45 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

The recent launches from the Korean manufacturer, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are buzzing all around the world. Samsung has brought tremendous changes with two smartphones. Most noteworthy, their display screens, and bezel-less front. Here in this post, we share some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ to use them in the best manner. From playing games to getting your office work done, you could do a lot on your phone with such apps. Without useful applications, it doesn’t matter if you’re having one of them, or simple smartphone. Make best use of your smartphone with these applications.

Both the handsets are best in all aspects. The dual curved display just like the predecessors, Samsung Galaxy S7, and S7 Edge, yet it does not like anything that we’ve seen before on smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, both come powerful hardware, and specs. Also, these two are first to have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity feature. This new feature works better in all aspects compare to previous version.

Gone are the days when we used to use our phones to pick calls, and send messages. Nowadays, we use them to carry out our countless work. And appropriate applications help us to make them easily. To improve productivity, usability, and to have more fun on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, we’ve gathered these list useful apps.

And we hope that our readers would get benefit from the. Let’s start our list of best-useful applications for these smart phones.

Best applications for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

1. Wynk Music

Wynk Music appWynk Music can be referred as your hub of your favorite music from various International artists across the world. If you’re look for such an application to enjoy music on Galaxy S8 and S8+, then this application can a good option.

You can look for any song of your favorite artist, and you can also search of songs depending on your mood using this app. You can download songs or can also play any song even on low internet connection.

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2. Go Launcher Application

GO Launcher-Theme,WallpaperAlthough the Samsung has made many improvements to their existing user-interface. However, it still lacks some important customization features. If you lookout, the Go Launcher seems best replacement. It lets you customize the user-interface deeply. Simply, it helps to give a personal touch to an Android smartphones.

Apart, it consumes lesser amount of power-resource. That means, it helps to improve performance, and keeps battery last for a long time. Go Launcher comes with additional features that help to manage the device appropriately and keep it clean.

Unlike all other launcher, there are more than 10000 themes available to get started, and customize the device in best manner.

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3. FlexiSPY Android App

Once put in, FlexiSPY Android App silently takes complete management of the Android mobile phone or tablet – letting you spy on all its communications and activities from any laptop with an online browser or our first-of-its-form mobile viewer app FlexiVIEW.

FlexiSPY’s unique options include the flexibility to hear and record dwell phone calls & phone environment, in addition to VoIP calls made on Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more.

Monitor a cellphone’s location and replay its historic movements. Export paths for use in other applications like Google Maps.

4. VPN Cloud

cloudvpnHave every been in situation where you were struggling to open a blocked website/Youtube video but couldn’t? These days, it becomes quite common to face issues. Thanks to VPN applications, as they help us to get through. VPN Cloud is completely free to download, and is one of my favorite application.

The VPN Cloud application will help you to change proxy on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ easily. The application interface is simple that one can get started from very first-start. Just open the application, and hit the Connect button. I would say it is simple, effective, and must-have application for these two smart phones.

5. Meteor

Meteor app Speed Test Samsung galaxy s8Meteor is a simple speed testing application which any of us can use to check speed of various application we have on our phone. The best part is that you can check speed regarding any application which you would like to use on your phone and decide, if you can spare your phone’s resource for that app.

You can check speed scores from a list of commonly used 16 apps, 6 apps at a time. Apps included are: Uber, Waze, Whatsapp, Youtube, Facebook and many more. Using Meteor, you can check network requirements against an app. And you can also save your previous test regarding an app for your reference as well.

The speed test is based on Download speed, upload speed, or latency rate to determine overall speed score for that application.

6. Erudite Dictionary & Thesaurus

Erudite Dictionary ThesaurusIf you want to learn any new language, or like to educate yourself with important words or phrases from any language, then you can give a try to Erudite Dictionary & Thesaurus. You can learn as much as 10+ languages using this app.

It includes bilingual dictionaries, phrases, thesaurus, flashcards and much more. You can learn languages like English, Hindi, Turkish, Swedish etc. With this app, you get to learn any language with proper definitions and phrases, with examples. That, in fact, is very helpful for personal, and educational purpose. We recommend this application for all Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, and other smartphones users.

