10+ Best Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3 [Updated]

In this post we’ll have some of the best custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3 having fast and stable user experience, balanced with high performance. Since ever Samsung has launched Galaxy S3, I always been a big fan of it, it has great a design, looks and solid hardware. Though, at the current time, the smartphone looks very outdated.

If you think just like that, you should move to a custom Rom. That will renew your phone that looks cool, updated, and surely, you would like it. Possibly, custom Roms are best in all aspects, they offer more customization features, access to device hardware, better performance and much more. Since you won’t get any update officially, it would be a good idea to switch to a custom Rom on Samsung Galaxy S3. To make this task simple, we have gathered this list of updated custom ROMs for Galaxy S3 for better performance, and make best use of it.

In this list, we would like share some of the best custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3 which promise for better performance, battery life, fun enriched user interface, lots of customization options, included powerful apps and much more. Since, Samsung is not providing updates to Galaxy S3 users, the only chance that remains is using a custom Rom. In most of the aspects, they offer better features, and performance.

Custom Rom packs tons of useful applications, and features that we won’t get on stock firmware. Most importantly, it helps to update our smart phone to latest operating system. Means, you were looking to update your Samsung Galaxy S3 to latest Android OS, then you must make use of a custom Rom. With goodness of latest Android, you’ll get the access to many useful, and powerful applications, and customization features.

We must all give thanks to developers who bring us such things. To check complete list of custom ROMs, checkout the XDA forum page here.

Best Custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3 [Updated]

Since, lots of changes, and updates have been released, we have updated this list of custom ROMs for this Samsung Galaxy S3. Take advantage to these ROMs, and improve your phone’s performance, and productivity. Let’s begin the list of best custom ROMs for Galaxy S3:

LineageOs oneplus 3


1. Official LineageOS 14.1

Based on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, this Rom offers stable, and fast performance. As we know that CyanogenMod has been depreciated, and its alternative is already up there. If you’ve been ever a fan of CM Rom, then you most likely to get comfortable with LineageOS.

It comes with almost all features of CM. Additionally, you get tons of new features, and application. Importantly, it gives you a chance to have Android 7.0 Nougat operating system on Samsung Galaxy S3. Since it is official one, you won’t see any bugs, and there won’t such issues.

Moreover, for customization aspects, it is featured with many options. You can customize almost all aspects of the user-interface.

We have already posted a dedicated guide on →how to install LineageOS on Samsung Galaxy S3 and get udpated to Android 7.1.

2. Revolutionary S5

As name suggests, the entire Rom has been developed to look like exactly as Samsung Galaxy S5, you’ll be having S5 complete looks, features blended with many tweaks, optimization, and much more. Also, Rom has been built very light, many necessary apps has been removed and optimized for high performance.

It has been about more than 2 years since the thread started over XDA forum and still Revolutionary S5 has been very best choice when it comes to custom Rom.

Revolutionary S5 Rom Features:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 apps and user interface.
  • Rooted, updated SuperSu and support Busybox.
  • Debloated to make it much lighter and fast.
  • Improved RAM managements and optimized so well.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

3. ArchiDroid V2

This Rom can be explained in few words, “Smooth, Stable and Fast”. Entire user interface is very simple just like stock firmware, however, it has been optimized so well that it offers very smooth user experience, much better stability, of course most of the Samsung’s devices suffers from this problem and this Rom would be great to overcome this problem and also high performance is another advantage of this Rom.

A newer version, that is ArchiDroid V2 was launched with successfully of their very first installment. And eventually it had been updated to Android 5.1.1 Lollipop operating system.

It is based on

ArchiDroid Rom Features:

  • Full of ArchiDroid features such as Aroma installer, Nova Launcher, Android Terminal Emulatore, Cool Tool, Greenify, Root Browser and much more.
  • It comes with pre loaded PhilZ Touch Recovery.
  • Lots of Advance tools and customization features.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here. [Link updated with newer version]

4. CyanogenMod 13 [CM has been depreciated]

Google is about to launch Android 7.0 which is being expected to be named as Android N and where Galaxy S3 which had been one of most sold Samsung’s handset till now has not got any further update after hitting KitKat. Surely it’s kind of disappointing to some extent. The only way that we could update our devices it to use a customer. And surely keeping a custom rom instead of stock worth a much value.

And when custom such CyanogenMod is available, we should go ahead and take that opportunity. The CyanogenMod 13 comes with very simple user interface, basically it intends for high performance all along with lots of amazing features, stability and good battery back up.

CyanogenMod 13 Features:

  • Based on Android 6.0 Marashmallow operating system
  • Quite stable, few bugs are there and very stable
  • Offers improved battery life.
  • Comes with all famous CM Applications.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

5. BlissPop by Team Bliss

If we talk about a beautiful Rom, BlissPop comes always top in our list. It comes with tons of dedicated features and options to customize device is best possible way make it as beautiful as possible. Even though it has been blessed with such intense customization features, in terms of performance and stability it has a lot to offer too.

