60+ Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and s7 edge had reached the masses this month, and has been able to impress most of us. These are very popular handsets. Samsung Galaxy S7 looks quite similar to Galaxy S6, they are almost of the same size and everything is in the same place as it was in S6. Here in this post, we’ll be sharing best apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge to get the most out of them

However, it doesn’t mean that Samsung hasn’t provided us anything new. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset processor, 12MP primary camera and 5MP secondary camera, 3000mAH battery, 5.1″ AMOLED touchscreen and much more.

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There are so many awesome apps for Android that’s that we can’t list them all in one place. So we would recommend you check all the best android apps here.

So today, we are going to discuss about some useful applications, you can use on Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge for better productivity and usability. And hope that you would like our list and we’ll be glad see your favorite one.

Best applications for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

1. Go Launcher Application

GO Launcher-Theme,WallpaperIf you want to smartly personalize your Android Screen, then you must opt for Go Launcher. Due to its highly interactive controls, it offers more enhanced performance. It provides you more than 10000 elegant theme styles you can choose from and over 15 app widgets, for your everyday requirements and mood.

Since Samsung’s devices come with TouchWiz UI with limited customization, this launcher will surely help you to customize Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in the most convenient way.

It ensures smart apps management, clears redundant operating programs which results in faster user experience.

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2. Greenify

GreenifyGreenify is a kind of Battery saving application. The app lets you put other applications in hibernation mode, preventing them to run in the background unnecessarily. This free lots of system resources and boost up your battery’s performance. Its prior versions were only available for rooted devices, but now, its latest version can be used in non-rooted devices as well.

Like Auto-Hibernation can now work in the non-rooted mode. If any application on your device is misbehaving, but you don’t want to uninstall it, then you can use Greenify to put that app into hibernation when you are not using it to stop it from bugging you or your device. Also see our list of apps that help to improve device’s performance and battery life.

3. Instagram


Instagram is a fun and easy way to share your photos, or videos with your friends. With Facebook owned Instagram, you just click a picture through your mobile and with adequate filter on Instagram, you can transform that picture into a sweet memory, a perfect picture. You get to share your picture via different services, i.e. Facebook, twitter etc.

Instagram has made sharing or uploading of pictures, a far less clumsy process, and it made it faster and more flexible for us.

Also, you can get the insta pro 2 download apk file and enjoy this modified version of Instream that offers incredible features.

4. Musixmatch – Lyrics & Music


Musixmatch is said to be as the world’s largest lyrics catalog. It was featured among the ‘The Best apps 2014 and 2015’ selection of Google Play Store. You can scan your music library and live stream playlist to retrieve lyrics via Musixmatch.

Additionally, now you can use this app with your premium Spotify account as well. You will have all the ready-made playlist from your Spotify account at your fingertips. With just a tap, you can easily find or identify a song or its lyrics from radio, TV, or any other audio source.

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 5. Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

Backgrounds HD

Background HD offered by OGQ is a background setting application. It’s a free application which offers you over 8000 images for your Homescreen. You get to choose from a huge collection of stunning wallpapers which gets updated on a daily basis.

Background HD smartly manages your home screen so you don’t have to worry about your phone’s battery or performance. You can choose from various categories like animals, buildings or cars etc, apply relevant filters and that’s it.

 6. Chromer


Chromer is a new and refreshing application that helps to manage your smart phone. The app lets you use chrome custom tabs on your phone without any requirement of app developer to manually implement it.

You must be wondering, what you are going to get from this app? With Chromer, you are using a light weight version of chrome which will be faster as it is strictly designed to load webpages quickly.

Chrome Custom Tabs give apps more control over their web experience, and make transitions between native and web content more seamless without having to resort to a WebView.

Chrome Custom Tabs also allow the developer to pre-start Chrome and pre-fetch content for faster loading.

 7. Accomplish


Accomplish is a task-manager that not only helps you remember your tasks but also assist you in graphically plan your schedule to manage your task smoothly and more efficiently. It lets you create and organize your tasks as simply as possible without much of a hotch-potch.

Accomplish is a very intuitive application, it lets you sync with your Google Calendar as well.

8. Mirrativ


Mirrativ is a relatively new application and need some improvements, but it’s surely worth a try as it got serious potential. You like to socialize dear readers? Then you can surely give a shot to this application. Mirrativ provides you platform that lets you socialize: playing games, videos, texting and much more.

