10 Best Apps for OnePlus 5

The most awaited smart phone, the OnePlus 5 is released few days back. Again, OnePlus has maintained their stardom. The OnePlus 5 comes with splendid hardware, and most rumored feature, the portrait mode within in. In this post, we gonna share some of the best apps, hand-picked especially for OnePlus 5 to get the most out of it. We hope that our readers would love these apps.

Got yourself a OnePlus 5? Here are some apps to get started with it properly. Nowadays, we use our smartphones to carry our most of the task. Without much more talk, let get onto the list of applications that we have gathered for this smart phone.

Best Apps for OnePlus 5

1. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action_Launcher_Pixel_Edition_OnePlus_5The Action Launcher: Pixel Edition is one of the best available launcher applications we have for android. This launcher has a simple and elegant design with lots of customized options. It arranges all your application installed on your device, in alphabetical order.

It has some unique features which are not available with any other launcher application like, ‘Covers’, It enables you to substitute folders on your home screen with special shortcuts, which are called as Covers.

There is another interesting feature as well like an App drawer to properly manage your home screen, It also has a feature called Shutters, that automatically maintains your icon colors as per your wallpaper’s colors.

2. Google Cardboard App

google cardboardVirtual Reality is the new reality of our world, and with Google Cardboard application, you can experience virtual reality. There are various VR gears available in the market, but nothing can be compared to the affordability of Google Cardboard. You can also get connected with Google Earth and fly around our beautiful planet.

With this amazing application, you can view any artifact from different angles, you can also Versailles with a local guide and much more. This app also lets you enjoy any video, or photospheric images from different angles and views.

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3. Vidmate

The Vidmate is one of the best available video download application for android. You can download any available song or video from various sources like YouTube, Dailymotion and many more online services as well. With VidMate, you get to choose quality of any video or song you wish to download, as storage space is a valuable asset and we have to allot this valuable space, wisely.

You can download your desired videos in a lower quality format to save up some space on your phone. Whichever video you want to download, you just need to search that using a keyword associated with that song, and it will show you various available download options. It’s pretty neat and easy to use!

We highly recommend this application for all OnePlus 5 users. It simply helps to download the videos onto an Android phone.

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4. Microsoft Office suite

Microsoft Office MobileIn terms of productivity, this app should be on your OnePlus 5. Time is changing and now we have loads of productivity applications available, but even then, Google Office suit is still one the most widely used productivity application. The best thing is, it has it all! You can use Microsoft word to create, and manage your documents. Microsoft excel for maintaining data, Microsoft Access for creating presentations and there is still a lot you can do with the Microsoft Office suit.

With this complete set, you can also share your documents directly from within any file using Microsoft outlook. The application has been upgraded to add more functionality to your phone.

5. Anchor

anchor_podcast_radio_appThe Anchor is a fun and interesting application that you should carry on newly purchased OnePlus 5. It lets you to capture your voice and can broadcast it to share your thoughts. Any interview you want to record, TV or movies you like and much more. You can make your very own radio, and can share any song, video, or anything you want to share with the world.

You can also accept call-ins, which enables your listeners to call you on your station. This also lets you record, and broadcast your correspondence on your radio. Anchor embeds your anchor station with your website, so that you can share it using a link on social networking.

6. Notify Me

Notify_MeWe know that Android phones already has a feature to see and check your notification from locked screen via the top panel in your phone. However, what if you want to get notified regarding various alerts or notifications specific to any app. For certain update, you can make use of NotifyMe.

Notify Me offers you full control on which notifications you want to see on your locked screen. Once installed, you can alert regarding any SMS, Email, or any update related to your apps. This app also provides you with a shortcut button to reply for any SMS without a need to unlock your phone.

Notify is a simple yet effective application, offers a lot of flexibility to your phone.

7. Moon+Reader

Moon_plus_ReaderThe Moon+Reader is a powerful and beautiful application that ext size enables you to read thousands of ebooks. This app offers a lot of functionality and enhances your experience while reading your favorite book. You can customize various operations like screen lock, gestures, font size, etc. That can help you with a more soothing experience.

You can adjust the brightness, change text size, paragraph indentation, etc., Which makes it easier to read. This also has a feature like ‘ Keep your eye health’ that lets you to continue reading for a much longer bill. With this application, you can also sync your preferable reading settings between your devices like a phone, tablet, and computer by various cloud storage like Dropbox, and Google Drive.

8. Audible

Audiobooks_from_Audible_appAn Audible is a fun and useful application that provides you access to thousands of audio books. You can listen to your favorite book from anywhere, when you are driving, working, before going to bed. As per your convenience. And you can listen to your audio books from any of your device,

It has thousands of audio book collection of international bestsellers. It’s a completely free application that allows you to listen to an unlimited number of books. Even if you don’t like any book while listening to it, you can switch it with another book anytime you want to.

This app allows you to jeep your stored audio books in your library, for forever, even if you cancel from this application. That makes it worth downloading, and installing on OnePlus 5, and other Android phones. And you can also listen to your audio books while in offline more without any interruption.

9. Trello

Trello_oneplus_5_appsThe Trello helps you stay organized and enables you to work more collaboratively with your colleagues, friends, and family. You can create a to-do list, work on your project, plan a vacation, there is a lot you can do with this application, This app also lets you prioritize and organize your work in a simple yet effective manner.

You can add your views and comments to your project while working with your team and ensure that each member of your team has complete information about that project you are working on. This app also allows you to integrate various apps your team is using and use it directly into your workflow.

You can always remain in sync with the status of your various project works from any of your devices from anywhere.

PPSSPP Emulator : PSP emulator for Android

10. PPSSPP Emulator

Last but not the least for sure. This emulator is most complete one, that lets you play Sony’s PSP games on Android and iOS powered smart phone. Since, OnePlus 5 comes with powerful hardware, the gameplay will be good enough to keep you engaged with it.

With this emulator, you can play games like God of War, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and much more. Simply, you can keep it like PSP in your pocket. We have detailed guide to about this emulator, and how to set up it for best performance:

That ends our list here. We’ll be adding more gems to this list. Stay connected with us, share, and subscribe us.

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