7. Medisafe Meds & Pill Reminder

An app that helps you with yourself and loved ones healthy by following proper prescribed medication. With this app, you can set re/;’]minders regarding when and how much quantity of a medicine has to be taken. You can also check your blood pressure, etc and share the same with your doctor.

By using Medisafe Meds Reminder, you are also informed about how any medicine has to be taken like in between your meal, before meal, time gap between your medication etc. You can use this app for yourself or for your loved ones as well.

8. Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe

Cntacts Phone Dialer drupeDrupe is different then the traditional phone book app we generally use on our phone. With this app, you can place a call from anywhere on your phone like you can place a call while using any other application with just a swipe. Drupe brings your every recent correspondence like your call, text, WhatsApp messages etc in a single place.

You can organize your Phone book and record your calls, you can either set every call to be recorded or can choose to record a certain call while on call.

With this app, you can revert via call, text, or whatsapp or can block that number as well. You can also track and block any unknown number. A very simple, yet, useful application. And from within this application, you can answer for your call, text, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, all in one place.

9. SuperBeam

You might want an application that helps to transfer data from one device to another in seconds. Then, you should install SuperBeam application on your phone. This simple yet powerful applications transfers data at tremendously high-speed (it uses WiFi ). The user-interface is very simple, and intuitive in terms of uses.

This application requires no configuration. It comes options in tiles manner, just tap, and proceed with transfer process. Application is free to download, however to be able to transfers file mobile to PC or opposite, you need to become paid member. Nevertheless, we personally use this application, and we consider it as one of must-have apps for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

best ppsspp games

10. PPSSPP Emulator

If you’re anything like me, then you’re going to love this application. The PPSSPP emulator is most complete emulator able to play most of the Sony’s PSP games. The emulator is available for Android, iOS, and Windows users.

It works best on high-end devices. Since Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ come with high-end specification, it would be a good idea to have great time with this Emulator.

One can easily play famous titles such as God of War, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, etc., on these two smartphones. Follow our below guides to get started with this emulator,

11. BlueMail

Blue Mail - Email Mailbox.Blue Mail is a very useful and simple application to manage all your Email accounts from your different devices. You can manage an unlimited number of your Email accounts. It allows you to set up a person-centric mailbox, that enables you to get notified when you receive any Email from that person on any of your Email accounts.

You can also organize your mailbox into groups, or services, and facilitates clustered productivity. And its unified user interface is simple, user-friendly and easy on the eyes with sender’s images or icons for enhanced attachment. Blue Mail also provides you with various configurations to perfectly manage your Email accounts and we consider it as one of best applications for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

12. EasilyDo

EasilyDo app galaxy s8 plusThis app might come in handy to manage all your day to day tasks like to inform you regarding your flight, a meeting mentioned on your Emails, and much more. It also checks traffic before you leave from your location. It also helps you manage your to-do list, notifies you when it’s time to revert to your Emails, weather condition on your way to your home or office on your daily commute and much more.

It’s the most perfect way to manage your daily activities, which will include tasks like calendar reminders, updating contacts, backup emails to your cloud storage account. And there is more you can manage with EasilyDo.

google drive for galaxy s8

13. Google Drive Suit

The Google Drive suit is one of the most widely used Cloud storage mediums. You can save all your important files, images, videos to your Google Drive account and can download it from here later on your device when required. You can also backup your texts, whatsapp messages, Emails on daily, weekly or monthly basis, automatically.

One of the main advantage of storing and backing up your data on your Google Drive account is that you can access it from anywhere by logging into your account. Only this app can increase your business productivity very much, and make proper use of these smartphones.

This also facilitates you in sharing your files with others and allows a level of access to your files. And it also allows you to you view your stored files even in offline mode. Super easy!

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14. Mint

Money Manager galaxy s8Mint helps you with managing all your finances. It guides you with maintaining budget and also suggests you based on your spending. With Mint, you can easily schedule you pay your bills on time and avoid any late payment charges. And for that, you just need to add your bills with this app.

You can also opt for alerts, if you have been charged unscheduled for something or if the charges are unexpected, It is totally secure, simple and its user-friendly interface is the cherry on the top.

15. WunderList

WUNDERLISTWunderlist assists you with organizing your day to day tasks in a fun and simple way. This app helps you with organizing and sharing your work with others like your grocery list, meeting schedules and much more. You can set up reminders to receive alerts to never miss a deadline for your various works or fun activities.