With Mirrativ, you can broadcast your smart phone screen and join your friends, indulge yourself in various activities like shopping or playing games etc.

Currently, only devices with OS of Android 5.0 or later can broadcast.

 Whether you are a show-off gamer or just simply want to share your life’s experience with your friends, you can definitely use this app.

9. Google Drive suit

Google Drive suit

The Google Drive suit is a cloud storage application with lots of goodies! Google drive suits include Google sheets, Google Photos, Google docs and Google Slides. You can Edit, share, and create your files through Google Drive Suit.

You just need to upload your files once,then you can access your stored files from anywhere around the world and can also view and edit your files in offline mode. Facilitates easy sharing of files with others, you can always give a certain access level to others. You can also edit your file using some other apps and save them back to Google Drive.

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10. Evernote


Evernote is one of the best note taking apps for android you can get on these, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smart phone. It is a very simple and highly intuitive application. What you can do with this app? For starters, you can take notes-any piece of information you want to save for later. You can type, write or even record audio files  your notes.

It also lets you scan any legal documents, contracts or receipt, and that scanned copy will be completely legitimate.

You can also add tags to your notes, for proper understanding and navigation. You can also apply an adequate filter on this tag to search any notes.

Evernote lets you search in the most granular form as possible, that is, you will have many ways to search a particular note.

11. Join


Join is a latest cross-platform file sharing application. It doesn’t matter which device you are currently on, Join gets the job done. You can any message from a web browser in any of your other device,  can check your Whatsapp messages from your desktop and can also reply for the same. you can share anything that as been copied to your clipboard.

You can receive notifications on any of your device and reply to those from the notification panel as well.

12. Hermit

Hermit Android App

Are you interested in saving up space and battery on your Smartphone? Then you must give a try to Hermit. We all know that native apps eats up lots of our smartphone’s battery and space, which makes it practically slow.

Hermit replaces any resource eating application with a lite app. Just like Chromer, Hermit offers super-fast chrome customer tabs, which is popularly known as Website wrapping, which feels like an app. Also includes a free library of lite apps from where you can with which you can quickly create apps for yourself.

Hermit is a very lite application and it gives us an impression like we are using different apps for each website like Facebook, twitter etc. instead of heavy web pages.

The app also tends to increase your privacy while browsing. Hermit avoids third-party cookies, which limits your browsing tracks. Hermit is also highly customizable.

13. Chrome Beta

Chrome Beta

Chrome beta for android is an advanced form of our very own Chrome. You can use all the latest features of chrome with Chrome Beta. It offers you features like faster browsing, Google’s Voice search, saving mobile data at the time of browsing and much more. You can install this app alongside with your chrome browser for android.

Chrome Beta is a lightweight app, it won’t take much of your RAM space. It provides you more functionality as its equipped with all latest features and the best part is…it is designed for android!

 14. 360 Security – Antivirus FREE

360 Security - Antivirus FREE

The 360 Security is the world’s most popular mobile security tool. If you are looking for best Android Antivirus app for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, then this app would be best. This useful application makes your mobile device a whole lot faster, cleaner, and safer for you. It literally speeds up your device by clearing unnecessary background processes. It also extends your device’s battery life and clears all of the junk files to restore your storage space.

360 Security protects all aspects of your mobile device. It dynamically updates cloud and antivirus database in real-time, to protect your device against emerging viruses and trojan.

It also blocks any unwanted calls and messages, and protects private messages and contact lists.

15. Khan Academy

Khan Academy

Want to Join a Global Classroom, where you get to learn anything to wish for? Then Khan Academy could be the solution for you. Khan Academy offers Personalized learning, instructional subject videos, and practice exercises, to help understand and master any subject to want to learn. It covers subjects like Maths, Science, Computer Programming Language, History and much more.

Khan Academy is translating all its content into more than 36 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French version. To offer specialized and quality content, they have partnered with Institutions like The Museum of Modern Art, NASA, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT.

16. HULU

Hulu android app for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

HULU enables you to watch current and hit TV shows, classic series and famous movies. Once subscribed, you will have full access to HULU’s content library. You will receive updates regarding hottest shows or movies gets available on HULU’s library, and you can add your favorite show to your queue for instant access.

