easily and enjoyed as well.

These setting were tested on Moto G Turbo Edition and we played God of War: Ghost of Sparta and game was running at very playable (oh! sorry I mean very enjoyable)  frame rate and we expect the same for you as well.

Let’s start with the process, install the PPSSPP Emulator on your device, Android, iOS or PC, whichever you have and follow the below steps to configure it for best performance.

Since iPhones come with high-end hardware that offers stunning performance, you could expect good  performance on iOS devices. iPhone 5 S, 6 and 6S would be best of them!

Note: While testing and making these settings, we were on PPSSPP Emulator v1.2.2 (the latest one).

Let’s do it!

Launch the PPSSPP Emulator application on your device. And tap on settings and you’ll first encounter with ‘Graphics’ settings.

Let’s configure it first as it plays most important role and puts major impact on performance.

Let’s configure it first as it plays most important role and puts major impact on performance.

1. Rendering mode

If you’re having power device such as Moto G Turbo Edition or equivalent or even up, then select ‘Buffered rendering” or if you’re on low-end Android device then select “Skip buffer effect (non-buffered, faster) mode.

Keep Frame skipping off as it won’t help you to get good FPS.  Make sure to file your screen as below mentioned settings:Screenshot_20160411-204423

2. Under Postprocessing shader we selected ‘FXAA Antialiasing‘. It slightly improves performance. However for better game-play you could use Bloom as well (must try). Another thing you must keep is Rendering resolution, keep it minimal for highest frames.

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If you use great device such iPhone 5S or above, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6 or even Galaxy S7 then you could try higher resolution, 2X or 3X for better display but it will reduce the frames speed.

Keep other settings as mentioned in below image.


3. Don’g forget to check Hardware transform, Software Skining and Vertex Cache. These three features help to run games more smoothly. Keep further settings as following:


4. Anisotropic filtering, keep it off as does not make any difference in-game play. But we found that Keeping Texture filtering and Screen scaling filter to ‘Linear’ value, it makes little difference in over all game-play positively.


5. Hack Settings

Under these settings we found only Time hack works in all. Also second option “Disable alpha test (PowerVR speedup, artifacts)” works very well if you’re on PowerVR powered devices.

Since Moto G Turbo has been powered with Aderno 405, we had kept it un-checked and set Timer hack to works and it worked very well.


6. FPS counter – let other settings unchecked as mentioned in images.

For measurement, you could put FPS under Show FPS counter to check the Frame rate while playing games over it. It helps to measure the success of settings.

You could put your own settings to improve Frame rate by changing settings your own!


7. Sounds

Well for now, we keep sound off as sound keeps on cluttering all the time and it may act as issue while playing games on it.

You could own try and see if sound works for you or not, it depends on device.

So it might worth try to put check on sound and see if it works! Don’t forget to let us whether it worked for you or not! 


8. Controls

Set the control as per your requirements. For better performance, just make sure to un-check “Haptice feedback (vibration)” as below:


9. Tools.

There is another options that tremendously improve the entire performance of PPSSPP Emulator, that is  ‘Dynarec (JIT)’. Under tools – Developer tools- General, you’ll see the ‘Dynarec (JIT)’.

Make sure to keep it checked, you’ll see great improvement in all games with this little option.


10. System

Here’s comes another major part of this PSP emulator. Here we can set internal settings for PPSSPP, how should it execute and run games.

Keep checked Fast memory (unstable) and I/O on thread.

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Under I/O timing method, we kept ‘Host (bugs, less lag) and found to be working best with this handset.

But many users recommend to keep ‘Fast (lag on slow storage) for better performance. So in this case, you should try both of them and find which works best for you.

Just compare the FPS for the both settings, it is quite easy. Isn’t it?


11. General Settings.

Do not make any changes under this section. It contains very basic things which should be kept unchanged as following:


12. Cheats.

This options helps to enable cheats for games. Enable it if you might want to try cheats while playing games over this PSP emulator.


Isn’t that easy to set up PPSSPP emulator on any Android device or iOS?

Oh yeah! Finally we did it. 

Now we have set up the PPSSPP emulator and now we can play PSP games on an Android device or iOS, at best frames and performance.

Recommended PSP Games

Since you’ve already setup PPSSPP Emulator on your device, now it’s time to test games on it. We have a list of games, very popular ones and surely you’ll love’em all. Follow the below link to visit our list of hand-picked PSP games, popular titles you can play on your Android, iOS or PC using PPSSPP Emulator.

The Bottom Line

No doubt that the PSP games are/were best amongst all other gaming console and this PPSSPP emulator provides most convenient way to play these games over smartphones and tablet, even we could play them all on our PCs.

Ready to get started?

Start playing PSP games on your smartphone and don’t forget to share your feedback and setting with us. We appreciate your efforts and helps, we both make these settings better after all.

That’s all for this. Enjoy the PSP games. Don’g forget #share and #comment!

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