15 Most Addictive Games for Samsung Galaxy S20

In this particular article, we are sharing some of the most addictive games for Samsung Galaxy S20 and its other variants. You can have a complete look and explore these chart-topping games. There’s no doubt this smartphone doesn’t limit users when it comes to gaming and fun, so you should be taking this advantage, of course.

Android mobile gaming incorporates and attracts all types of ages. There are already millions of Android games reachable through Google Play. We can play tons of games totally free of charge on your mobile phone. Since Samsung Galaxy S20 works on the latest Android firmware, this ensures that it has wide supports to available high-end games. Even, you can enjoy blue chip casino games online too!

Whether you’re an old man or teenager, these Android games should help you keep free time. This is list has no particular order, so you can expect to explorer something new. Or if you don’t find your favorite one or want to share some with us, leave your comments. We would be glad to hear from you and make this list even better. So, we are putting forward top-most addictive Android games for Samsung Galaxy S20 and accessible through other Android phones as well.

List of best addictive games for Samsung Galaxy S20

1. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

If you desire to occupy time on accessing Android games, you must surely download Candy Crush Saga. If you try playing this game once, I bet you will like to pursue it frequently. Currently, there are millions of people around the world playing this game on a regular basis.

Some Of The Features:

  • Attractive images and graphics that will make you play the game again and again
  • Supportive and charmed boosters to assist in different challenging game levels
  • Explore delightful environments and sugary characters to crack discovered treats

Must see:

2. Temple Run

Temple Run

The game brought an innovative uprising in playing mobile games. It is among the oldest games, that changed gaming history completely.

It is a very interesting Android game. Playing this game requires multiple functionalities like sliding, running, turning, and escaping. People adore this game for its great detailing and is the most addictive game played on google play. 

Some Of The Features: 

  • Stunning graphics and elegant organic settings 
  • Different levels of difficulties and complexities 
  • Distinct powers to each and every character used

3. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Just like the Candy Crush and Temple Run, This game is one of the most prevalently played and downloaded Android games. Once losing life, players like to play the game multiple times to win it. You must play this game on your Galaxy S20 and other variants.

Some Of The Features:

  • Multi-colored and intense graphics 
  • Advanced Surfing functionalities 
  • Swift in use and has challenging levels

4. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a very interesting game. Its graphics are incomparable to the other games which fall in its category. It is a tap screen game and can be explored repeatedly on any Android smartphone. Since ever the Jetpack Joyride has appeared, it has received continuous development.

The graphics are really good, and vibrant. Being an Editor’s choice on Google Play, you play as a high flying endless runner character that avoids different objects coming in the path. There are many missions to complete and you gain more powerful Jetpacks and accessories to get more fun out of this game.



BADLAND is an action-adventure game set in a beautiful forest with inhabitants, plants, and flowers. It is an adventure game users need to escape from various traps and obstacles on the way. This game has a very unique story and concept, that has made it win many recognizations.

Some Of The Features:

  • Played at various levels and shared!
  • Exceedingly attractive audio-visual user experience
  • Offer support to both immersive mode and cloud save

6. Cut The Rope 2

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the rope is a frequently played game on Android smartphone. This game is very addictive and is used to kill time. The game is full of encounters and challenges with multiple complexity levels. It is played across the globe. Basically, you need to use logical thinking to solve puzzles and get ahead in this game.

The visuals are so cute and beautiful, they keep users engaged for long hours. Currently, there are about 160 levels, and recently 7 new characters have been added too. It suits all, preschool children, teenagers, working professionals, and adults. We highly recommend this game to Samsung Galaxy S20 users.

Must see:

7. 2048 Number Puzzle Game

2048 Number Puzzle Game

As the name suggests, this is a puzzle game. You require to resolve the number puzzle and complete different levels.

Basically, while playing this game, you get the number 2048 by moving the tiles on the board. As you move the tiles, those that share the same number will be combined. For example 4 next to 4 will create the number 8. Continue moving the tiles so that the number 2048 appears throughout the board.

Also, you can switch to night mode, so you can play the game in bed. Challenge your friends with the multiplayer feature as well.

8. Limbo


Limbo is an upright game that will assist you to kill free time on your Galaxy S20 smartphone. It is a kind of mastermind game which gives an amazing user experience and works offline as well.