While watching on HULU, you don’t need to search every time you have resumed something you were watching before, you can resume watching from wherever you had left.

At the time of subscribing, you can choose between their non-commercial or limited commercial plans.

17. PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector Photo Editor App

PhotoDirector is a Photo Editing Application on your mobile.  It is a complete package which provides total freedom for experimenting with your photo through its various simple photo-editing tools. You can choose from various amazing photo frames, filters, text bubbles and much more.

Also one can create a collage with interesting twists. You also get to save images in Ultra HD 4k resolution.

18. ES file explorer

ES file explorer

The ES File Explorer is an all time File manager for most of the users due to its simplicity and intuitive design. It is able to open almost any kind of file and it also has other features to smartly manage your data. Millions of users are already using it, and it has been their favorite for quite sometime. Also, I would recommend this app as one of the best file manager app for Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

The ES File explorer has many advantageous features. For starters, you can cut, copy, edit, rename, share, search or hide your files on your device, very easily. Further, it has the most advances File viewer that supports almost every kind of file type that lets you view any type of file like images, texts, music and other kind of files without any issue.

Remote Management of files, is one of the recent feature of ES file explorer, which enables you to remotely manage your files.

19. Whatsapp


I don’t think, we need to discuss much about this application. Whatsapp is a free and very popular messaging app available for Android. If your mobile is connected via Internet, then you can call, message your friends or family from anywhere around the world. You can update your profile pic and set a status of yourself to stay connected with your loved ones just like Facebook. I hope you all know that Facebook had Whatsapp sometime before.

You can also send or receive multimedia files, can group chat with your friends or family. There won’t be any roaming charges or International call charges if you chatting and calling while in different a state or country.

20. VLC for Android

VLC for Android

VLC is an open-source, cross-platform multimedia plays that enable you to play almost every multimedia file, audio, video, and it also has support for network streams, you can add subtitle file.

It is a complete audio player with a whole set of database with an equalizer and filters which lets you play any kind of multimedia file exists.

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21. Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe is a very intuitive and smart tool that enables you to keep your favorite apps, tools, and contacts, always within your reach and it is basically designed for bigger smartphones, just like Samsung S7 and S7 edge with a screen size of 5.5″ and 5.1″ respectively. With Omni Swipe, all you need to do is ‘Installation & Setup’ then when you need, you can swipe it from either of the bottom ends.

You can also access it while you are playing any game or watching any video or so. All we can say about this, is that its a great tool and it surely worth a try.

22. News 360: Personalized news

News 360 News

News 360 is a highly Personalized News application. Here, you will have all the news and articles based on your chosen topics. It’s a very flexible and user-friendly application.

In simple terms, News 360 application tailors a whole newspaper with only those stories you are interested in, so you can never miss anything you want to know about. While reading a certain article, you can also make changes in the font size or on the background as well.

You can also set location from notification panel, so that you can get news specific only to that region. You can also connect your social media accounts to this app, to let it know your interest. And it gets smarter by the time passes.

23. MacroDroid – Device Automation


MacroDroid is a very powerful task automation and configuration app allow you to perform different actions. All you need is to just set different conditions on your phone and the phone will take action accordingly, which is referred as ‘Macros’ in this application.

For example, you set a condition like when your phone’s battery reaches 20%, and set action as: minimize brightness, stop unused applications, and switch to airplane mode. Then every time this condition arises, this application performs above action.

Similarly, you can also add you own condition, you can do so by choosing from a given list of triggers and select appropriate action as per your desire using MacroDroid. Interesting! Isn’t that? What do you think?

 24. KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

KineMaster – Pro Video Editor

Kinemaster is basically one of the best professional video editor for Android. It provides a range of video editing tools and functions like stickers, background music, photo addition, theme selection, and scene change. Kinemaster lets you add multiple layers of unlimited text, image, handwritten notes, and stickers in your video.

You can also instantly preview any changes as you add in your video as well. It enables you to apply and adjust color themes, brightness, contrast etc.

25.  Swiftkey Beta

Swiftkey Beta

Swiftkey Beta is one of the best Keyboard app available today. It’s a very stylish, simple, and intuitive application. The keys are perfectly spaced and gesture typing is awesome with great prediction.

You can choose your choice of keyboard from a huge list of options and can style it as per your taste and requirements. As the name suggests, you can type with a swipe with this app, just swipe from key-to-key to generate a word.

