TENKER Q5 Is An Affordable LED Mini Projector That Upscales To 1080p Resolution

Those days are gone when projectors were used for meeting, and presentations purpose only, and used to be costly. From professional to personal, the projectors have become smaller, and affordable. Though, it totally depends upon the requirements. Currently, mini projectors are getting very popular around us. They can be used easily as home-entertainment medium. One easily watch videos, movies, photographs, etc., with our family, and use it to output console games. Either way, it surely adds more fun to existing things. In the same line up, we have TENKER Q5 Projector that does the work remarkably.

The TENKER Q5 is a portable mini LED projector able to project 1080P, 720p and 480P resolution screen. Though, the native resolution of this project is 800X480 Pixels, it supports these standard resolution superbly to make your experience delightful every time. As per the customers feedback, the display is much brighter and sharper than other projectors at the same price, or above. It has got good throw screen size, that is 35 to 150 inch with throw distance 4.9 to 13.12 feet. More than enough for living room, or hall. The display is of good quality with standard aspect ratio 4:3/16:9, makes watching videos, and playing games easy, and comfortable.

The TENKER Q5 is only means for home entertainment, not for business purpose. If you’re looking to purchase projector for office purpose, then you must skip this one. It is not build for that purpose.

The TENKER Q5 Projector is available at Amazon.com at price of $79.99, that makes it quite affordable. Based on the size, and weight, it comes very handy, and it is very portable. The dimensions are 7.7 x 5.9 x 2.7 inch and it weights around 1.98 lbs that is equal to 0.898 KG.

For connection purpose, is supports plenty of external devices as input. You can connect it with your laptop, computer, TV box, Gaming console, USB drives., etc. Moreover, it also supports Amazon Fire Stick, smartphones, and tablets. However, to connect it with smartphones, and tablets, you need to use the Wi-Fi display dongle (not included within the package). You can purchase it separately, as it does work with other devices too. The wide range also covers TF cards up 64 GB. That means, you almost get all sort of connectivity medium to put it on. In perspective of home entertainment, this projector gets complete scores.

In terms of productivity, this mini projector is quite appreciable. It does supports wide-range of multimedia formats  that include:



Image Format: JPEG/BMP/PNG

Text File: TXT

The internal architecture has made so good that it reduces the internal fan’s noise to very low. There is a very innovative cooling system inside of it, that keeps tap on noise generated by the fan. That keeps unwanted interruptions away from you.

Inside The Box

Inside the projector, there is a lamp that has life of 20,000+ hours. Within the package, you get TENKER LED light source projector, power adapter, RCA cable for connection purpose, remote control to set up it wirelessly,  and a user manual.

All other accessories such as TF Cards, Wi-Fi dongle, etc, you need to purchase them separately. They worth since they improve the productivity of this projector, and come useful with other devices too.


The manufacture helps with life time support to their customer, and there is 3 years of warranty on TENKER Q5. It means, if you get trouble with the product within this window, they are bound to help you with best resolution. After that, you can seek their help to get things settled down.

You can buy this product from Amazon.com from this →link at Price: $79.99 (Price may vary by time).

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