Within this game, you must help a child who is lost in limbo so that he can find his sister, avoiding different obstacles and having to solve different puzzles. You have to explore each screen to get solve different puzzles using your wits, taking care of not losing his life to avoid having to start over.

This game offers good quality, with fluid animations and a very original aesthetic in black, white, and gray tones.

It is quite interesting survival game and the outline of this game is very splendid. It is a must-play game. A perfect one for puzzle lovers.

9. Baldur’s Gate II

Baldur’s Gate II

While playing this game, you have to struggle with a wicked person within you, furnace a myth of heroic magnitudes, and eventually terminate the dark spirit that hangouts with your dreams. So, a must-play free offline game in your mobile device.

Some Of The Features: 

  • One can go deep within the deliberate depth of top-level Dungeons and Dragons combat
  • Its higher edition provides premium content accessible for acquisition
  • Improved original shadows of the campaign and the required expansions

10. Sorcery! 2

Sorcery! 2

One of the finest and free offline games for Android that you will always like to play in your mobile device without any requirement of the internet. It provides multiple hours of gameplay.

Some Of The Features: 

  • Completely built with 3D spell-casting system: possess over 48 spells, along with bizarre and delightful story changing possessions
  • It’s a kind of gambling game with more than 30 diverse monsters contesting with their exclusive tactical combat
  • Has more exclusive content as compared to Part 1: it reaches around 300,000 words, and 10,000 selections

11. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook

One of the better offline Android games which can engage your boring time. The game trails Billy as he attempts to find improvement from his indeterminate past. Pursuits its purpose on the seas and go on board with a brave mission for grandeur and the gills.

Some Of The Features: 

  • Comprises of an endless and inestimable world-wide gallery
  • Multiple arms, along with prevalent fishing gear like a luxurious hairdryer along with a bowling ball
  • Fish that turns in to hats and much more to explore in a single set of the game

12. Crossy Road

Crossy Road

One of the top free offline games for Android which is currently accessible after its launch in the PC version. 

This game is incredible to play while you are not connected to the internet on your Android device. This game has multiple crossroads with a roadblock. It is one of the best games to be tried on your smartphone.

Some Of The Features: 

  • One can enjoy playing it on the large screen connected to Android TV
  • Collection of over 100 retro-styled, pop art-inspired characters
  • Crossroads, multiple characters, different train tracks, and endless waterways
  • Dodge traffic with an Android Robot
  • Modest, clean and a pioneering game

13. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2

The game is a combination of RPG and conventional fighting. This game lets arm the character with uncountable deadly weaponry and unique kinds of armor sets, along with featuring animated Martial Arts practices!

You must face all kinds of enemies in one-on-one combat battles using martial arts to save the world and close the portal of shadows. You must face all kinds of enemies in one-on-one combat battles using martial arts to save the world and close the portal of shadows.

Defeat opponents, embarrass demons and close the Gate of Shadows to win this best offline game on Android.

14. Samurai II: Vengeance

Samurai II Vengeance

Samurai II: VengeanceSamurai II comes with a lively camera, virtual d-pad, different puzzles to solve along with multiple traps, and brutal enemies played as free offline Android games. 

Samurai II: Vengeance is an action game in which you need to defeat all the opponents who try to prevent the samurai Deisuke from fulfilling his revenge.

The game consists of three game modes, Game, where the player chooses a level and advances from this stage; Dojo, where the score will depend on the number of enemies you can kill, and Chapter in which the player must complete the missions to advance level.

The game involves the finest user experience with unsolidified acts running at sixty frames every second. That makes it worth to be enjoyed on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

15. Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune

Leo’s Fortune is a fun game where you chase down the wily and enigmatic burglars that wrap your gold. Attractively hand-crafted and challenging levels make the game interesting with an epic quest.

You need to help to Leo to explore different levels to follow the trail of the thief who has taken all his gold and to recover his treasure.

It is a platform game in which you must collect all the coins, using different objects or parts of the scenarios to overcome the different obstacles that you will encounter.

It has a very good quality graphic, all the details are very fine, the animations are very fluid and the designs are very attractive.

The wrap up

That ends this list here that share some of the best games for Samsung Galaxy S20. We hope that our readers would find it useful. If you want to recommend us some more such games or want to share your thoughts, then please share it in the comments section below.

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