And you can also share and work on some project with your colleagues, friends or family members with this simple application. With Wunderlist, you can have access to your work or to-do list from anywhere and from any device. You can add notes using this app to never miss any of your precious ideas. Its simple yet useful application.

16. Zedge

Zedge Free download on AndroidWe all like to customize our phone to give it a personal touch, and with our favorite ringtones and wallpapers, it’s a start. With Zedge, you can have tons of choices available with free wallpapers, folder icons, and ringtones. You can have access to a variety of HD wallpapers, high quality audios or ringtone, and lovely folder icons as per your taste.

Now with MyZedge, you can select from various brand named wallpapers as per your choice. You can personalize your phone with available app icons and widgets. You can have access to all your favorite ringtones, wallpapers, and app icons from any device with just a simple login.

17. Instagram

InstagramInstagram is an amazing way to capture and share your life’s beautiful moments with your friends and loved ones. You can also follow your friends or family members and know what they are up to. Via Instagram, you can also join any community, where they are sharing the same interests, just like you.

You can directly capture your photos with instagram and then share it after editing your image with available filters, and tools. You can also share your live photos and videos to get connected with your friends and followers, and after that, the live photos and videos will be disappeared, and you can also follow live videos and photos from your followed community and people.

18. Newstab

NewsTab ReviewLet’s stay updated regarding topics of our interests without much of effort using Newstab. With this app, you can keep track of updates related to a topic that interests you. And you can also categorize your news searches based on your favorite local or International publishers, your twitter hashtags, and your RSS feeds. All this is possible with a simple application.

You can get all your news, from different sources, which could be from latest headlines, or could be any update regarding any topic of your interest, all in one place. With its stunning reading customization, you can read your favorite news with ease using its dark themed background. It’s a stunning way to get updated!

19. Dashlane

Dashlane Password ManagerDashlane is a very useful application that assists you with managing and protecting your passwords. With Dashlane, you just need to remember your login details of your Dashlane account, as you will then have access to all your other passwords with just a simple selection of whichever account’s password you require.

It also helps you with generating unique passwords for your various accounts, and securely saving all your passwords where only you have access to it. And whenever, you needed to login to your other accounts, Dashlane will enter your password with 100% accuracy.

It also facilitates with backing up your passwords on your cloud storage account, It also secures your mobile wallet to save your credit/debit card details. And it also syncs instantly with all your accounts that will keep all your passwords updated.

20. Parental Control Light

Parental Control LightNetspark’s parental control application helps you with complete access to your favorite apps with filtering protection to avoid unwanted content from your phone.Its real-time in-page filtering removes harmful or unwanted contents from within your apps, while using them.

It manages to provide you access to a wide variety of contents which are blocked by other filtering apps. It provides real-time inspection of both web and in-app filtering to block any harmful contents to safeguard you and your family.

You can setup your own filtered configuration on your phone based on your requirement. It’s a paid application which comes with a 7-day trial period.

21. GrubHub

Grubhub app galaxy s8 plusReach to the best available restaurants with just a tap from your phone. Its simple yet amazingly convenient application. With Grubhub, you can check-out menus of your nearest restaurants for delivery or pickup. This will unveil full menus with exact cost of available items with no hidden charges.

You just need to add your name and delivery address one time, after that, this app will automatically selects this saved address, but of course you can also add any new delivery address particularly for an order. You can search for restaurants by looking for restaurants near you, or, you can search for the kind of food you like to eat.

22. HeadSpace

HeadSpace android appsNow a days, we have apps available for anything possible to process on our smartphones. And here we have an application for you which is based on a rather interesting subject, Meditation. HeadSpace helps you with learning the art of Meditation to sooth your mind, body and soul.

This app includes 10 sessions of 10 minutes each that will help you to get trained in Meditation. You will also get personalized record to keep track of your achievements. Genius!

23. TouristTube Hotel/Flight deal

TouristTube Hotel Flight dealThis application consist of everything a tourist might need while wandering in an unknown place. Touristtube helps its users in planning and implementation of various things while on vacation or tour. With this app, you can even book your flight and hotel, check-out various tourist attraction available on that location, go through experiences of trusted people who have been there.