By the time SwiftKey understands your writing style, it starts to suggest next word which enables you to enter a word to a single sentence instead of writing the whole word yourself.

26. Google Now

Google Now Launcher

Google Now is one of the most revolutionary concepts introduced by Google. What you will want to know or will need to know in future, is predicted by Google Now, and it will serve you your required information in easy to read format.

Google Now has become a part of Google Launcher screen, placed on the far-left corner of the screen. All you need to say is ‘OK Google’ or ‘OK Google Now’ and it will activate.

Google Now is much more than a Siri- or Cortana-like virtual assistant. It has cards that can let you receive a lot of information and process it quickly. They show up when they’re needed, and they have very practical uses.

 27. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX
Camera ZOOM FX is an award-winning camera app for Android. It is the fastest camera, on Android which lets you capture up to 10 shots per second.
It has multiple shooting modes, you can capture selfies with customizable timer, and can create amazing collages. You can also add your ‘buddy’, any celebrity, friend or family, in your photo. You can easily adjust the size and position of your buddy.
Camera ZOOM FX comes with a powerful set of post-production tools that let you crop, rotate, add borders or create a retro look with just one click.
It has more amazing features like, Voice activated shutter, instantly share over any social networking account, full optical zoom feature and much more!

28. Galaxy Button Lights

Galaxy Button Lights

Galaxy Button Lights is a simple app that enables you to control and customize backlight on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

This app allows you to set a custom timeout for the backlight  of the captive buttons, always on when you need it, or always off, and you can always reset it to the default duration as well.

29. CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator

CamScanner is a mobile document scanning and sharing application that transform your smart phone into a digital scanner. It uses your phone camera to click an image and it handles the rest. The application helps you digitize any document, image or text you see in the real world, for example, receipt, notes, bills etc. It automatically crops your scanned images as well. You can also scan multi-page document and can also create PDF files for scan

CamScanner lets you edit, access, manage, share and sync documents anytime and anywhere you need. It also enables you to quickly search in seconds by adding notes and tags to any document for easy search.

30. AZ Camera – Manual Pro Cam

AZ Camera - Manual Pro Cam

AZ Camera is a free professional camera app for android. With this camera app, you get full manual control over your device’s camera with a simple User interface. It adds some amazing new edition tools to your inbuilt camera. You get to control focus, whiteness, zoom, shutter speed, ISO, and much more.

AZ camera with its simple UI lets you manually control your smartphone’s camera like a DSLR. It has much more to it and I would suggest that you give it a try.

 31. Snapseed


Snapseed is another photo editing tool. It enables us to control and enhance the performance of your camera with amazing photo editing tools which were available for only desktop.

You can apply filters, adjust brightness, balance white exposure and much more with Snapseed.

32. Motion Photo Sharer

Motion Photo Sharer

Motion Photo sharer enables you to save, extract and share the video portion of the motion photo or live photo captured from your Samsung Galaxy s7 and S7 Edge.

You can share that extracted video via Email, YouTube, Whatsapp or any other application or media that can accept video files.

This Motion Photo Sharer application has been exclusively built for Samsung latest sensations, Galaxy S7.

33. PushBullet

  ‘Pushbullet connects your devices, making them feel like one.’


We all wonder at some stage that it would be very convenient if all our devices can be connected together so as to make our work done more smoothly and much faster. PushBullet app enables you to connect your devices like your Smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet, to properly handle your work.

Like you can reply to your SMS on your Smartphone through your laptop while you are working. You can also see all your phone’s notifications on your other devices as well.

34. Signal

Signal Private Messenger

Are you security conscious? Then this could be THE App for you. You can send and receive private messages securely from an Android phone through Signal Private Messenger. It promises end-to-end encryption through open source protocol, which encrypts everything, including text messages, shared photos, voice calls and group conversations.

Signal is not one of the best messaging app out there but due to its security features, it can worth a shot!

35. Flud

Flud - Torrent Downloader

Flud is a simple and elegant torrent application. By far, Flud is one of the best torrent application for Android. The latest version has some amazing inclusions as well like the faster download/upload of files, no speed limits.

It supports some brilliant features, like, selective file downloading, file prioritization,  sequential downloading support. Its free version is fully functional and the premium version is available with no-ads.

