10 best custom roms for Nexus 5X

Just like its predecessor, Nexus 5X has been very popular and sold very much as well. Basically Nexus 5X is successor model of Nexus 5 and it has been loaded with many hardware improvements that make it very adorable smart phone this year. It comes with pure Android operating system, that is Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow) and surely it would be one of them who will be receiving → upcoming Android updates.

Here in this list we present top 10 custom roms for Nexus 5x that promise better performance, stability and lots of features that make it more user-friendly, productive and useful.

Since it has pure Android, there will be no performance issue with it, however customization is limited in these stock Roms and here when we think about custom Rom.

Custom Roms already comes with built-in features that allow us to customize our Android device very conveniently and effectively. Also in terms of performance, the custom roms are even better than the stock roms and stable too. Also they offers improved battery life. Overall, installing a custom Rom on Nexus 5X would be an ideal choice for customization purpose and get more from the device.

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Let’s start the list of best Roms!

Best Roms for Nexus 5X

Pure Nexus Rom for Nexus 5X

1. Pure Nexus Project

– Always keep you on top!

Even for Nexus 6p and other Nexus devices, the Rom remains on top  most of the time. With tons of features and customization options, it comes with good stability and offers very comprehensive performance too. It is based on latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system. Many changes with user interface has been done, many UI parts have been materialized which even Google forget in this update.

For customization perspective there is a panel “PureNexus Settings” that come with bunch of options to customized user interface such Navigation bar, Status Bar, Lock screen area, Power menu, Display, clock etc.

You could watch the review of this Rom in this →video. We recommend this Rom to all Nexus 5X users, it has lots to offer. It is good choice for daily usage, as it very stable and offers high performance.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

Chroma Rom for Nexus 5X

2. Chroma

– I’m light weight with heavy features!

Next Rom is Chroma, it is very compact and light weight Rom having all the necessary apps that are useful for daily usage and comes with wide customization options as well. This Rom is based on Marshmallow operating system with almost no bloatware (non-useful apps).

For security purpose it contains all the security patches. For customization purpose, it has layers support that allow to customize most of the user interface including status bar, Navigation bar, Volume rocker, Lockscreen and much more!

Apart, it also comes with bunch of pre-installed applications such as Adaway, Nova Launcher, Greenify, Viper4Android, etc. These applications are root applications that allows to make Android device more productive and useful. That’s means you’ll not have to search for these apps anymore since they all are already come pre-installed with this Rom.

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This Rom is good choice if are you are looking for clean and light weight Rom that offers most of the customization features.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

ResurrectionRemix for Nexus 5X

3. ResurrectionRemix

– Feature rich Rom ported from multiple Roms!

As the name says, the Rom is a splendid mix of most popular custom roms including Cyanogenmod, Slim, Omin Rom and original Remix Rom. And this mix of Roms brings best features from these Rom and makes it very unique and useful Rom for Nexus 5X.  It suits best for personal to business usage.

ResurrecttionRemix Rom is based on latest android 6.0.1 release based on Cyanogenmod 13 build sources. Since its based is build on Cyanogenmod 13, you can expect solid performance and good stability as well.

Just like the above two Roms, this has even much more options to customize the Nexus 5X more appropriately. This Rom has been optimized with UBER TC for better tuning that offers optimum performance, smoother user experience and long battery life, all together!

Very best of this Rom is that it comes with CyanogenMod Theme chooser that allows one to choose and apply themes from collection containing thousands of themes and make the device looks completely different and unique.

Along with all apps that were released with Marshmallow, it comes all → CyanogenMod applications and many others.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

4. OmniRom

– Simply powerful!

I remember those when I had used this Rom on Samsung Galaxy S3 and it had impressed very well. It is built on Gooogle’s official Android 6.0 Marshmallow firmware and optimized so well that it promises for smooth experience all the time. Under setting, you’ll get a panel called Performance Control through which one can easily set the performance of the device as per requirement and also it affect battery life too.

It comes with OpenDelta OTA Nightly Updater through which you’ll be getting all future updates just like a stock firmware.

As per branding purpose, it comes with Omni Wallpapers, boot animations, settings panel and much more. The user interface has dark mode to turn on dark user interface skin. The sections such as Navigation bar, quick settings, Lockscreen, home screen, etc., are fully customizable.

For daily usage, this Rom will be good choice. It does not contains tons of features like ResurrectionRemix Rom but it has enough features and performance wise it is good as well. Surely it is one smoother Rom available for Nexus 5X.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

Bliss 6.0

5. Bliss Rom 6.0

– Most pleasing in all!