You can also join various groups and can get valuable suggestions. There is also tons of information available regarding different activities available on various parts of the world like shopping, adventurous activities, festivals, archaeological survey details and much more.

Its fun, informative and a must try application!

24. Adobe Scan

Adobe ScanHow would you like if you a portable scanner in your hand? I am sure this might come in handy at some point of time, Adobe Scan in one of the most trusted scanning application with which you can convert any document like receipts, your important documents, notes etc into editable scanned copies you can keep safely with yourself.

Adobe Scan uses advanced character recognition, and image technology that helps in taking more sharp and accurate scanned copies. You can reorder, sharpen, crop, rotate etc, with your scanned documents.

This also allows you to store your scans to Adobe Document Cloud for easy accessibility without burdening your phone’s memory. Fascinating!

25. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Best Android VPNExpressVPN in one of the leading Android VPN. Public Wi-Fis are always a treat but you must always stay cautious while using any public Wi-Fi for the security of your personal details stored on your phone.

Here, you can use ExpressVPN to mask your own IP address and encrypt your connection. It offers high speed, safety, unlimited bandwidth and switches, by that you can change your location any number of times.

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ExpressVPN is available on more that 145 cities in 94 countries, and you can connect from any location with unlimited number of switches. Their network is SSL secured with 256-bit encryption in ultra fast speed, an bandwidth that allows its users to surf through internet anonymously without any interruption.

26. Google Photos

Google Photos android appsGoogle Photos is a must have application. Its not only a photo gallery application but it also helps users to backup and store their photos which will remain private to them. After using this application, you don’t have to concern regarding memory of your phone, as now, you can delete photos stored in your phone anytime you want, they are properly backed up already by Google photos!

With Google photos, you can search for any photo with places, person, or things associated with that photo without any need for tagging on that photo. This also creates movies, collage, and panoramas automatically. But you can create your own stuff as well. There are also various editing options and tools available.

By using Chromecast, you can also view your photos on your TV sets. And can also share your photos with anyone directly from within this app by entering recipient’s Email address or phone number.

27. Waze

Waze mapsWaze is an ultimate community-based navigation and traffic application. Most of us already use Google Maps for navigation purpose, but if you want to try something new, then, Waze is the best choice for you. It provides real-time traffic information to avoid getting stuck in traffic.

You can also contribute your part by just driving through your way and keep waze open. That’s it! With waze, you will get alerted before encountering police barricading, accidents, traffic jams etc, that will save your valuable time. You can also see your friends driving nearby when you are connected via Facebook. And you can also locate cheapest gas stations available on route. Save time, Save money, Contribute!

28. Nova Launcher

nova launcherA good launcher application for better management of your home screen. Nova Launcher transform your phone’s home screen into more performance-driven, highly customizable home screen. You can make any changes according to your taste and requirement like themes, background, icon style, views etc.

You can configure custom-grid to make space foe all your apps, create scrollable dock to settle all your apps, upto 7 apps per page. For prime members, there are more interesting features, like gesture response,, you can set any gesture like swiping to quick-launch any application. There are tons of features associated with this application and I am sure you will try this atleast ones.

29. Avast Mobile Security

As phones have become an important part of our life, there security is also required. Due to our dependencies on our smartphones, there are lots of sensitive information stored on our phones, like, debit/credit card details, contacts, personal chats, photos etc. To save such sensitive data and information, we have Avast Mobile Security.

Avast Mobile Security is a light weight and highly intuitive application that helps in securing your phone from malicious websites. It has faster threat detection feature and it scans every unknown page you open on your browser to keep you safe from any unwanted threat.

It also enables uninterrupted game-play by postponing every notification until you are ready to receive them. Avast also helps you recover your password, for that, you just need to set up a master password, and it does the all work for you.

30. Amazon Kindle

amazon kindleIts important to keep ourselves entertained as well in our spare time. Somebody likes to watch movies, or play games, or listening to music but I am Book person. And I am sure some of you also prefer to read instead other activities. With today’s technology, you can keep your favorite book on your phones. That’s convenient!
Here, we have a very useful application for you, Amazon kindle. With this application, you can have access to thousands o free e-books, or any popular magazine etc. You can also purchase your favorite e-books from a variety of options available.