Basically it is based on CyanogenMod source, for most reliable customization purpose it has been loaded with CyanogenMod theme engine. Most of UI’s parts could be personalized such as status bar, navigation bar, heads-up notification, lock screen, power button, animations and much more.

BlissPop Rom features

  • Based on Android 5.1.1 CyanogenMod source.
  • Limitless personalization, most of UI’s parts could be customized.
  • Very stable and it is good in terms of performance as well.
  • Improved audio and sounds through AudioFX Equalizer.
  • Comes with beautiful BlissPop Wallpapers within it.
  • Built in CM apps and many advance options.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

6. Blekota S5 Lite ROM

Another debloated Rom for Samsung Galaxy S3 which comes with Galaxy S5 looks, features along with high performance and stability. Almost everything such as user interface, apps, boot animation, lock screen, etc has been ported from galaxy S5. Although is has been blessed with many apps and features, the Rom still remain its lightness and most importantly it comes with superb power management which result in good battery life along with Ultra Power Saving Mode with UPSM Manager.

Blekota S5 Lite ROM features:

  • Very light, stable and good battery life.
  • Looks exactly like Galaxy S5 with Samsung’s apps and features as well.
  • 8 Lockscreen effects and 4 way reboot menu and much more.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

7. Resurrection Remix ROM

Basically it’s a mix of variety of Roms, it brings most of the essence in a single Rom. Image if you could get performance and stability of CyanogenMod, customization features of Remix Rom and power of Omin and SlimRom in a single Rom. Resurrection Remix is that Rom capable of providing all these features in one blow.

Apart from being so much loaded, it is based on latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow too. Wouldn’t be that great way to update Samsung Galaxy S3 to latest Android while keeping such all amazing feature? Of course it would be.

Resurrection Remix features

  • Based on latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.
  • A perfect blend of features, power, performance and stability.
  • Just like BlissPop Rom, it allows to personalized most of user interface’s component.
  • Many pro/advance tools to make it more useful.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

8. OmniROM Rom [KitKat Rom]

Possibly, you would already familiar with this Rom, know for their powerful features, add-ons applications, theme and user interface customizations. You can surely use this Rom for daily purpose as it is stable and smooth. The Rom is based on Android 4.4.4 KitKat AOSP firmware. The Rom enhance the usability of phone in all aspects.

OmniROM Rom features:

  • Android 4.4.4 Kikat based Rom
  • Powerful features, apps and advance customizations.
  • Quit stable, minimal bugs and good for daily usable.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

9. CyanogenMod 12.1 [ Android Lollipop Rom for Galaxy S3]

Based on Android 5.0 Lollipop AOSP firmware, this Rom gives you opportunity to update your Samsung device to latest Android 5.0 operating system. With fun of Android Lollipop new interface, materialized looks and feel, you’ll would have access to all CyanogenMod apps.

Apart from being one of Lollipop Rom, it is quite stable and good enough to serve you good user experience. The thread has been already outdated since it had begun development of CM 13 Rom. Since CM 13 won’t be easy to handle by this handset, it would be quite preferable to stay with CM 12.1 or 12.

If you are looking to update your Galaxy S3 to Android 5.1.1  give it a try to this Rom.

CyanogenMod 12.1  Rom features:

  • Based on Android Lollipop firmware.
  • Unofficial but still very stable, quite impressive performance and included advance apps.
  • You can expect very few bugs and problems.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

10. AICP Rom v11.0

AICP which know as Android Ice Cold Project is another Android Mashmallow based custom Rom available for Galaxy S3’s users. Simply, a huge list of apps, features and options have been added to this Rom that make it one of best clean and very productive Rom out for this handset.

It offers a list settings that help you to customize most of the device’s aspects such as user interface, display, sounds, battery life and performance. Just like the above one, it also based on CyanogeMod source firmware that offers very stable performance that you trust and use it for daily purpose too.

AICP Rom v11.0 features

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow based Rom, good to update the device.
  • Clean and stable Rom, balance mix of features and applications.
  • Tons of customization features and personalization.
  •  Included quite useful apps such as Pie Control,Slim Recents, OmniSwitch, System App remover that helps to save lots of memory and much more.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

11. CyanPop v6.3

CyanPop is last on our but surely not the least one. Again is based on CyanogenMod 13 build, mainly focus to offer improved performance and set of handsome features. Since it is based on Android 6.0 firmware, you could expect improved battery life, performance optimization and surely new features that you might always wanted on your smart phone.

Since it is official Nightly builds, it is quite stable and free of bugs. It might possible that you’ll few bugs, surely not the big ones and those could be ignored easily.

CyanPop v6.3 Rom features

  • Based on CyanogenMod 13 Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system.
  • Tons of customization features and applications.
  • Comes with CyanPop Extras.
  • Stable, improved performance and good battery life.

To read more about this Rom and for installation visit here.

That ends our list of custom Roms for Samsung Galaxy S3. Feel free to try these Roms and share your experiences, it would be great relief to other users.

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