The 10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

At Amazon.com, there are tons of screen protectors available Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. Finding a best among them is quite a tough task. The Screen Protector such as Tempered glass, Case Cover, etc., are very necessary accessories for such smartphones. Here in this list, we have gathered some of the best very affordable Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector. The list contains durable, feature full, and quite affordable screen protector for this smart phone.

The list is no particular order. Based on the real-buyers reviews, and comments, we have gathered these screen protectors into this list. Got yourself a Samsung Galaxy S8? Protect it through these helping screen protectors.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector

1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector by Panycase

The mentioned one is about .25 mm thick, made up of good material. This screen protector is one of most sold one, it is about $8,99. The seller promises for easy installation, with Bubble-Free Adhesives. The complete package includes one protector film, 1 dry and wet wipe, and 1 dust absorbed. Also, it comes with life time warranty.

The tempered glass has a hardness of 9H that makes it much strong, and gives it a anti-scratch ability. Which works against pointing objects.

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2. Magicmoon PREMIUM Strengthened Clear Anti-Bubble Scratch Proof Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Rather than just putting a basic screen protector like all other, the Magicmoon has some out of the box to offer. Its is premium tempered glass screen protector for this flagship killer. With tough strength, it has Anti-Bubble Scratch surface, and feels very sleek, and premium too. Also, the package comes with 2 protectors, means you don’t need to purchase them frequently.

Also it is completely case friendly, that means you can use it with case cover that you usually use. Thin enough so it does not influence with touch, and response of the screen.

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3. Klearlook Privacy Series, Galaxy S8 Plus Screen Protector [Tempered Glass] and Carbon Fiber Backside Skin Film

It protects front, and back, both sides of the phone. Under $19.99, you get privacy secure tempered glass along with beautiful backside skin film. If you really care about your privacy, this thing is just for you. As you use it, you’ll clearly see the screen while people on either side (two-way privacy) see a darken screen. That makes it completely different, and much more useful than other.

It is compatible with most of the cases. Moreover, it has 3D curved glasses that makes it more appreciable.

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4. SGIN Samsung S8 Plus Class Screen Protector, Anti-Scratch, Clear High Definition (HD) Screen Film

SGIN-Samsung-S8-Plus-Class -ProtectorIt contains two screen protectors. It promises to keep the vision completely clear, high-definition, comes with scratch less abilities. The edges are of black color, blend with the edges of phone so beautifully that it become tough to distinguish whether there is a tempered or not. Under $11.99, surely this thing work its value.

Additionally, it comes with 100% free replacement warranty from seller. If you see any issue with, the seller will replace it for completely free of charge.

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5. The Oguard 98% Coverage [Easy application] [Case Friendly] Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

The-Oguard-CoverageAnother case friendly tempered glass for  Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. This shield has been especially designed for this flagship killer. Made up of special Japanese glass that gives it enough toughness, and strength to defend the smart phone. The build quality, and material is so good that it does not influence that touch sensitivity of the smart phone.

Moreover, for $14.99, you get set of two screen shields with free replacement or full refund warranty from seller.

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6. i-Blason Full-body Rugged Clear Bumper Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8+

i-Blason-Full-body-Rugged-Clear-Bumper-CaseThe i-Blason has something even more for smart phone users. This screen protector comes with bumper case built with it. That means, not only it protects the screen, it also protect the whole body of the smart phone. This thing actually looks very beautiful. If you’ve been looking for a all-in-one protection kind of thing, this bumper case would be best for you.

To match up with your taste, there are several color variants to choose from. With Added drop-defense at each corner of case, it makes your device secure vai 360 degree protection.

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7. Clayco [Hera Series] Full-body Rugged Case with Built-in Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus

samsung-galaxy-s8-plus-Clayco-Full-body-Rugged-CaseJust like the above one, the Clayco has something same to share with us. The functionality, and features are almost same as i-Blason’s screen protector, but it looks more premium. This full-body Rugged Case comes with four different colors. However, it does not includes additional drop-defense at the corners of the case. Though, it still gives good protection at the corners.

Under $19.99, it is one of the most popular screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus.

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8. AOFU Tempered Glass 3D Touch Compatible

AOFU-Tempered-Glass-3D-Touch-CompatibleYet another option that you can go for. Being the most popular handset, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has tons of options in all aspects. Whether you search for accessories or parts, you’ll get a wide range of options. AOFU offers a tempered Glass  that is completely 3D Touch compatible, and has almost zero influence to touch sensitivity. That makes it so special. The touch quality remains almost same as the we feel without a glass.

It terms of pricing, this tempered comes pocket friendly. The current price is $8.99, and it comes with 12-Month Warranty. 

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9. YCFlying Galaxy S8 Premium Privacy [3D Curved] [Case Friendly] [Anti-Scratch] 9H Hardness Tempered Glass Film Screen Protector

YCFlying-Galaxy-S8-Premium-PrivacyAnother premium one that facilitates the additional privacy to its user. The YCFlying has been manufacturing such cases for long time. This 3D cured tempered screen has made up of a scratch resistant material that is quite tough, and looks premium. With curved edges, it protects all of the edges of Galaxy S8 Plus, and provide uninfluenced touch experience.

The privacy screen is completely visible to users while using it from the front. And it makes vision darker for people on either side of it. The manufacture offers lifetime replacement warranty, and has a decent after sale service.

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10. ArmorSuit – Galaxy S8+ Screen Protector [Case Friendly] MilitaryShield

ArmorSuit-Galaxy-S8-Screen-ProtectorA case friendly military shied, that protects the front screen effectively alongside it does not influence the vision. Since it’s a case friendly, it almost compatible with all of the case covers. This MilitaryShield has self-healing technology, that helps to recover minor scratches, and tints own itself. If you’ve been looking for real tough screen protector, this will suite perfectly.

It not either pricey as well. This shield is up for sale at $7.85. Another noteworthy thing about this screen protector is that is one of most sold protector on Amazon.com.

Get it on Amazon.com

That ends our list of best screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus here, and we hope that our readers would appreciate this list.

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