You can also check-out books from your nearest library and have them delivered to you wire-lessly. So much to explore and read.

31. Discord

gaming-app-galaxy-s8Are you a gamer? Then you can make use of Discord application on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Discord is an online free chatting application for gamers that allows its users to chat with their partner and other online gamers while playing games and plan strategies to destroy your enemies.

And the amazing thing is that this will voice chat. Its encrypted server ensure your safety by keeping your IP address safe. This also allows you to share images, videos, or links from your phone or desktop. If you are assuming that voice chatting while playing games will slow down your game then you are wrong!

32. Squid

Squid-take-notes-s8-plusThere are many note taking apps available today, but this one is a bit different. This app allows to take handwritten notes naturally, the way you would take notes on paper.

To write, you can use stylus, or simply your fingers. Squid also enables yo to edit markup PDFs by which you can edit forms you have to fill, sign any document, and can save the same as well. This is a simple yet effective application that no wonder offers you to be more productive as sometime auto-corrector doesn’t understands!

33. FilesGo

Files-Go-Google-galaxy-s8-plusFileGo is a beautiful and highly intuitive file manager application introduced by Google. Its intuitive design makes it easy for its users to navigate through various sections of folders and storage location on your phone. You can delete, rename, move certain files or folder as per your choice.

And further, FileGo also helps you with one of the most important task, free-up space from your phone by suggesting if there are any duplicate or large file on your phone, least or rarely used apps or games stored on your phone and much more. All this information will eventually help you with managing your phone’s storage.

34. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere app for galaxy s8SendAnywhere is a useful application to share files no matter what size it is. It offers Point-to-Point secure file transfer that has been designed for simple, faster, and unlimited file transfer between computers, and mobiles. For using this application, you don’t have to be online at that time as well. For initiating file transfer you just need to confirm 4-digit(from phone) and 6-digit(from computer).

You just need to go to SendAnywhere.com, and choose file you want to transfer, and it search for nearby devices, and now you can use your phone, open sendanywhere’s application, and enter the QR code that will show on webpage of your computer. and that’s it! Your work is done!

35. Datally

save-data-galaxy-s8-plusMost of us find it difficult to manage data usage on or phones, and we will highly cherish some help. And Datally could be the solution. It helps you understand you data consumption, and it also suggests you ways to save data based on your activity. It also notifies when there is free wifi available nearby your location. You can also stop consumption of your data by apps running in the background.

This app has been officially developed, and distributed by Google on Playstore. Simply, it helps you to do more with less data. Means, you can surf more on Samsung Galaxy S8, and S8 plus using less internet data.

36. Airbnb

airbnb appDo you love to travel from one to another, then Airbnb worth space on your smartphone. Mostly, people book hotels while traveling, but there is more that you get with Airbnb. This application helps to find fully furnished rooms, and apartments with almost all facilities that we usually get in hotels. Since, you’ll get furnished rooms, that means you live like you’re in home.

No matter you’re in India or USA, the Airbnb offers services in almost countries around the world. Most importantly, they offer fair pricing for their accommodations.

37. Speaker Boost

Speaker Boost Note 8While we listen to music, or watch videos, sometimes we counter low volume output. And surely that totally disturb the fun. Although, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, both outcome very clear, and loud audio. But that particular audio/video might have the low audio problem. And there is nothing you can do through stock options.

Here comes an application that does that work flawlessly: Speaker Boost. This app is completely free to download, and use. It works very will music, video, and application. It gives a regulated boost to existing volume, and lets you enjoy music, and video without flaws. We highly recommend you to keep this application in your phone, you’ll certainly need it.

38. ET Money

ETMoney app galaxy j7 proCurrently, it one of the best application keep sync with your spending. If you’re anything concerned about your savings, then you must have this application installed on your phone. The ET Money application keeps gathering information about spending through scanning the messages, and other resources. Further, it represents that data in a beautiful manner.

Through that information, it becomes easier to under the pattern of your spending. And then, you can make an action plan to save it. Additionally, it provides insights about investment plans, and SIPs.