36. Twitch

Twitch Android App

Twitch is basically a game streaming site, if you are a gamer, then you must probably heard about it. This app enables you to watch any live or recorded stream about each and every game available.

Twitch provides a powerful video streaming platform for gamers’ community. It lets you view what other people are playing, you can also subscribe to your favorite channels and receive notifications when they are live.

You also get full featured chat with chat-only mode even when the channel is offline.

37. Unclouded


Unclouded is a free cloud storage management that allows users to quickly view details of their multiple cloud storage account.

Users can view the complete details about space occupied in each account, and also information about space used by each file/photo/video, stored on your cloud storage accounts.

The free version of Unclouded supports maximum two cloud storage accounts at a time, but with premium version, you can have unlimited account support.

38. RetroArch


RetroArch allows you to run classic video games by emulating obsolete game consoles and handheld on modern devices.

Simply, it is presented as an all-in-one app that bundles together numerous free and open source emulator software in a single package. Get the RetroArch from here.

39. Mr. Number

Mr. Number

Mr. Number is the top amongst all the call blocker Android applications out there and works perfectly with almost every Android Smartphone out there and will be best suited for Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Mr. Number not only block phone calls, but also text messages as well.

Text messages and phone calls originating from anywhere around the globe can be blocked and you can also report such fake calls and text messages to send a warning message to other users of this application as well.

40. Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block (1)

Truecaller A very useful application, it lets you know the identity of the person who is calling you even if you’ve not their numbers in your phone directory, it makes very easy to know who is calling you can and you can pick that or drop that call as per your convenience. Also, you can easily put spam or unwanted callers to block list and avoid them. To be more socialized, you could also follow them on twitter directly from this application.

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41) Tasker


Are you an innovative person? Do you like to try new and creative apps on your smart phone? If yes, then you will surely like this app. Tasker is a mobile automation android application which lets you automate your mobile instead of doing those tasks manually. It provides you enormous scope to train you phone to do itself without your own effort.

It is capable of waking you up with any random song from your collection, it can also pause your music player while you are using a certain application and can restart once you exit and lot more.

You can try it for free for a 7-Day trial period and if you like it, you can buy it at a mere price of $3.41 from Google Playstore.

42) Light Flow

Light Flow android app for Galaxy s7

Light Flow is an application that gives you the ability to control notification light on your device. It’s an app you call an ‘Android Only’ application.

It basically lets you control notification LED, sound, or vibration on your device and facilitates customization in the most granular form. Light Flow enables you to transform your device into your desired customized device.

You can get this app at a price of $2.49.

43) Tab

Tab - The simple bill splitter

Tab is a useful, innovative and unique application available for android. I am sure you must be interested to know what it actually does? It is a Bill Splitter application, Yup! You have read it correctly. Have you also felt that awkward moment when you have, you split the bill when you are out with your friends and you are unable you split that bill accurately, as you don’t want to do injustice with any of your friend, at that time, Tab is could be there for the rescue.

It lets you take a picture of your bill, and separates various items between you and your friends and do the Math. However, it’s currently available only in U.S

It is available free for you to try.

44) Hooks

Hooks - Alerts

Do you like to stay up-to-date on everything you like and interested in? Then you can try Hooks. Hooks enables you to get each and every tiny or major update for everything you are interested in. You can set to receive notifications regarding TV, movies, sports, Entertainment, events, weather, news, finance, Social Media, Games and there will be still more to it.

You can either opt to receive built-in notifications or can also create custom alerts to Hooks. And it is a free application.

45) Fing

Fing - Network Tools

Fing is a very useful android application. It enables you to find out each and every device, have access to your WIFI. Fing will present you with a list of all devices and its MAC address so you can locate which device is actually eating up your bandwidth.

You can also measure your network’s performance. Through its WakeOn LAN feature, you can remotely wake devices in your network.

46) Zailoo

Fare Estimate Uber

Zailoo is your very own ‘Rideshare Companion’. It basically compares fares and driver time from the various ride providers like Uber, Lydt, Taxi etc. once you put your pickup and drop location.

Zailoo enables you to save your few dollars and will surely come in handy anytime.

47) BlueLight Filter

BlueLight Filter

Do you like to listen to music, playing games, or simply like to stay active on the social front before napping? I hope you know that bluelight from your smart phone disrupts your sleep and you can suffer a sleep-less night because of these habits. However, you don’t have to worry about that now as you have a BlueLight Filter.

