What is Root? 6 reasons to root your Android phone

Android is one of the best operating system out there for smartphones and tablets, and you can get more out of it by Rooting your Android Device. If you are still finding reasons to root your Android Device then you came to the right guide. Here are many reasons to root and why rooting your Android Device is worth the hassle. If you don’t know what is rooting and still finding difficult to understand do not worry as we’ll sure tell that.

The Advantages of Rooting Android Devices are limitless. You get the complete control over the look and feel of your device. As a superuser with administrative permissions, you now will have the access to the device’s system files, all aspects of the operating system,ability to change the operating system and run your own that you can build from scratch.

What is rooting?

Rooting is the process that allows the user to get privileged control aka “root access” within Android OS. In simpler terms Rooting Android Phone or Tablet allows you to get the full control of the Device in your case it can be your smart phone or Tablet. .

With root access or Rooting Android you are able to access and modify files that you wont be able to access normal , you will be able to remove the limitations that carriers and hardware manufacturers put on your device. You get the access to places such as files stored on the /data and /system partitions.

Having root access also allows you to run an entirely different class of third-party applications and apply deep, system-level modifications. And by proxy, you may also be able to access certain device features that would otherwise be inaccessible or use existing features in new ways.

Jailbreak Ios vs Android Rooting

Jailbreak VS Rooting Android

Rooting an android phone is many times compared to Jailreaking on iOS devices. However both of these are different concepts. When you jailbreak a iOS device you bypass several Apple Prohibitions for the User.

These include modifying the operating system which is enforced by a locked boot loader, installing non-officially approved apps via side loading and granting the user elevated administration privileges.

In the process of Rooting Android however , the boot loaders of only a few devices are permanently locked and many manufacturer such as HTC,Google,Sony and Asus provides the user ability to unlock their boot loaders and replace the Operating System Entirely.

The ability to Side-load apps is already available in Android Devices without any root permissions. You just to go into security setting into your Android Device and enable Allow from Unknown Sources. Sideloading apps into your device is sometimes the main purpose in Jailbreaking a iOS device, however in Android that can be done without any special tools.

Root Android Device

Rooting Android

Gaining Root access is the First Step on your journey to Device Modification , Rooting Android. Root access is mostly used to install custom recoveries like Clockworkmod (CWM) or TWRP, which then further is used to install and flash custom Roms like Cyanogenmod ,MIUI, Carbon Rom etc.

Rooting Android also allows users to install Xposed Framework which is the most powerful tool that you can install in order to customize your Android Device.

You can get more out of your phone when you root , you can take full system backup or nandroid backup with CWM or your apps backup with Titanium Backup.

With Great Power Come Great Responsibility and all this root access is quite dangerous. But thankfully there are apps to control it such as SuperSU, which grants the root access to only those app which you allow it to.

There are many other root enables apps and utilities that will help you restore your device if anything goes wrong. You can take a full Nandroid Backup from your recovery , which acts like a snapshot of you smart phone or tablet at the time of backup and when you restore it , the device is back to the time of backup.

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Top 6 Reasons to Root Your Android Phone

Speed Up Android Phones

1# Boost Your Android Device Speed & Battery Life

You can install many apps on the available on the Playstore, that claims to increase your device Speed and increase its battery Life but only a few actually give so some result.

But guess What when you root your Android Device you not only get the ability to increase the speeds dramatically but also save a lot of battery along with it.

There are apps like SETCPU that you can use to overclock the processor of your phone and increase performance or under clock it to save some battery life. Apps like Greenify to let your phone automatically hibernate apps that you are not using and they still are consuming your battery.

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How to Install Incompatible Apps from Google Play

Image credits: WonderHowto

2# Install incompatible apps and Unlock your device

Sometime when you buy a device from a Carrier like AT&T , you find that your carrier might have blocked the installation of certain apps onto your device.

Well if you find this reasons to root your device then you are right, there are apps Like Market Helper that will allow you to install blocked apps.

You can even get the features that are not found on your Android Device but are available on other Devices such as MOTO X or HTC, you can get the Moto X active display or Beats audio from HTC devices.

By Rooting you can even power up your hardware, like Nexus 7 users can hack their front camera to record 720p video which was not available by default.

disable ads on android with root

3# Block ads anywhere

As everyone knows ads are a necessity for the developer in order to earn money and we are not promoting you to block every single of these apps. But some apps are their where they pay more attention in displaying ads then running the actual app and this might even use a lot of data services.

Thanks to apps like Adblock,Adaway & Adfree you can get rid of the ads from all over your device and gain a much cleaner interface.

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4# Automate With Tasker

Video credits: DIY Tryin

Tasker is a powerful Android app that works with your Android Smartphone and provides automation throughout the device without needing to root it. Well if you want to use Tasker to its full potential then you have to root your device. On a rooted device Tasker can toggle your 3G,Wifi,GPS, Change your CPU speed, turn your screen on and other things that require root access.

tweak your android

5# Tweak Your Device

If you want the full customization of your device both performance and looks then you first need to root your device. There are apps for Small changes such are Customizing your keyboard with keyboard manager. Then there are big apps like Xposed which can modify the full framework of your device giving you the ability to control animation, change per app DPI, faster scrolling etc.

You can also install apps Like Pimp My ROM which combines many features that will increase performance and some of which are taken from other ROM and Devices.

flash custom roms

Image credits : DroidViews

6# Flash A Custom Rom

You might have heard of Cyanogenmod running one the One Plus or the MIUI running on the Xiaomi Phone. Well all these come as custom roms from multiple devices. Your device might be manufactured by Google, HTC, Samsung , Sony etc , you can run any of the Custom Roms if available for your Device. This is the best reasons to root your Android Device.

Custom Roms like Cyanogenmod provide AOSP or Stock Android experience with added features. These are generally much more faster than the stock rom that came with your device.

You may note one thing though, you can skip all the hassle and process involved in rooting if your device supports unlocking the bootloader and installing a recovery then you can directly install a custom rom and these come pre rooted.

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