5 Best gadgets to gift this New year

New year is round the corner and as we decide on the gifts for our loved ones, here is our list of cool android gadgets which made their mark in this year and will become the in-thing in 2016.

We have arranged these devices in the order of their prices. You can pick according to your budget

1. Selfie Stick

Price:~ INR 250/-  to INR 2000/-

Our facebook feeds are streaming with selfies. The upcoming trend is now “groupie” which as the name suggests is a click of the whole group. As the group size increases your hand is not long enough to cover them all. Get your selfie obsessed friend a selfie stick and he will love your choice.

I will share a detailed post about selfie sticks very soon. The best part about this gadget is that you can get them at super affordable price.

2. HDMI Streaming Dongle

Price: ~INR 1200/- to INR 3000/-

I believe this is going to be the next big thing in digital media after set top boxes. Using a HDMI streaming device you can can stream great quality Youtube content on your TV set. It connects to TV in the USB port and operate it hassle free using your smartphone. Goggle chromecast, teewe, ezcast are offering their products in this domain.

3. Fitness Band

Price: INR 1500/-to INR 11,000/-

Fitness band are one of most trendy gadgets out there in the market. They have become a fashion statement with their trendy colors. They can be coupled with our smartphone and monitor your pulse rate, heart rate, sleep patterns, pedometer etc.

Fitbit, eGizmos, GetActive are some of the many manufacturers

4. Smart watch

Price: INR 5000/- to INR 45,000/-

This segment is currently restricted to the early adopters. But very soon it will be available to general masses with major brands like  moto and Sony showing huge interest in this category. Apple iWatch are the most expensive wit the maximum price reaching close to 42K.

Although there are many low cost variants starting from as low as 2500/- but if you want to your hands on a decent model, you need to shell out little more than this.

5. eBook Reader

Price- INR 4500/- to 45000/-

If this year you resolve to read more books than you have to get eBook reader. It will inspire you to read more. Kindle Fire Basic model can be purchased on a steal price of 4500/-.

You can find if you should get an eBook reader or go for a tablet by taking a small questionnaire here

These were our opinions on what-to-buy-this-new-year. Let us know which one did you purchase in the comments section.

Besides gadgets, accessories for our modern devices also make great gifts, especially if you have a limited budget. A customized phone case is a practical option but with an added personal touch for a one-of-a-kind gift. Meanwhile, many people will appreciate a durable, lightweight laptop backpack or a leather satchel. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a great gift as long as you consider what the recipient wants and needs when choosing one.

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