How To Choose The Best Java Hosting Service In 2019

As an app developer, hosting is of crucial importance. The one thing that can single-handedly destroy your app’s chances is hosting that doesn’t reliably work. Every service goes through outages, but these must be the rare exception to the rule, and you need to choose carefully to ensure this is so.

But with thousands of hosting services out there, making the decision isn’t easy. A lot rests on it, and yet there’s no consensus about who is the best. We’re going to help you make that decision, and give you some examples of the best Java hosting for app developers.


No matter what you’re using hosting for, reliability is key. Without knowing that your hosting is going to be online over 99% of the time, you’re in trouble. You can’t promise good service to users of your app if your hosting is failing you. Ultimately, you’re giving up a lot of control to the hosting service, and need to know that they’re going to be there for you at all times.

Customer service

It is almost as important to know that when things do go wrong, you’re not left in the dark about what’s going on. An occasional outage is one thing, but when you’re waiting for service to return to normal and no one is giving you any information, it becomes truly enraging. You should choose a hosting company that offers good customer service and support.

Read customer reviews to see what they say about the customer service. No one knows better than those who have been there when things went south.

Focus on Java

Any hosting you use as an app designer shouldn’t just happen to have Java support. They should have a focus on providing full support for the Java platform. A standard, all-in-one option isn’t right for a developer. Take care when searching, and make sure you find a plan that is right for you.

Examples of the best Java hosting

There are a range of options you could be using for your Java hosting as an app developer. These are my favorites.

  • A2 Hosting: A2 is one of the best due to a number of factors. They’re affordable, flexible, and great with customer service. They have a range of plans that support app developers in particular, and you can trust them to be there for you when things go wrong. They also offer a money back guarantee at any time!
  • Hostinger: Hostinger is even cheaper than A2, but provides much of the same service. Their plans are particularly good for app designers, with high speed, reliability, and configuration options. They also offer great options for upgrading when you start gaining traction.
  • HostUpon: HostUpon has the benefit of coming with a domain name for life. They also have live tech support with real experts helping you out. They know what they’re doing, which means you can avoid the frustration of talking to someone who clearly knows less than you and isn’t qualified to actually help you.
  • MochaHost: MochaHost is a discount solution that is not for everyone, but those who need something simple with lots of options will benefit from the range of plans.

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