This app simply adjusts the colors of your smartphone to reduce BlueLight so that your eyes can relax, and it minimizes side-effects of BlueLight.

48) Opera Max

Opera Max

I always feel concerned about my data package, and try to utilize it as smartly as possible, but it always runs out in a swift. I am sure you must also feel this way. Now, we have a solution. Opera Max is a data management and data saving android app that shrinks down the size of your audio and video file irrespective of application you are using on your mobile data or WiFi.

You can have complete control over data usage by your apps can can also restrict some apps to have access to the internet while you are on mobile data. You can watch more videos on YouTube and NetFlix, secure your privacy and much more.

49) WifiMapper

WifiMapper free wifi finding app

Would you be interested in tracking down free wi-fi around you? You can do so using Wifimapper. It has the world’s largest wifi database alongwith 500 million WiFi networks worldwide.

You can save up roaming charges by finding free hotspots in every major city in the world. It also shows you the reliability status of various internet connection it will display, so get to choose smartly as well.

50) Imgur


Imgur is a fun collection of millions of images on the internet and is often described as the world’s greatest procrastination tool. All those images are shared by various people from around the world.

You can also share your images through Imgur as well. You can get entertained, inspired, through these images and stories.

51) Bard

Bard Android app

Bard is a very →useful application for your android phone. This application provides access to a huge collection of talking books, magazines etc which gets updated on daily basis.

This app is provided by the Library of Congress. This is quite an amazing app as our senior citizens or blind people can make use of this application. However, anyone can use this application,  as its an interesting concept.

For using Bard, you must be registered with a Braille in the library network of cooperating libraries. Once you are registered, you can sign up for your Bard account and after that you will receive your username and password. It is accessible for the citizens of United States, and its territories, and can also be used by American citizens living abroad.

52) DarkOps

Darkops AMOLED Wallpapers Galaxy S7

We all know that Dark wallpapers are very helpful in saving up your android device’s battery by up-to 15%. And Dark wallpapers also looks beautiful and elegant as well. DarkOps helps you with a collection of some amazing Dark themed wallpapers. Since, Samsung Galaxy S7, and S7 Edge comes with bright AMOLED screen, these wallpapers will make it more useful.

You won’t need to look for dark themed wallpapers one by one, with DarkOps, there are lots of wallpapers available, which you can choose from various categories available with this.

The wallpaper will easily adjust with your phone’s home screen, and it also supports landscape mode. With available list of wallpapers, you can make your very own list of favorite wallpapers and can change it on your phone as per your taste.

53) CornerFly

CornerFly is a very interesting application for your phone that will much better use of your mobile’s screen. Even when our phone has rounded corners, our display screen itself has squared corner, and to make your home screen much more sleeker and smooth look by making its edges rounder. With rounder edges, your screen feels more intuitive and beautiful.

CornerFly offers you various customization and you can configure it according to each application as per your choice.

54) SmartKit 360

SmartKit 360

This app is an all-in one application for your phone. You can replace SmartKit 360 application with almost 30 apps you generally use on your phone. That results in saving up lots of space on your phone and makes it convenient for you by making your phone more manageable.

SmartKit 360 replaces some commonly used apps on your phone like translator, calculator, Music finder, map, magnifier, ringtone maker and many more apps.

Using this app, you can create shortcuts of various tools, SmartKit replaces for you. You can arrange your tools in different categories that will make it easier for you to find it when required.

55). BlueMail

Blue Mail - Email Mailbox.

If you’ve been bored with Gmail App or default one then this would be ideal for you. Blue Mail is a very useful and quite simple application to manage all your Email accounts from your different devices.

You can manage unlimited number of your Email accounts. It allows you to set up a people-centric mailbox, that enables you to get notified when you receive any Email from that person on any of your Email account.

You can also organize your mailbox into groups, or services, and facilitates clustered productivity. And its unified user interface is simple, user-friendly and easy on the eyes with sender’s images or icons for enhanced attachment

Blue Mail also provides you with various configurations to perfectly manage your Email accounts. Therefore, that application itself become very productive, and →one must-have apps for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

56). ComiXology Comics

ComiXology Comics

ComiXology Comics is an Amazon.com subsidiary cloud based application that provides you tons of comic series available in the world for you to read. You can get comics launched by thousands of publishers and independent writers or creators as well.