39. CM Browser

CM BrowserThough CyanogenMod has been depreciated long ago, its applications are still doing best. If you’re looking to surf internet without ads, fast, and without flaws, we suggest you to replace the native browser with CM Browser. This browser has many features that we usually won’t find in one browser.

It blocks ads, that saves huge amount of internet data. Comes with extended privacy settings to make your online presence completely concealed. Moreover, as per our tests, we found that it works very stable, and smoothly as compared to other browsers like Google Chrome, Samsung Browser, etc.

If you’re looking for alternate browsing solution, then you must switch to CM Browser.

40. Google Duo

Google DuoA must have application for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users. Though, the video calling is not a new concept these days, but quality still varies from app to app, network-to-network, location-to-location. The Google Duo promises to provide highest quality video call facility with the lowest bandwidth usage.

The application has a very simple use, and understand user interface. With its preview feature, ”Knock-Knock’, you can see real-time preview of the caller. And you also opt to take audio calls only when you don’t wish to take video calls.

Since, it works well on cross-platforms, it doesn’t matter you, or your friend is using Android or iOS powered phone. There much more you can do with this application.

41. Smart Swtich

Samsung Smart Switch MobileThe most admirable app created by Samsung for their smart phones. Most of the Samsung’s smartphones come blessed with application. What it does? Well, it helps to transfer/backup data from one to device to another seamlessly. We found this application very helpful as compared to any other backup utility, and services.

No matter, whether you’re switching from iPhone to Samsung, or vice versa, it works well with cross-platforms. Also, you can backup most of your files on your Laptop/Desktop, and restore it anytime you want. This application has been specifically developed to work with Samsung’s devices, and does the job ethically. Means, you don’t have root, or do something else. Just open this application, follow the on-screen instructions, and you’re done! Learn more about this app here:

42. Package Disabler App

BK Package DisablerFor no reason, Samsung keeps putting tons of useless applications on their smartphones. For many users, most of these applications remain unused in all respective. And out of knowledge, many of these apps keep running in the background, and grab a huge space in the internal memory. Since these applications come pre-installed, they cannot be removed, or uninstalled.

What can be done? Well, you can disable them. Yes, you can disable these unused applications on Galaxy S8 using the application called Package Disable. Specifically designed to work with Samsung’s devices, this app can disable all the bloatware (unwanted apps) at once. Learn how to use this app here:

That will boost the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. And should free good amount of space in internal memory. Also see:

43. Gloud Games Premium

Gloud play console apps galaxy s8Do you like playing games? If yes, the Gloud application will blow your mind. Using the Gloud app you can play almost any PC/Console games on your Galaxy S8. Yes, you heard it right. Basically, this app casts the games on your phone from their servers. However, it requires a fast internet connection to render the games correctly, and smoothly. Otherwise, you might experience lags, and freezing issues.

It offers many free games that you can play for the first 30 minutes. After that, you’ll need to purchase the time to play free, and premium games. I’ve played Devil May Cry 5, and Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse. Both the games were amazing, and game play was good. We higly recommend you to at-lest try this application.

44. WPS Office

WPS Office tools appsA free best alternative to MS office. The WPS Office offers you all the tools, and utilities that you ever required to create, and edit documents on the go. And the best thing is that it is completely free to download, and use. Since this app is free, it displays some advertisements that do not disturb while we do the work. Unlike the MS Office, this application comes as all-in-one bundle.

The application works with different file types like Word, Power Point, Excel, etc., And it lighter too. Many of us would not prefer to invest in MS Office just to complete some ordinary tasks. Even, I use this on my phone. If you’re looking for a free alternative to MS Office, the WPS Office would be ideal one to choose.

45. Tez – A new payments app by Google

Tez – A new payments app by GoogleThe technology has no limits, it only expands. Now, you can transfer money from one account to another with just a blink of eye. And the Tez, a payment application by Google, makes this possible. If you’re looking for online money transfer application that works even in Odd working hours, then have this application installed.

The set up requires merely a few minutes, and once it is linked with your bank account, it becomes seamlessly easier to transfer money from one account to another. However, both the parities should use this application in order to execute the transaction.

It ends our list of useful applications for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users, and that is not end surely. We’ll be updating our list soon.

Don’t forget to share your favorite applications with us in our comments section. We would love to hear from you. Stay connected for more updates.

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