Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Device

Many of only buy the Android devices to fully make use out our smartphones or we root our device after purchasing it. By that, I mean rooting the device and making use of it at the full potential. To do so, you need a couple of good applications by which you can achieve your goal. The following article suggests Top 5 Apps for Rooted Android Devices.

Especially, if you’re having a rooted phone, then you’ll have access to tons of opportunities to improve the user experience, and certainly, the perform of the phone. Well, it doesn’t that much tough root the phone either. If you’ve not rooted your phone, we suggest you to read our detailed guide about rooting, and then only proceed further. You’ll learn many important aspects of rooting, how it can be beneficial, and cons. Now, lets begin with the list. The first of our favorite apps for rooted android is:

1# Titanium Backup (#1 App for rooted device)

This is one of our favorite and a MUST HAVE for all the rooted smart phone users. Why? Because it can simply save your apps and their data locally or on a dropbox, drive etc. Each version has been getting more stable and providing more access to the user.

With that, the application also comes with some decent mods like clearing the dalvik cache and a lot of other cool options which you will need. Surely, making this to top the recommended Apps for rooted android devices.

| Titanium Backup ★ root (Play Store)

2# SuperSu

A simple function of this app; it simply grants the root rights to any apps which require it. Earlier, manual rights were provided. It was time-consuming and difficult for the entry-level users. To counter that, we now have not one but three apps. One which I have mentioned and the other two are SUPERUSER and SUPERUSER (CWM) This is basically a necessity for Apps for Rooted Android Devices!

| SuperSU (Play Store)

3# BusyBox

Like SuperSU and similar apps grant Root Access to the apps. BusyBox works in a similar way. However, BusyBox helps the already rooted apps to achieve even more specific and advanced tasks. It has a good interface, and can also help you with Linux/Unix based commands as well. Because it allows so much to be done, many apps want you to install it for greater functionality.

| BusyBox (Play Store)

4# Greenify

The fifth of our recommended apps for rooted android is Greenify. You must be aware of the fact that once you install a good number of applications on your smart phone. They run in the background and keep on using the resources of your smart phone. This app takes a note of all those apps which are not regularly used. And in a similar way, like you do it on your desktop PC.

The app puts those applications to the hibernation mode. You will definitely notice that the speed of your smart phone has increased. The good point is that you don’t have to manually de-hibernate the applications. Just go to the app drawer and run the app which you feel like running.

| Greenify (Play Store)

5# SCR Screen Recorder Free

As the name suggests, the SCR Screen Recorder lets you to record whatever you’re doing on the screen. It has some configurations to set the quality of the recorded video. The free version allows recording up to 3 minutes; whereas you can get the paid version for $4.99 only.

SCR Screen Recorder Free (Official Site)

So these were all of the five recommended apps for rooted android devices. We are sure if you are an old user of rooted mobile phones, you might have a different preference. You may also want to include Root Explorer, Adaway and other applications which help in countless means.

Simply search for anything wild which comes to your mind, and I’m sure you will get to something related. So what are your set of favorite recommended apps for rooted android devices? Let us know in the comments section. We appreciate any feedback and will try our best to add them up in the article!

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