You can look for your desired comics by comic character’s name, its creator, or publisher. Once subscribed, you can read your saved comics in offline mode as well. This app provides you with an amazing cinematic experience that increases your interest while reading your favorite comics.

57. Blackmart


Blackmart is one of the best unofficial application stores for Android users. It provides pro versions of paid applications absolutely free. You can find all the applications on blackmart which are not readily available on the official application stores.

This application store has 300,000+ applications as well games totally free. And these applications additionally get all the updates. However, various other stores which provide paid apps free of charge doesn’t offer updates of the applications.

But on blackmart you will certainly get the updates of your favourite applications and games, so you can enjoy the most up to date versions.

58. Curiosity


The Curiosity is something with which you can gain a lot of knowledge about topics that interests you. And this app helps you with those curious cravings. You can explore a new world with information and content related to the topics of your interests.

You can go through various short articles based on your favorite topics. This app also enables you to watch various videos with essential and quality content, and you can also react to the available content using this application. It also allows you to share your saved content with your friends and family.

59. Endless Alphabet


An Endless alphabet is an educational application for kids. This app helps kids to learn something new, in a very fun and interactive manner. Your children gets to learn with the help of some adorable endless monsters. There are thousands of delightful puzzles and animations that keeps your child interest in mind, and made their first learning experience as fun as possible.

This app not only educate your child about 100s of new words but also let giv,es them an idea about that words usage in daily life. This helps in making children more interactive. Endless alphabet has been designed for your child between 2-6 years, and they can operate this application themselves without your continuous guidance. Sweet, Simple, Fun!

60. Sling


Its always hectic to assign responsibilities and schedule to our employees, as it require lots of organization. But Sling is an application that helps you with this task and makes it a lot easier for you to organize, distribute responsibilities and communicate with your employees.

This app allows you to create schedules, manage break time, handle unexpected leaves, manage slot availability and much more you can handle with this app. Using this application, each one of your employee will be well-informed, and you will be stress-free.

You can work with Sling, from anywhere and from any of your device, as it is available for android, iOS, and web. This app is both effective for small scale individual business as well as for large-scale organizations.

61. Google Keep


The Google Keeps application helps to keep your thoughts into it, and reminds you of it time to time. Do you come with ideas or beautiful thoughts, and want them to bring them in reality. Then you should have Google Keep in your smartphone.

You can save notes, texts, images, and lists on Google Keep. It reminds you of saves notes, so you can manage them, and don’t forget them.

That’s all readers! It ends our list of the best applications for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones. Please share your suggestions with us about any other application you find useful and compatible with this handset.

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  1. All Google package: Google+, Gmail, Inbox but they are default:)
    For sure Shazam, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype.I use MyAudioStream as a music player MyAudioStream Pro – Android Apps on Google Play It plays FLAC and stream any other popular format to Media Player like TCs, AV receivers, wireless speakers etc.
    Bubble UPnP for media streaming BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast – Android Apps on Google Play to stream with Chromecast
    ArkMC ArkMC UPNP Media Center – Android Apps on Google Play playback and stream without conversion any format directly.
    And a lot more Social Media Networks apps like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.
    Recommend them to try!

    1. Hello Den,

      Thank you so much for sharing your recommendations with us! We appreciate your efforts!

  2. Swipe up from the home button. Or, select the Samsung Pay app icon from your home screen or app tray.

    1. These were great for its time; expensive but worth it… ruggeds were rare back then: by the way! Have you seen the agm line ? They remember me this one: but since they are way cheaper the first time that my agm a8 fell down from my pocket i almost got a heartatack … but it survived without a scratch :) and now i am looking for the way to got myself a x1 18k gold edition

  3. Great model! But a a little overpriced this days ; even for a rugged! I have seen some AGM models around with a better PPR: now the x1 18k gold edition have been released! … i have such fond memories of this phone, tho … it started my passion for rugged phones :)

  4. Therese apps are really amazing but i think there should be one more app called 5DSMS i just explored that from play store looks really awesome its totally different kinda texting app have a look http://www.fivedsms.com

  5. Great! I like to install these apps. These apps are really interesting. I am already using these.

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