The Bliss Rom is all about customization. It comes tons of specific features that allows to customized almost every part of the user interface. Firstly, for theming purpose it boats CyanogenMod Theme engine that allows to choose themes from thousands of beautiful themes. Further you could easily customize areas such as Notification bar, Status bar, Lock Screen, Power menu and Notification Drawer. The AudioFX Equalizer has been embedded for better sound output. Since it is based on CyanogenMod firmware you’ll be having all the CM apps such as camera, privacy, file manager etc.,

Also it comes with OTA support that means you could update the Rom as soon as the new build gets rolled out. The Rom is quit stable and offers improved battery life. If you like completely customized Android then this Rom would be good choice.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

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crDroid Rom

6. crDroid

– Stock-near based Rom!

Another best contender in our list best Roms for Nexus 5X is crDroid. There are plenty of impressive features available in this Rom. Along with stability of stock, it has been optimized very so well that it runs flawless along with many advance features.

It provides many features such as CyanogenMod profiles, Privacy guard, advance reboot menu, quick settings, navigation bar settings, status bar brightness control, status bar options, customize the function of the hardware navigation buttons, etc., for customization purpose.

Since crDroid is based on CyanogenMod Marshmallow’s official firmware, you could expect high stability and solid performance. It is surely one best daily driver, offers very stable performance and good battery life too. Even you can increase of decrease Navigation bar height and do more with it.

This feature hasn’t been seen in most of the Rom.  crDroid is good for daily usage and it is very reliable too.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

Official Mokee Open Source Project

7. Official Mokee Open Source Project

– Stock Rom that have CM Features!

Basically Mokee is based on Google’s official firmware with added features that makes is so special that it worth keeping in your Android device. The user interface is ported from CyanogenMod and also comes with many CM apps and features.

Specially it comes with Google Apps manager that allows to download and install required Google applications directly from Mokee’s store instead of bunch of Google apps. It keeps the device free from unwanted apps and gives you complete freedom to download them anytime.

Like all, it also comes with options to customized most of the aspects of user interface such Nav bar, status bar and lock screen. At the time of boot up, you’ll see Mokee boot animation as it has been injected for branding purpose. It also support online updates too.

It is a good mix of Google’s official firmware and CyanogenMod features and that outcomes stable performance with desired level of customization.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

Orion OS Rom

8. Orion OS 2.2

– Pretty good-looking!

Orion OS is another beautiful Rom for Nexus 5X. It is based on pure edition of Android firmware and initially it was built for Moto G and after its success it has been built for many other handset. It comes with tons of customization features that allow to design user interface as per desire, all most you could edit all aspects of user interface. This is mainly intended for better performance, it has been built with custom kernel which ensures that user is served with smoothest performance all the time.

Additionally there is an app called Viper4Android that helps to improve audio on Android devices, comes with custom DPI settings, CM Browser, Layers Manager for customization purpose, GoogleKeyboard by default, comes pre-rooted and many more advance features.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

Cataclysm Rom

9. Cataclysm

– Build for Nexus devices!

Cataclysm, the one of most popular Rom for all Google Nexus devices. As per the developer notes, the Rom has been built from Open Source Android builds and each element of source code has been well optimized and made to work perfect on all Nexus devices. It is reliable roms that offers stability and high performance all the time. It is different stock Rom as it is supposed to give complete stock firmware experience however there has been many features and options that has been injected that turns user experience more joyful over the stock.

It includes AROMA installer that will help you to customize the installation of Google apps, you could allow which should be installed or which shouldn’t. The embedded features such as battery save scheduler and battery saver, you could improve the battery life your own. The feature list is very long for this and we must say that this Rom is good choice, it is just like all-rounder.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

CleanCore N5X Bloatware free Rom

10. CleanCore N5X

– Simple as stock!

Last but not lest of course. As the name suggests, the Rom is completely clean and optimized for high performance. All the bloatware and apps which remains unused all the time have been removed, that saves a huge amount of space in internal memory and affects performance as well. The Rom is based on official stock firmware and it remains all the stock essence all the time and it developed with this intentions as well.

Simply, it is completely stock firmware with no bloatware and optimized good performance and battery life.

For more information about this Rom visit → here.

Since all the Roms are listed on XDA forum, if you would like to search more such Roms then you must consider to visit Nexus 5X thread on XDA → here. Apart from the Roms, also you’ll many useful mods and tricks for this powerful handset.

It ends our list of best custom roms for Nexus 5X and we hope that this list helps you. Don’t forget to share your experience with these roms by commenting below.

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